Have a look at Playstation 3’s 10 best action video games since its console release. ORDER these Games NOW! The Last of Us ($17.85) …

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  • Undisputed_7 1 day ago

    Where is resistance?

  • SERVIO GUTIERREZ 1 day ago

    i think god of war is the best, well at least in my opinion

  • SERVIO GUTIERREZ 1 day ago

    i've not played metal gear solir yet… kill me xd

  • Abhishek Bharadwaj 1 day ago

    Why is mw3 and MW2 not on the list? And also Max Payne 3

  • Ashok G 1 day ago

    Good of war is best game

  • gaming gaming 1 day ago

    you have never lived if you haven't play that game! OMG

  • ABP ! 1 day ago


  • Madhusudan Kota 1 day ago

    Where is medal of horner

  • mobile Apps 1 day ago

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  • Musahan Senoğlu 1 day ago

    Yes the last of Us 1.

  • p3tr0114 1 day ago

    They say their scores are not opinions, then they say their scores are based upon the opinions of gamers and critics.

  • bondha kozhi 1 day ago

    waste games selection even much better then ps2 games

  • Thinesh Thinesh 1 day ago

    I played and finished uncharted 2,3 last of us and god of war

  • Geeta Sakhuja 1 day ago

    God of war 3 is best

  • aws alamer11 1 day ago

    I played all of these

  • kevin parmar 1 day ago

    Dark souls combat is polished 😂😂😂😂

  • Broly Squad 1 day ago

    Best are last of us and God of war3

  • TateTheSpongebob 1 day ago

    im mad assassins creed isnt there

  • The LEGEND 1 day ago

    uncharted 3=2

  • MARVEL FAN 1 day ago

    Hey but uncharted 3 is the successor of uncharted 2…..uncharted 3 should be in the top 2

  • funny clip 1 day ago

    Gta 5 is ever best

  • MUHIL 1 day ago

    watch dogs, max Payne 3 and assassin's creed black flag should've been in the list

  • Inbal Assor 1 day ago

    The last of us is THE best game I've ever played, hands down. Waiting so bad for the sequel!

  • Ryder Lewis 1 day ago

    i have never played the last of us does someone want to game share with me because i dont want to waste 30 euro's ill give you gta san andreas

  • Youssef Hilal 1 day ago

    I have Uncharted 4 in ps4

  • Luthfi Ahadian 1 day ago

    Your list it's true but have one mistake i think, How can resident evil hd remaster be able to defeat Tomb Raider? I know you have your own judgment but the fact its Tomb Raider is better, just ask everyone 🙂 so i think resident evil hd remaster can be replaced with Tomb Raider.

  • Jason Todd 1 day ago

    Instead of making your own comentry of these games you just read the reviews 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bilal Logisch 1 day ago

    far cry 4

  • Lakshya Soni 1 day ago

    hay were is battlefield 4.

  • gamerED 1 day ago

    What is the last of us?

  • KAKASHÍK cz 1 day ago

    Last of us is too hard so

  • Shane O'Gorman 1 day ago

    Needs more Vanquish, that game was excellent.

  • casian gw90 1 day ago

    I have the uncharted3 batman arkham city gta5 and the last of us

  • OneRebel 1 day ago

    where is Crysis 2??? that was one of mind-blowing games…….

  • KhEra DeEp 1 day ago

    uncharted 3 best game ever

  • flipz the normal guy 1 day ago

    why the hell is uncharted on the list twice and tomb raider is nowhere to be seen

  • Harsha Narayan 1 day ago

    can I play gta 4 on ps3 12 gb

  • mhmd amine 1 day ago

    the last of ass is the best game i ever traed
    enether world

  • Omar Shahkar 1 day ago

    Where is Assassins creed 4 black flag?

  • Lester Kearney 1 day ago

    Whoaaaaaaaa no tomb raider

  • tha gaming guy 1 day ago

    the last of us is rightfully in the place that it deserves… I remember the first time I played it I thought it was just going to be another zombie game (much like the walking dead) but when I actually played through the game I was surprised to see the awesome storyline and gameplay.. the game was so addicting I'd play it for hours at a time. the only thing I hated in that game was those damn clickers… if they catch you, it's over.. they have a 1 hit kill…

  • OGDN 4Everything 1 day ago

    this is old

  • Bernardo Franco 1 day ago

    GTA V doesn't have first person view on PS3.

  • Jolly Bros 1 day ago

    xbox 360 vs  ps 3  most difficult