Music Description: Intro = Made by Jonathan Vize 10 = Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists 9 = Nena – 99 Luftballons 8 = Calvin Harris – Acceptable In The 80’s 7 …

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  • SuperSamatchi 2 days ago

    glad corpse party was recognized here

  • 2prize 2 days ago


  • Sadistic Sorrow 2 days ago

    My all time favorite horror game franchise is silent hill straight up

  • DroehnIng 2 days ago

    In all those years nobody told you how annoying these music intermissions are?
    Disturbed sounds distorted because somebody didn't knew how to edit audio properly at some point. How long you've been using that piece? I that quality control these days?

  • Januray Guzman 2 days ago

    Bro ur top 10s are so good. Great content reminds me of early 2000s and late 90s tv shows about gaming.

  • Hemang Chauhan 2 days ago

    Please consider playing Detention.
    It's a fantastic horror adventure game.

  • nimble 2 days ago

    good job on this list mate! love your vids

  • BrokenMikrofone 2 days ago

    Can reviewers bloody stop with the snide "jumpscares are bad" comments EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. they make a video like this? Seriously, people need to ban that term from their scripts at this point. It's such an overused, hackney cliche at this point. Especially when a lot of the games they mention have more going on that just "muh jumpscares". F.E.A.R. manages to get a good ambiance going with it's art direction, use of shadows and vague plot, only to then be dismissed by people with "Well it had like 3 jumpscares the entire game, so it's cheap and bad". Stop it. We get it already. Use different terms to describe these games. It's gotten to the point, that complaining about jumpsacres in horror games is just as tired and hackney as jumpscares themselves.

  • Dj Email 2 days ago

    Make a KH2 video

  • Quite Good 2 days ago

    What happened to len goodman

  • Timothy Cole 2 days ago

    Great work and narration 🙂

  • kadajsnightqueen 2 days ago

    Fatal Frame 2 is one of the best, unquestionably! For story reasons, I prefer Fatal Frame 3, but even I can't deny that its immediate predecessor is the King (Queen?) of J-Horror Games. Also, thank you for mentioning Corpse Party! That game has been getting more attention in the past few years, but it still hasn't gotten to the level of many of its peers. It's my favorite handheld horror game, and among my favorite franchises. The best thing about it is how much it does with so little. You wouldn't expect 16-bit graphics to be capable of delivering such effective and memorable scares, but Corpse Party has it in spades. Book of Shadows and Blood Drive are both great horror titles in their own right, but there's no match for the original.

  • Zephyr Weiss 2 days ago

    no PT???

  • a gorriaz fan 2 days ago

    On Outlast two tho the area was big so one eneamy in an open area will be obsured. Plus the open area which you don't know at first with enemys around every corner does carry some tension in my opinion.

  • Gavin L 2 days ago

    Are you still confused about my question of a list about the people in the elder scrolls that aren't jerks?

  • Kamden Vera 2 days ago


  • srottfaen 2 days ago

    Eternal Darkness man! Sanity's Requiem!

  • Nathanielpowas 2 days ago

    307th and 35th like

  • Hussain Alramadhan 2 days ago

    What about eternal darkness sanity's requiem I thought it was going to be here but alright great list keep the good work

  • multisturge 2 days ago

    I would add Emily Wants to Play and Alien Isolation to the list because with EWTP you're constantly thinking where the dolls will appear and prepare to run (when Chester arrives) or stay still so you're on edge. Alien has a non-scripted AI alien lurking around and have androids that take a bit of time to kill unless craft right items, and have humans which can be unpredictable.

  • koel700 2 days ago

    its been a while since i abandoned the horror genre ..mostly because it went straight full on jumpscares…specially outlast…jumpscares are the worst because they startle you…they are not scary…they are annoying scripted events that you are supposed to be scared of because you are stripped from control and worse is the music that plays during that…its like the meme that existed a while ago that had a car driving and out of nowhere the exorcist girl appear to ""scare"" you with a several thousand decibels of scream…it wasnt was startling and not because a ""scary"" picture appear in your face out of nowhere but because of the audio,,,,you where more afraid of the ridiculously loud audio than what was happening on the screen ..when that very fucking loud violin noise during a jumpscare appeared on outlast 1 i quit-raged the game and never came back to the genre….fear doesn't need loud noise…you are not afraid of a baby being behind you but when you are focused on something and that baby cries out of nowhere you are going to freaking get "terrified" for a milisec because it was are not afraid of cries or kids…startle does not equal fear…and the lack of understanding this is what dragged the horror genre down

  • Anna Nurkic 2 days ago

    Great top, but The Lost Signal: SCP should be on the list too! 🙂

  • Diana Berlin 2 days ago

    Did you just came for ORIGINAL RE1? Sorry but that is that one 100% sign someone has no idea about gaming.

  • swoll1980 2 days ago

    Silent hill 2 was the first game I played in 5.1 on the Xbox. Scared the living shit out of me, even when nothing was happening, and I was like 22 years old. Played FF2 like a month later, scared the shit out of me too.

  • They call me rain 2 days ago

    Awesome I agree with you keep up man, btw can you do a review of an old game ?

  • finally someone who appreciates cry of fear, great list btw !