Developed by Capcom for the original NES and loosely based on LucusFIlm’s 1988 fantasy epic, Willow is the story of a hobbit-like Nelwyn’s quest to defeat the …

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  • The ReNesance 39 mins ago

    This movie was a giant part of my childhood too, and I love this game.. I'm always thankful that Capcom made it. Nice review!

  • algol291 39 mins ago

    Willow had one of the worst endings to a movie ever.

  • SweatpantNinja81💣 39 mins ago

    Loved this game as a kid and still own and play at least once a year! Epic music and minibosses👌 still hum the tunes to this day!

  • Chris Plissken 39 mins ago

    I was having a shitty morning but watching your videos makes it all just go away thanks for the awesome content and quality narration 😀 you rock!

  • Z. S. N. 39 mins ago

    I love your videos. Thanks for your hard work, these videos are very well done. I appreciate you.

  • Barry-Allen The-Flash 39 mins ago

    Man, I'm super bummed out. I recently got an NES Multicart with this on it and was looking forward to playing it because of this review ! But for some reason – I don't know if it's because of the HDTV or the RetroN1 or a combination of it – it looks like shit 🙁 SUPER grainy and just terrible.

    Even though I'm playing through Persona 5 (yes I'm late to the party) and Ni No Kuni 2 comes out later this week, I have a gap in my schedule to carve out some time for a retro RPG…. guess I'll move onto Crystalis (which is also on the cart, and also something I've been meaning to check out for a loooooong time, but doesn't look inexplicably like hot garbage). That's great, but I fear I may never get to play through Willow if I wasn't gonna play it now.

    Oh well…. back to the backlog for you, Willow ! I'll get to you eventually…. in a couple years, via an emulator * fingers crossed *

    This was another terrific review. Really paint it out to be a hidden gem that's worth a try, just like a lot of RPGs highlighted here. You're adding too many games to my backlog 😀

  • Jay Farress 39 mins ago

    great game, highly underated. I remember getting this from the bargain bin back in the late 1980/early90s and was surprised how good it was. forgot what I did with it. I think I sold it with a bunch other NES games to fund the purchase of a sega genesis

  • kidfall1 39 mins ago

    I remember this game then i forgot how hard it was. Then i remembered this game again and smoked some weed. Ahhh problem solved 🙂

  • Zeles 39 mins ago

    I would love to just play old games with you for a weekend. The stuff you play is so much fun to watch.

  • SlyBeast 39 mins ago

    Man, totally agree. This game is excellent and that soundtrack is phenomenal. It was actually the game that got me into the movie as a kid.

  • Joseph Huffman 39 mins ago

    Is Willow on NES the best movie tie in game of all time?!?

  • ben Abernathy 39 mins ago

    This Blaster Master Guardian Legend and Clash at Demoness were my favorite NES games

  • jeff mci 39 mins ago


  • emagneticboy97 39 mins ago

    I loved this game as a kid. The soundtrack is amazing

  • FinalBaton 39 mins ago

    Never played this one sadly. I need to give it a try, it looks quite good

  • TANKTREAD 39 mins ago

    An the power of the late, great James Horner.

  • Richard Klosterman 39 mins ago

    This game came out in 1989, and Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past came out in 1991. Both games look rather similar to each other, and I think Link to the Past found some inspiration in Willow! That's awesome to know, in my opinion!

  • Practicedummy 39 mins ago

    Saw this video and for the first time, I got to see what this game was all about. When I see a movie title game, I avoid it like the plague, like the rest of the world. Thanks for making the video of this game. 😀

  • SKYWARRIOR71 39 mins ago

    u are mi youtube crush cuz i love ur channel

  • jo holmes 39 mins ago

    Wow, you didn't talk about yourself and a bunch of dumb shit for 5 min first. Or maybe you did and I was just entertained lol. Good review

  • bassx101 39 mins ago

    great review, thank you for your time, thumbs up from me 🙂

  • Brian W 39 mins ago

    You should have increased your vocal volume in my opinion

  • Forgem Nos 39 mins ago

    Good job. More comedy and perfecto

  • Chad Molitor 39 mins ago

    You always review stuff nobody else talks about, and that's stellar.

  • Ninjeto 39 mins ago

    I grabbed this today and I must say I'm impressed , music is fantastic , very immersive can't believe capcom made this!!

  • Will Mistretta 39 mins ago

    Great review. Inspired me to give it a try and do my own. I definitely enjoyed it, although maybe not quiiiite as much as you did.

  • DelDuio 39 mins ago

    Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah, this is myyy stop. Got to get off.. You're standing on my neck.. nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah (Sorry couldn't resist, good video on a great game!)

  • DogsBark 39 mins ago

    It is funny how no one mentions Willow as one of the most graphical impressive nes games. I played this new and as much as Zelda is the best game on the system, the visual difference and detail is huge.
    Willow is a forgotten gem of the nes.

  • freddyvidz 39 mins ago

    You did a really good job here.

  • Captain Freedom 39 mins ago

    They really should have made a sequel to "Willow."

  • 16 Bit Bricks 39 mins ago

    Loved the movie as a kid! I didn't play the game until I was an adult. It didn't really care for it. Nice review though, I may have to give it another try.

  • The ReNesance 39 mins ago

    This is one of my favorite movies and I actually just reserved tickets to see a live screening of it in July 🙂 I love the NES game too.. some fantastic music and you're right, a nicely woven storyline, even if it's not completely faithful to the movie. Nice review!

  • GoldenKey777333 39 mins ago

    Awesome I played this as a child and loved the heck out of it. One of the best for NES for SURE!!!

  • Moejii - 39 mins ago

    I just bought this game today at a flea market, saw that it was made by Capcom and went for it!

  • Tee Kiddo 39 mins ago

    Young me was intrigued by this game, but found it waaaaay too hard. 🙂

  • Austin Calloway 39 mins ago

    best movie, love the game. thanks Daria

  • Phantom Wind 39 mins ago

    Good show, i hated that game like, abhorred it as a kid, then, many years later, as a teen, i gave it another try, being the great fan of the movie as i am, i couldn't get over it and just let it pass and i loved it, finished the game and have nothing but questions if i did get every item the game has to offer?.

  • memespace 39 mins ago

    It really looks as if Secret of Mana was inspired by this game.

  • Odd Pod 39 mins ago

    Awsome 🙂

  • William Chambers 39 mins ago

    The game doesn't follow the movie plot…

  • VideoGameVictims 39 mins ago

    There isn't just a single end-game healing spell (heal ball) there is also a healmace you can get quite early in the adventure which makes things much more bearable until you can get the heal ball. Nice to see someone doing this gem of a game justice. Great review!

  • 1981mag 39 mins ago

    One of my favorite NES games! I was (and still am) a huge fan of the movie and book, and I picked up this game when I was in 4th grade. Sometimes it was easy to get lost for sure, but it was a very fun game to explore, just as much as Zelda IMO. I enjoyed the music and level designs, as well as the different weapons/shields/magic items. My biggest and only aggravation with this game is the creepy zombie guy that turns Willow into a pig. I know the Devil's Eye could kill him, but he was often so far off screen I couldn't reach him. Really enjoyed this review! Subscribed!

  • Mo_ Musashi_28 39 mins ago

    My gawd the production. value in this vid is amazing A++ 😍👍