PART 2: The Doctor who Adventure games, a point and click game made in 2012, it has puzzles, mazes, and other not quite …

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  • Cass Martin 3 months ago

    the intro and the first thing the dalek said is copyrighted

  • OliverObz 3 months ago

    I think the problem in this game with matt smiths voice is that in the tv series he does alot of the acting with his face, but this is what happens when you're just left with his voice.

  • sonic meerkat 3 months ago

    that intro, the cheese of the effects mixed with the good writing made it hilarious to watch.

  • Blackadder5 3 months ago

    15:59 Ah! My secret cameo!

  • Timelord Gamer Show 3 months ago

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  • The Crazy Youtuber 3 months ago

    XD awesome video I love what you did with that clip XDD

  • Blackadder5 3 months ago

    Nice job mate 🙂 looking forward to part 2

  • 50ap 5ud5 3 months ago

    Do YOU want to play a who game?