The Dig PC Adventure Game Review. The Dig is a LucasArts point-and-click adventure game which came out November 30, 1995 for MS-DOS PC and Mac.

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video rating: 4.75
time : 4:8
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dislikes: 3

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  • Paul Weaver 1 week ago

    Absolutely brilliant game. Best graphics of all of the LEC games. Best atmosphere. Unbelievable music.

  • GamerSinTiempo 1 week ago

    Great review! i just bought it in gog, and since i like the theme, music and graphics, i really dont like the strange difficult of the game, some puzzles are horrendous (for me, just my opinion), or maybe i am now a little rusty for AG … it makes me get very angry at moments, with interactions with some objects and/or backgrounds very obtuse… it is really me? Thanks for your opinion (and sorry for my bad english)

  • zoidberg590 1 week ago

    Good Review – great game!

  • Renato Loureiro 1 week ago

    Cheers from Brazil! =)

    This was the very first PC game I've played (putting aside Windows 95 classic card games, of course) and I still think it's one of the greatest games ever made.A deep story, an addicting mystery-solving gameplay and almost flawless programming/development.

    I remember being stuck in puzzles from the game and going completely nuts, once there were no walkthroughs or internet available. Then you have an "eureka" moment, solve the puzzle and move on feeling totally badass.

    I think most games today, even though they have good challenges, puzzles and possibilities, lack the inventiveness of games such as The Dig

    Anyway, great review!

  • Andrey Köln 1 week ago

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  • lostwolfe's lair 1 week ago

    on a related [but different] note:

    the dig had a bunch of iterations [and a bunch of development teams] before the version we all got. it /was/ ambitious and unfortunately, this meant that it languished in development hell for a very long time before it saw the light of day, but it's a good thing it did. the end result is fantastic.

  • lostwolfe's lair 1 week ago

    awesome review. thanks for sharing it.

    the dig is probably my favourite lucasarts adventure game. some of this is directly tied to the visuals, but a lot of it is tied to the story and the themes it was attempting to explore.

    i came back to it after not having played it for twenty years and found that – as an older person, it was even /more/ profound the second time around.

  • rafalemos1 1 week ago

    nice review! My second favourite game, behind Full Throttle.

  • We Are Salmonella 1 week ago

    LucasArt Games are actually really fun, and the ones that I played are really well made! I might give this a shot! 😀

  • Mr Know Nothing 1 week ago

    Is there any good sci-fi themed adventure games that are good for a noob to the genre like myself?

  • whiteley72 1 week ago

    Slick vid Matty B. More of these on the way?

    The Dig was one of the first PC games I played, along with Full Throttle. I inherited it when I got a hand-me-down IBM 8MB RAM beast of a desktop. I had no idea what the hell was going on and after an hour or so, gave up!

  • Charlotte Roberts 1 week ago

    I love this game! That sassy female role model!

  • crabapple 1 week ago

    i've never played this. its on steam tho isnt it

  • The Game Show 1 week ago

    Looking for good old PC games for your retro PC? The Dig by LucasArts is a fantastic game, one which I'd not played until recently. So glad I did! #retrogaming