Good news for Blade Runner fans like me, because in 1997 Westwood Studios released a PC point and click adventure game based on the classic 1980’s …

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  • Thomas Schaaf 1 hour ago

    Great game. I buy this Day One, because at this time, i buy everything from Westwood (Lands Of Lore, Kyrandia, C&C, Nox)

  • Dixie Pixie 1 hour ago

    This game was awesome! It is a shame they won't make it easy to play on new PCs. I played it when I was 12 and I loved it from start to finish!

  • River White 1 hour ago

    Blade Runner is the greatest movie ever made.

  • Sony Kroket 1 hour ago

    Dude, no matter how the random storyline went, you always would meet Lucy whenever you check out JF Sebastians pad and get captured by 2 replicants. The sec you wake up in their hideout (same hotel as Leon is staying in), she's there to help you escape, or lets you escape to be precise. No matter how the storyline went, that would always happen. It was after that that the random script kicked in.

  • Jason Hamelin 1 hour ago

    I found 8 ending. Played this game nonstop for 2 months when I was a kid.

  • e93gsx 1 hour ago

    Always wanted to play this game. Never did. Looked cool but boring. Still on my list of game I will get around to playing. Been on that list for 20 years but whatever…

  • Adio Fimaha 1 hour ago

    Who's watching this after 2049?? XD

  • Ricky Ives Photography 1 hour ago

    Can i just say WESTWOOD STUDIOS ALWAYS MADE THE BEST GAMES! THIS AND COMMAND AND CONQUER. NEED I SAY ANYMORE? BRING BACK WESTWOOD!!!!! EA games bought them out didnt they and ruined it all! C&C4? WTf!

  • Ledgardo D Chino Ardy Lacson 1 hour ago

    In my channel I have the Beta version of the game

  • JoesGuy 1 hour ago

    Ever dig into the game's files? There's a ton of cut content in there. ;D

  • Paul P Jr 1 hour ago

    I'm playing this now I had the 2 disc version. I don't know if I can make it look any better but it looks better in this review then how it looks on my PC. I even patched it was HDFrames but I don't know if it worked well. I need to figure out how to tweak it better I guess. Anyone else know what I can do to make it look better?

  • Johnnie Black 1 hour ago

    Westwood Studios.

  • Hellish Underwater Adventures. 1 hour ago

    I couldn't even use a PC In 2009.. that's when I first played this game. I never even knew how to send an email. Nor chat on MSN boy loaded the discs..and showed me a few basics and I was off!
    I was though a huge fan of Blade runner and I have the whole damn set in a metal tin collection.
    Knowing the movie so well actually enabled me to really get to grips with the plot the hidden dangers..and electronic gadgets in the game. I beat the game in about a month. Talk about hooked?🤕 I was an early Nintendo player so the mouse was new to me. Plus I had to play..left handed because of an injury.
    So you might say that it was this very game which not only introduced me to the world of the PC but taught me to be left handed.

  • BlckCloud73 1 hour ago

    I think Deckard is a replicant because of the unicorn dream (which was cut out of the movie) and the unicorn origami at the end…..just sayin'.

  • Cartoongamermatt 1 hour ago

    Just beat this game today! It was amazing!

  • Hobbes09R 1 hour ago

    You kinda…have to meet Lucy to progress. This is actually a major issue with the game. You often need to undergo confrontations which you don't know where or when will happen until they happen, usually with prerequisites, to progress in the game. But then the character just randomly won't be there for no real reason. Lucy is one such example of this.

  • jewelbell5 1 hour ago

    This game was amazing!

  • AwesomeCrabman 1 hour ago

    I always met Lucy in the gamer hall, I also got the ending with her.

    I have to say that most endings are very very similar, but I dont want to go in detail and spoil something.

  • Nerd Down Dillon 1 hour ago

    Awesome review man! Just played this game today, finally! So pumped.

  • Alan Ladd seine Katze 1 hour ago

    Should've worn the Somewhere in Time shirt for this;-)

  • charvelgtrs 1 hour ago

    If you want to play this game on a 64 bit machine search the patched loader online.

  • kathryn0200 1 hour ago

    did you preorder the bluray?

  • remixgod 1 hour ago

    I LOVED PLAYING THROUGH THIS GAME!!! Just like Burn Cycle, Tekwar & Total Distortion!!!

  • Rob Henry 1 hour ago

    This was the first game i played on a dvd rom! must have played it through 30 times. i wasn't connected to the internet when it first came out so i remember playing through it again and again seeing how many different events i could trigger depending on my actions and how many different endings i could get! truly awesome. Westwood lost all the source code so they'll never remaster it 🙁

  • Max Nyström 1 hour ago


  • Stravaiging MTB 1 hour ago

    This was probably my favourite PC game of all time, I payed this game to absolute death trying to get all the alternative endings and cutscenes. Ah memories…..

  • Sercan Usta 1 hour ago

    I loved this game, I played it for months if not more trying to get different experiences and endings

  • Ace thebest 1 hour ago

    Such a shame they lost the source code and we'll never see a re-release on steam.

  • Slack 1 hour ago

    We really need a next gen console game set in the Bladerunner universe

  • About47Pandas 1 hour ago

    I played this as a kid.. I loved it…I didnt get far… but I have fond memories.

  • mefw 1 hour ago

    Loved that game and when I went on holiday to the States 2 years later in 1999 I left it behind agggggggggggggggh