I NEED YOUR HELP!! I am not joking, watch the video and you’ll know what I mean. This game is MIND-BLOWING in every sense of the word and the only way …

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  • Deborah Colbert 14 mins ago

    Very cool game

  • Nondad Paulou 14 mins ago

    Now I get it we need to go to the mirror world. In the mirror world random keys spawn not only key 2. You need to take the key to the statue so then you can take the key and upload it to Facebook if you want to help other people. And to continue you need to go to Facebook to see some people who got the key

  • Itschilly TV 14 mins ago

    This video explained me when I started playing Fallout 4. LOL

  • Musical Poetaytoe 14 mins ago

    I just saw the eyes in the room as soon as he entered another dark room in the mirror world and I immediately exited off.

  • Grace Krystalia 14 mins ago

    I've seen this play through two times already and I still love this game so dearly. Re watching again for the third time, plus I just miss Mark's red hair…😅😭

  • Jarvis Is My Co-Pilot 14 mins ago

    old school Doki Doki lit club

  • Vezerlo Productions 14 mins ago

    I don't know how many other people here know this, but this game is also from the developers of 7 Days.

  • Blue Wolf Love!! 14 mins ago


  • Chelsea's Life 14 mins ago

    turn on cc XD

  • Toaster Chan 14 mins ago

    Oi, It's lumberjack Markimoo.

  • Crystle Presson 14 mins ago

    Me: (watching video)
    Video Captions: (witnesses black magic)
    Me: XD

  • Samarha Hughes 14 mins ago


  • Gina. EXE 14 mins ago

    'am I alone here? that's the biggest question in here.' me: NO THE QUESTION IS WHERE THE CRAP IS DARK?!?

  • Cloudy Subliminal’s 14 mins ago

    It’s the upside down

  • Chandler Curtis 14 mins ago

    So good

  • Sakura Oki 14 mins ago

    It's stranger things 😀

  • Marin Sedmak 14 mins ago

    this guy is so irritating

  • Jonah Nowotny 14 mins ago

    I like the games with good stories I’m just now watching this vid but I loved when he played soma it had a great story

  • Autumn Kranzler 14 mins ago

    I did play and finished the game

  • Hubert Jadczak 14 mins ago

    commentary gameplays are so fucking annoying.

  • Giovanno Hendersonno 14 mins ago

    Legend says: "One word can describe all markiplier's videos "
    Now finally the legend has been fulfilled:
    The word is…