Download my new Video Game – Ninja King : Samurai Maze here – Download Kings Quest 1+2+3 - Download Kings Quest …

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  • steph g 2 days ago

    these games were AWESOME! but you missed "laura bow the colonel's bequest" that game was also sierra and a fun mystery game. nice job man

  • Alan Kovarik 2 days ago

    How do you open the the text commands window (apprehed, blow, bye, call, climb, close…) which you can see in 29:10 in your video? That would be helpful in some Sierra video games.

  • Hells Wind 2 days ago

    Deeply interesting lisch, liked the tone.

  • altohippiegabber 2 days ago

    my PC in the early 90s had a CGA screen so i did play some of the King's/Police/Space Quest and the Leisure Suit Larry games in glorious black & white 

    by the way BBS stands for Bulletin Board System and nót Bulletin Board Service

  • Rik Dusk 2 days ago

    I still have my old 386DX running DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11,and P-200 Mhz-mmx PC'S that run the older games great. I use utilities called MOSLOW and TURBO that slows down the processor on the faster 200mmx. That came in handy for POLICE QUEST where the police car would go too fast and you'd actually crash the car because the processor was too fast! Most Sierra titles will work on my Celeron 800 Mhz with Windows 95or 98
    , like the King's Quest Collection. Great reviewing job by Littleather BTW!

  • Set Theory 2 days ago

    I think part of the delay in QFG is due to low skill. As you gain skill, you will sometimes block or parry automatically.

  • mkiewitz 2 days ago

    It's possible to play most of the Sierra adventure games in ScummVM (except the SCI32 ones, those are currently unsupported). That way it's also possible to play the earlier Sierra EGA games in almost 256 colors (through undithering).

  • Against the Grain 2 days ago

    I play these on DosBox and Windows 7…Should be fine.

  • JesseH 2 days ago

    How do these game install on Windows 7 using Dos Box? I have most of the collection, on XP they installed fine, then DosBox worked great. For awhile there these were unplayable with faster PCs.

  • JesseH 2 days ago

    I grew up with Sierra, there was just something magical about these games. I loved the material you got with your Sierra games, they were really immersive, so much so that I would get so nervous before playing them because you really felt part of the quest. Back then you had the option of calling a hotline, no internet, my dad wouldn't let me call it so we were stuck on Space Quest II for 2 years. Oh man, when the 256 point & click games came out the graphics were mind blowing.

  • alienlifeform11 2 days ago

    First game I ever had was Kings Quest IV on 9 discs. Great days!

  • lostwolfe's lair 2 days ago

    this was excellent, thankyou for doing this particular roundup with your thoughts and so on. completely worth watching from end to end.

  • jonskunator 2 days ago

    Fortunately the genre has done a comeback with companies like Telltale and Wadjet Eye Games.

  • Curtis Riceman 2 days ago

    I loved sierra games if they are the same?

  • WeaselZone 2 days ago

    I really loved Space Quest 6 for the quirky commentator and his interaction with Roger 😀

  • taketimeout2 2 days ago

    Good channel. It still think Half life the best game experience I ever had,Then Far Cry. I know they are later your games but good to see someone who is honest and not hype driven

  • jjacKeeeKooKz 2 days ago


  • LightDiodeDesigns-UK 2 days ago

    Police/Space-Quest, loved them