Three random horror games in one video. Hope you guys enjoy! Stay Out of the House: SCP Operation Descent: …

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  • Myah Haines64 2 days ago

    17:24 uhh but I’m alone

  • skyrab87 2 days ago

    Look to your left, mother walks in…

  • Ignore this comment 2 days ago

    1:50 Hole fart

  • ducklingphallus 2 days ago


    Dat Silent Hill ass shit lol

  • MeMe ALITY 2 days ago

    8bitryan! !!!!!!

  • Stefanie Taylor 2 days ago

    I'm quite interested in the 3 horror game technique you got going. I like it no matter how short the game is. It gives it variety.

  • Mr. Negative Nancy 2 days ago

    it'd be nice to easuly know which games are in the vid, but great format

  • Cool Girl 2 days ago

    I hold my breath when I'm scared, lol I'm so weird 😂

  • Kevin Bacak 2 days ago

    So if nobody is to my left or my right, am I the serial killer?

  • Carina Kriessman 2 days ago

    Ever since I watched a stream of Adam's, WTTG dev, I always think of the phrase "Hey John, its guys." and I forever will.

  • HEARTLESS 2 days ago

    *looks left nothing looks right. There my 🐈. Oh my God she is a murderer

  • Hijab Women 2 days ago

    wow.. i just realized i dont get scared from horror games a youtuber plays but when i play it i get scared…

  • I'm a dinosaur 2 days ago

    The beginning is really simillar to Power Drill Massacre, at the killer's house in the bad ending

  • cool taco 64 2 days ago

    Stop😂😂,slay queen 👸

  • temato flakes 2 days ago

    dude so hyped i played babysitter and night ripper FUCKING loved both so much, and i cant wait for the full release of stay out of the house

  • Asiotus 2 days ago

    i came for a chill dude playing horror games, i stayed for a chill dude giving thoughtful critiques on horror games

  • MajorLamb 2 days ago

    11:33 When the graphics are good

  • Glass Dragon 2 days ago

    Wow, I think they even used the same SCP-087-B staircase, too. Looks awfully familiar.

  • MegaScience 2 days ago

    Not all SCPs are within SCP facilities. There are many location-based SCPs that the foundation must take special measures to protect. For instance, SCP-087 exists on a college campus and thus cannot be moved. What they did was put a type of armored vault door over the entrance, disguising the outside as a normal door, and various security features that shouldn't immediately arouse attention. I actually like location-based SCPs more than ones they can contain within their facilities. The more distance between them and any controlling factors, the more intriguing the world building gets.

    Haversine made the first popular videogame adaptation of SCP-087 (similar to canon). Regalis made SCP-087-B (completely non-canon) and went on to make SCP – Containment Breach, and – of course – Barotrauma. In Haversine's game, you could dodge the being by jumping over the railing. As far as the original article, there is very little information on what is in the stairwell save for a portion of a face. Games based on the article make up a body to go around the face, so none of that is canonical. *It really does trivialize the surreal unease presented in simply reading the article.* I would suggest re-reading it to figure out why it captures game maker's imaginations.


    “Slay queen”

  • Enasni Ec-neicsnoc 2 days ago

    "There he goes, the idiot. Yeah, bye bye." Why did John sound so salty saying this?! XD

  • C Frueh 2 days ago

    "Look to your left. Now look to your right. One of those people is a serial killer." Then I guess I'm either safe (for now) or the people beside me are invisible. Either way, YAY!

  • Queen Pika 2 days ago

    My walls are serial killers

  • Horrible Jester 2 days ago

    19:16 is pretty much how I walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night

  • EngleMun 2 days ago

    I think you should read the actual SCP 087 document online. That game felt really awkward to me since they took so much creative license even adding a new entity and entire "lore" to it. Personally not a fan of it being integrated and named after the foundation rather than just borrowing from it. On it's own, though, it could be really good establishing a new tone.

  • StrawHatLuffy 2 days ago


    So either my wall, a cardboard box, or me?

    This is a hard one

  • pxincees of color 2 days ago

    Hi, John, I love you doing 3 Random Horror Games. I know a lot people are already doing that but I still like your touches to doing a series like that. I didn't get a chance to add my comment sooner. Love the video.

  • I Wish For Freedom 2 days ago

    I wanna see John play a game with Ryan

  • Gamergirl4Jesus 2 days ago

    I so enjoy puppet combo games. I Absolutely love Nightripper.

  • Desmond Rafter 2 days ago

    You copied 8 bitryan

  • No One 2 days ago

    Apparently, either my cat or my husband is a serial killer. …I bet it's the cat.

  • Loot Foggy 2 days ago

    Either me, my wall or my lamp is a serial killer

  • Th3Sabator45 2 days ago

    I thought markiplier beat that scp game?

  • Adam 2 days ago

    Attention student body?

    Does the devs of this scp game think the SCP foundation is a university? Should've said attention all personnel.

    Also the stairway is suppose to be endless because many attempted to send in d class personnel to see where it ends but they either die of exhaustion, lose their minds or just disappear, the last thing they always mention when going down the stairs is that there is a white face staring at them in the darkness.

  • Angel, The Dark Overlord 2 days ago

    John: "Look at the person on your left.."
    Me: Looks and sees no one.
    John: "Now look at the person on your right…"
    Me: Does so and still sees no one.

  • Angel, The Dark Overlord 2 days ago

    I like the 3 games in one video idea!

  • Nick Lopez 2 days ago

    11;11 that's some badass music for it

  • Jenny Bell 2 days ago

    J. Sunderland….Silent Hill 2 😉

  • maxaroni and cheese 2 days ago

    Right after I said 'slay queen' John said the exact same thing.