Survival horror is back and better than ever with some good hits in 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Subscribe for more: Thumb …

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  • gameranx 2 days ago

    oh SHIT we forgot Evil Within 2. Sorry! Gonna fire ourselves.

  • Perdoct 2 days ago

    We need a new silent hill

  • dervxerox 2 days ago

    I really liked SOMA.

  • jimmy patterson 2 days ago

    all 10 games omg the music omg the music lul

  • mashroob 2 days ago

    So RE 7 is worth it, eh?
    I dunno. You also recommended Revelations 1 and 2. Thought BOTH were utter ASS. But since you say it feels more like a Resident Evil game with an inventory system like the old ones… we'll have to see…

  • Lauren Lollies 2 days ago

    Resident evil 7 was BEAUTIFULLY made but the game play was kinda eh for me. Maybe I just need to replay it🤷‍♀️

  • Bradley Knight 2 days ago

    Outlast 2 was awesome. People got it wrong.

  • Sol Morningstar 2 days ago

    So there was just a 23 minute ad, that was the entire first episode of Final Space…I can't say that I'm happy about there being an "ad" that long normally, but it was effective in making me want to watch more lmao

  • 1D AF 2 days ago

    Where can I find Outlast 2 ? It's not on amazon or the store 🙁

  • TurtleBreads 2 days ago

    Never played a Resident Evil game before, apart from the beginning of the HD version made for PS4, but eventually ended up getting annoyed by the way the camera works.

    My sister and I started playing the demo for RE7 and were immediately hooked.
    We got the game a few days ago and finished it today, and it's such a great experience!
    It got us into the series, but still can't handle the camera in the original RE game (although I'll probably suck it up and end up playing it anyway).

  • Dj K-Oz 2 days ago

    Outlast 2 was a disappointment to me. The first and the DLC were much scarier imo. The sequel was a bunch of aimless running and hiding the whole time. Just run here then ruin there hide here hide there.

    Part 1 you run and hid but there seemed to be a sense of more danger and there were exploration parts. The story was much more interesting as well. I was hoping part 2 was more demonic but it was a just a crazy cult and being controlled by some light.

    I was hoping for more of h.p. Lovecraftian cult. Where everything seemed off, seemed weird. Psychological as well as pure horror and gore.

  • Dj K-Oz 2 days ago

    I thought perception was universally panned and hated by critics.

  • Harshit Sanwal 2 days ago

    The Outlast series and resident evil 7 both are badass

  • Th3Raz96 2 days ago

    ahem… Agony released back in October, eh?

  • nick egedy 2 days ago

    why does warhammer show up in the description, that one is kinda laughable.

  • Cool Breeze 2 days ago

    Alan Wake, The Evil Within Series, The Silent Hill Series

  • Foorson 2 days ago


  • Tyrant Jo 2 days ago

    You forgot Pubg

  • Ghost Murmur 2 days ago

    We need more third person survival horror

  • GhostSikeTV 2 days ago

    Outlast is also on Xbox one cause I have it on Xbox one

  • طلال سعيد 2 days ago

    The evil within 2

  • JackTheGinger1 2 days ago

    You've Deffo got diabetes if you play DBD

  • Collin Mordecai 2 days ago

    Resident evil 7 is not that scary, but still a fun game.

  • Anthony Vigil 2 days ago

    Outlast 2 and Friday the 13th but not evil within 2?

  • Cernos 2 days ago

    Darkwood caused me to check if someone was at the door, only to question if what if that was just a sound effect in the game…..LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • Totoro 2 days ago

    Soon as you said Biohazard. I wanted to slap you people. The game was absolute SHIT. had one jump scare and the rest was just shitty. C'mon. Literally ONLY 3 types of mosnters, plus the "bosses" the graphics i would compare to a ps2/ps3.

  • PurPleXedQT 2 days ago

    Sorry but I have to disagree with all of the above. None of those are scary at all with the exception of Resident Evil in VR

  • Inti Cheveyo 2 days ago

    Can someone give me some advice, which should I buy first?
    Alien isolation, Soma, hell blade or agony??

  • Taylor ryder 2 days ago

    Let’s be honest 2017 was a pretty shit year for survival horror. The best one was the evil within 2, a game they forgot somehow.

    Edit: and resident evil 7 was a shitty resident evil game.

  • ALI SALIMI 2 days ago

    re7 sucks
    after nemesis , this franchise is dead

  • Alfie Barker 2 days ago

    Preparation coach smile fsmntn privacy mere plate famous slip flat glance.

  • Layla 2 days ago

    Outlast 2 was very different from Outlast 1. While both games did a great job in creating an atmosphere of horror, I feel as though Outlast 2 was more of a running simulator than anything else. I liked the stealth of the first game, and I felt that this aspect was lacking in the second game. While you can run both games, the option to go full stealth was only applicable in the first. X_X The second seemed to have psychic enemies. Arrrrrgh!

  • J Wu 2 days ago

    No evil within 2….

  • Scabloonshki 2 days ago

    I feel like I’m the only person who really likes Outlast 2

  • King Mike 2 days ago

    the evil within 2

  • 천사타락한 2 days ago

    Resident Evil 7 is my favorite game. Been in love with it since I played it back in February. Makes you want to play more just to unlock the achievements and the DLC's are really fun. The first person perspective just adds to the horror of the game.

  • david tsintsadze 2 days ago

    allnew games suck

  • Cody Orvik 2 days ago

    From what I’ve seen, it seems like Evil Within 2 and Observer could be placed higher than many of these entries.

  • edgarector 2 days ago

    Do people even like RE 7 that much?!
    It had way too simplistic gameplay for me,it literally only had 3 types of enemies,the bosses were just absolutely boring to fight,the story seems to be written by one of developers children,plus it had so many plotholes!Also,it just wasn't scary at all!I mean,Fallout 3,for example,is 10 times scarier than this!

  • Darryl Nevels 2 days ago

    Re7 yeah