2016 has been a complete blast so far with some amazing games. Here are the new action adventure games for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this year. Subscribe For …

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  • Dev Dip 2 days ago

    far cry

  • MaxYT 2 days ago

    why is not cyandie and happiness adventure game on this list?

  • Eddie Moreno 2 days ago

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  • just watching Videos 2 days ago

    crackdown for 360 was fucking retarded

  • Satria Caesar 2 days ago

    Nier : Automata?

  • Dormin 2 days ago

    "oh my God, mafia 3"

  • Thomas 2 days ago

    Mafia 3 was a pile of shit, desperately trying to be PC.

  • bunny but not boosted 2 days ago

    if you play it in 1:55 to 1:56 you can hear him saying "i can't wait to kill people" thank me later cops 🙂

  • Meitnerium 2 days ago

    Uncharted 4 is awesome, I've beaten it 2 times and I'm not stopping there

  • Philip Crotty 2 days ago

    At first i was surprised Shenmue 3 wasn't on the list but then i remembered I'm watching the 2016 video and that Shenmue wasn't mentioned at until 2017's E3 lmao

  • billi for tips 2 days ago

    sub my channel i sub your i promise

  • Maria Naz 2 days ago

    What games the best: jc3 ,batman arkham knight or infinite warfare

  • yuvan jayakumar 2 days ago

    I don't know about other games in the list but I think gears of war 4 deserves a place in this list.

  • Goku of pride Goku of pride 2 days ago

    you are showing boring games first game uncharted is great but all are boring games you showing😑😴😴

  • Shaheer Bashiri 2 days ago

    'he is black'

  • Mumen Rider 2 days ago

    is there another uncharted?
    bcuz it says a thief's end maybe its the end of uncharted
    i hope there will be another uncharted because it is my favorite game!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Patriquin 2 days ago

    where is subnautica

  • Wiggy G 2 days ago

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Jake Jordan 2 days ago

    I was dissapointed that uncharted 4 was so short

  • mourad milano123 2 days ago

    i like Rise of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and far cry primal and mafia 3

  • Carter Roe 2 days ago

    Hit man

  • Crazyguy 2 days ago

    xbox and playstation fuckt up… PC 4 life! better graphics more options in games what ps and xbox not possible is