Top 10 Point & Click Adventure Games. These are the classic PC games of old. See which ones made the list! CONNECT WITH US! FACEBOOK: …

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  • steve5123456789 2 days ago

    7.50 sounds like the same voice actor from Torico/Lunacy for the saturn.

  • Dakrusher 2 days ago

    Pretty cool games. The best point and click games come 100% from lucasArts and doublefine. Ive played grim fandango and day of the tentacle (both remastered) and they were amazing. And im going to get more amazing classics soon.

  • what happened to broken sword

  • Games From Hell 2 days ago

    where's broken age ? machinarium ? botanicula ? samorost 3 ?

  • Version9ex 2 days ago

    The comments are a treasure trove of games I love or I have not played. Have you ever had the chance to play Loom or The Dig? Also, what about the Legend of Kyrandia Trilogy?

  • Mile83 2 days ago

    Nice list. All fun games! Flight of the Amazon Queen is also a good Point & Click adventure btw.

  • Emanuel Cajigas 2 days ago

    @Shacknews Turn the game volume down if you're gonna talk over it

  • S T I N K E R 2 days ago

    U TAKE THAT BACK!!! The Secret of Monkey Island is better than the other parts, bitch pls

  • shdy14 2 days ago

    You, my friend, are FORSAKEN for not putting THE CURSE OF MONKEY ISLAND on this list. I think it is the best EVER.

  • 結月Darklorel 2 days ago

    How about deponia?

  • Santiago Correa 2 days ago

    what's the name of the game at 00:53?

  • Dragon Donald 2 days ago

    Not even an honorable mention to Police Quest, Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry??? What a gyp!!

  • Bruno Cunha 2 days ago

    Full Throttle was the BEST!

  • Ivan Satan 2 days ago

    Monkey Island 2 is great, but the first part is still better, ending in 2nd game suck really hard.

  • Sweet Pie 2 days ago

    Where's Fran Bow?

  • italianPipes 2 days ago

    broken sword? monkey island 3???? i mean the mastermind of all point and click adventures??

  • Datzeesta 2 days ago

    How about Beneath The Steel Sky???

  • Stuart Benjamin 2 days ago

    myst bruh

  • Vetar 33 2 days ago

    Heard of Dream Chronicles?

  • badmojo90 2 days ago

    little secret about king quest 6, if you use the scumm vm loader and trigger the game using the 'windows' version you get the enhanced artwork and overall look to the game.

  • algol291 2 days ago

    The best Point and Click game is the NES version of Maniac Mansion. The music is great, and you play through a B-Horror movie as a teenager trying to save his girlfriend from a mad scientist and a purple, slimy, evil meteor, wanted by the authorities throughout the galaxy.
    Also, Thimbleweed Park came out after this list was made. It is behind Maniac Mansion as the best.

  • Lucidrequiem 2 days ago

    No Tex Murphy or Broken Sword…….insta fail list.

  • Kardainz Kardain 2 days ago

    What did you miss, what did we …. Your DOTT was spot on as a great Point and click and one of my best over games from the past, but your list was lacking in a horrible way and you generally had no clue on point and click games.

  • NeWorldVision 2 days ago

    Hm. Great list but you left out the best point and click game ever created. Pornhub

  • LPlayO 233 2 days ago

    no the room??!?!

  • Viinilikka 2 days ago

    What do you think about Blackwell series?

  • Shako Winter 2 days ago

    No Post Mortem and Still Life?

  • Marino vucko 2 days ago

    So where is The Dig?

  • curlitogr 2 days ago

    Why no TOP LIST video mentions Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer?

  • Itay Bashan 2 days ago

    'Day of the tentecle' is not deserving being no. 1. It's a good game, not arguing at all with that, but the charcters were flat and some puzzle solutions just didn't make sense (Washing a car in order to have rain? really??).

    And P.S., I hope that 'Thimbleweed park' would have got a spot on the list if it would have uploaded now

  • Free Music Downloader - All Music 2 days ago

    Awesome )O_-(

  • Fernando Maldonado 2 days ago

    Missing a lot of the sierra classics. Police Quest, Quest for Glory (Hero's Quest), Conquest of Camelot, The Colonel's Bequest, and of course Leisure Suit Larry.

  • HardWarUK 2 days ago

    The Longest Journey should have been in that list somewhere!

  • Jay Anne Marie Montales 2 days ago

    Did I miss Infamous Machine here?

  • Mystery Thingx 2 days ago

    No Leisure Suit Larry? Bad list automatically.

  • Michael Ujwary 2 days ago

    I'm really disappointed that no modern titles are included. Yes, the ones mentioned are classics; but the genre did improve in so many cases over the years. This just feels like pandering to nostalgia.

  • Tamás Koncsos 2 days ago


  • Bas Kroeze 2 days ago

    no broken sword???

  • Teo Nikas 2 days ago

    0:20 name of the game please!?

  • Marcus 2 days ago

    I wish there was any way to get hold of Full Throttle nowadays… Played all Monkey Island games many times over by now. 🙂

  • Len Frechette 2 days ago

    Hi Greg. Thanks for taking us on a great trip down adventure lane! Although your list is heavily skewed towards Lucasarts and Sierra, which is understandable as they were the juggernauts of adventure gaming, there are several games from other companies that could have made it into your top 10 as well. Actually, there are so many great point and click adventure games out there that it would have been difficult making a top 25 list.
    Here are some notable games, from companies other than Lucasarts and Sierra, that could have found their way into your list: Broken Sword: Shadows of the Templars (or any of that series), Beneath a Steel Sky, The Longest Journey, Siberia I & II, The Legend of Kyrandia, The Last Express, the Runaway games, Yesterday, The Next Big Thing, and the Tex Murphy series of games.
    While you've definitely got some of the top hitters of Lucasarts and Sierra, here are some other games from them that could have made your list: The Dig, Loom, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Louge Lizards, the Space Quest series (the first four specifically), King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella (the whole series really), The Colonel's Bequest and The Dagger of Amon Ra and of course the Police Quest games.
    Lastly, there an argument to throw in some P&C adventure games that have come out in the last decade, to show that the genre isn't dead after all. Games like, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, the Blackwell series, the Deponia series, Gemini Rue, Cognition, Resonance, The Last Door, The Whispered World, Yesterday Origins, Broken Age, and Kentucky Route Zero.
    Point and click adventure games are alive and well and there's a lot to look forward to in 2016 and beyond, games like The Whispered World 2, Siberia III, Deponia: Doomsday, The Devil's Men, Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure, and SpaceVenture.

  • Glimmerdust 2 days ago

    I love point and click games and some of my favourites are the Deponia series, curse of monkey island, book of unwritten tales and the Sherlock Holmes series. Pink panther deserves a mention it's a good children's game and it was one of the first I played.

  • Kevin Bömers 2 days ago

    Where's Simon The Sorcerer 1 & 2?