With the arrival of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile on Android and iOS, let’s see how they rank in the top 12 of the best online multiplayer games for Android …

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  • HAkYah IDK 2 days ago

    WTH Fortnite is there??! I think there's no use on Android: ( I want to play Fortnite but I can't;( help me

  • Eivann Claude Barbosa 2 days ago

    "Pubg" mobile and "Fortnite" are the best. because Its the popular game and high graphics.

  • Wasim tahir 2 days ago

    I need pixark how I can download pixark on android?? Plz reply

  • Rifky Kw 2 days ago

    Pixart pc?

  • Venkat Sai 2 days ago

    Seriously dude??? Did you ever played Critical ops on mobile? It's not even on your list… I'd give it the first place

  • Josua Hasvilli 2 days ago

    All of them are the same copy of PUBG plagiatism

  • Jamer Alim 2 days ago

    No fortnite in android

  • Phuah Yong 2 days ago

    The worst thing my phone is only 1 gig of ram and fortnite need 2 gig of ram so that’s why I join 7 iPhone giveaways 6 iPhone Xs And one 7 giveaway

  • Player 4 Life 2 days ago

    Whats the first music?

  • Candido Lopez 2 days ago

    These are all just games that are similar to fortnite

  • Gabriel 1140 2 days ago

    Rules of Survival is Best!

  • Kush Sadwal 2 days ago

    The fortnite is avilable in mac or windowns

  • Extreme Yumnam 2 days ago

    Nice PUBG on top. Realistic graphics and gameplay.

  • Zoro Xxx 2 days ago

    Anybody what that song name ?

  • Tushar Raj 2 days ago

    if try' fwd assault '
    these are nothing

  • SamPlays PUBG 2 days ago

    Why Fornite need's verification stupid games

  • B -Dog 2 days ago

    Free fire now is better then these games

  • ᅦᄅ라 ᅦᄅ라 2 days ago

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  • MysteriousGamingChannel 2 days ago

    Liar,fortnite is not on android stupid,it will come in few months

  • DZ Migos 2 days ago

    Wtf free kills

  • hangmaster17 2 days ago

    So you just picked every Fortnite Pubg wannabe game and thats it…

  • Bronze Cellar 2 days ago


  • Real Thug 2 days ago

    Fucking RoS garbage game,

  • Homma TV 2 days ago

    see top 5 online multiple games for android and iOS


    Ok guys fortnite may not be ouf for modile but still sighn up so they can email you when its out its not to long thats all i know

  • Nikhil Rajput 2 days ago

    Pubg mobile is the worst, bcoz they are using bots😐, I think fortnite will save us.

  • Jorge Barraza 2 days ago

    BR has taken over 🙁

  • Moyzuddin Choudhury 2 days ago

    you cant play fortnite on android you need to wait few months epic games will do a android device fortnite in a few months.

  • dami_damian 2 days ago

    I want pixard 😭😭😭

  • John WalkerRC 2 days ago

    Those games are good. But not enough to reach RED CRUCIBLE coolest 🤗

  • RG Playz 2 days ago

    #1 PUBG Mobile
    #2 Fortnite Mobile
    # 3Rules Of Survival
    Fortnite mobile gonna be the best when it comes to Android and when you can customize controls cause the shoot button is on the left which is weird 😐.

    Rules Of Survival: NEED to fix the lag,they gonna bring out FPS soon too which gonna bring them back up.

    PUBG mobile is good right now but needs to remove bots😐.

    Out of these my favourite game is Rules Of Survival cause PUBG Mobile isn't challenging…Too many bots but still one awesome game.
    Fortnite Mobile never played it cause I'm on android😭

    Good video keep it up!
    But why are some of these old trailers of the games?

  • I Quit UTube 2 days ago

    Your smoking something strong fortnite is not 5th it should be 2nd or 1st FORTNITE IS BETTER TGAT ALL THOSE pubg is fun and has better controls but fortnite is better in general so yeah fortnite wins

  • Shree Desai 2 days ago

    waiting for fortnite on android cuz pubg mobo and its servers are not properly optimized.

  • JL Ownz 2 days ago

    Free fire must’ve paid to be number 2 on this list it looks like shit compared to ROS yet ROS is 3rd lol nahhhh

  • LoliLover 69 2 days ago

    Not really…

  • ZaneGraal 8115 2 days ago

    Fortnite at android .-.

  • Husain Gamer 2 days ago

    Help me i am a new youtuber

  • RvGD 2 days ago

    Great vid

  • FRESH ARMY 2 days ago

    How do I get pixark?