Showcasing our list of the the best adventure video games on the PC so far. These are the highest adventure rated games currently available on the Windows, …

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  • SiiL3nT 2 days ago

    this is shit

  • Bongo The Gipsy 2 days ago

    49.99 for digital manga? I'd rather buy winrar for 49.98

  • cat lady was good…

  • Mein Kampf 2 days ago

    bro "adventure" game isn't 2D shit game from years ago

  • Saad Khurram 2 days ago

    where is the last of us

  • Rebecca Sykes 2 days ago

    Most of your choice of games where not even Adventure games…. and whats with the scoring…8.61,9.73…hahaha, WTF…. Why complicate things, just score from 1-10.

  • 1st pick for best adventure game is a platformer? Seriously?

  • Damir Karavlah 2 days ago

    Ori is fantastic game!

  • ZEESHAN 2 days ago

    Brothers does not suit in this list, that is the only best game. Most of your listed games looks too bad to me. Not the best list at all.

  • hellomikie92 2 days ago

    Why read from a script?

  • Rares Macovei 2 days ago

    A third of the games here are puzzler (a la Talos Principle) or platforms (a la Ori). They have nothing to do with "adventure games".

  • STRIKE 2 days ago

    A story about my uncle?

  • Alexander Toczko 2 days ago

    I think that stardue valley should be in this

  • † Armitage Soulshroude † 2 days ago

    Your also forgetting the Sherlock Holmes games and just about every other actual Adventure Game.

  • † Armitage Soulshroude † 2 days ago

    Most of the games you just pointed out are NOT Adventure Games. You really need to learn genre's before creating videos and by GOD, Take the USELESS RATINGS SYSTEM OFF… It's ANNOYING!!!

  • Mans Not Hot 2 days ago

    Little nightmares?

  • Eindringling 2 days ago

    why are most of the games 2d?

  • Mighty Mole 2 days ago

    Ori is better classified as a platformer game, if ori is added, then other genres can be added too, such as the dark souls francise

  • Eric Lai 2 days ago

    I like the narrative of your videos, but the giant banner with the game's title covering 1/4 of the screen is annoying and detracts from the video. I couldn't watch the whole video this time through because of it. Try making it more transparent maybe? I will just listen to your videos from now on…

  • Ana Cris Silva 2 days ago

    🙉🤑👅 Rita Ora Video Sexo

  • Anonymous 2 days ago

    I absolutely love your video! please make more 🙂

  • Maiker Carrero 2 days ago

    WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF MINECRAFT???????????????????????????

  • TheMagicGuy 2 days ago

    Nice channel but some of the games are pretty gay

  • Toasty Juice 2 days ago

    Hello, I have a question. Does anyone know the playscore of Evolve?

  • Zu_alt_fuer 2 days ago

    looks like you got the title of the video wrong..?!

  • Jonathan Whitmore 2 days ago

    What about "Little Nightmares!"

  • Arijit Roy 2 days ago

    Why a machinarium thumbnail on a pc game video ?? Is it available on pc ??

  • Esfar 2 days ago

    Grim Fandango?

  • Micah Joel Geimer 2 days ago

    Pc games are for narcisistic POS

  • Micah Joel Geimer 2 days ago

    Pc games are for narcisistic POS

  • esperCELL 2 days ago

    finally you got the adventure game genre right!
    but i wonder where is The Longest Journey? thats probably the best adventure game of all time
    once again proved that playscore doesnt show all great games because the more popular/better a game the more haters it attracted to downvote it to oblivion lol.

  • taipan2021 2 days ago

    really no hollow knight? wow

  • bonifacio_kid 2 days ago

    Someday I will name my child 'Ori'

  • Vampire Gamer 2 days ago

    Good top of games, but too many mixed genres, when they should be only adventure, point 'n click, Walking Sim., Narratives and Visual Novels.

  • e efilysp 2 days ago

    Grim fandango?