My review of and overall thoughts on Darkwood. Is it’s advertised “new perspective on survival horror” just another marketing catchphrase? Or is it really one of …

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  • disa dee 3 hours ago


  • Mãe Kd meu pornô? 3 hours ago

    I liked the video. One more subscriber!

  • Hakeem Washington 3 hours ago

    :-:Tbh this game is one of the most more focused games I have played.. I have got to the second area of the forest yet still I fill I have barely scratched the surface of it.

  • 2Telos 3 hours ago

    good review man

  • Kriang_0 3 hours ago

    this is one of the best reviews I've ever seen!

  • Didac 3 hours ago

    "typical survival horror… like Left For Dead" lel

  • Joel C 3 hours ago

    They developed what? couldn't hear what was said. This looks just like another game that came out about 4-5 years ago. Survival horror roguelike with same lighting fx, top down, could move objects to lock yourself in at night and really it lookes just like this game. I thought this was the same dev as that game. I forgot the name of that one but I will probably find it and update this comment when I do. Was their a early demo of this game out long time ago?

  • inthenameofnine 3 hours ago

    Most survival games with anti-fun meters like poorly thought out hunger and health systems are just that: not fun. Most survival games need this kind of focus.

  • Frank Delgrosso 3 hours ago

    So good to see somone review a game without leting thier personal tastes bias thier review. Once upon a long time ago I worked for Blockbuster video, and would review and recomend films for people. And just like you did here I was able to review or recomend films fairly even if they are not the sort of film I enjoy. That sort of reviewing is becoming ever more rare.

  • SupahFly 3 hours ago

    this game is one of the best survival horror games ever
    but the fact that you called left4dead a survival horror is just plain stupid…

  • davy Smith 3 hours ago

    damn waffle this video is scary as shit, excellent commentary. My heart was beating hearing this review.

  • Matthew 3 hours ago

    Did you actually put Survival and Minecraft in the same sentence?
    What the actual fuck?

    Considering I actually played Darkwood, the fact that you used a completely different soundtrack for your review just shows how bad at reviews you really are.
    The survival aspect of Darkwood is immense, wtf are you doing comparing it to minecraft??

    LIterally all you do in Darkwood is SURVIVE.
    You never point out the music or the sounds which make up the large part of the horror and survival mechanisms, for example.
    Yea, you mention it.. but that's all


    Go play it, FINISH IT, and then script your review.

  • Michael M 3 hours ago

    Excellent video. Your voice reminds me of Strat-Edgy but your demeanor is much less "Edgy"

    With the clarity of your speech and your ability to convey feeling through description, you might want to do more videos like this, covering serious games and/or games that affect a player on a psychological level instead of cheap, base-level gratifications.

    Games like Last of Us, Grim Dawn, or Little Nightmares, or even cerebral meta-games like Tyranny, Flame in the Flood, Sunless Sea, or This War of Mine …

    Your voice and method of information delivery would compliment them well. Just a thought.

  • versh 3 hours ago


  • Seeing the footage made me remember Piotrek… Man, that was such a feels trip.

  • MrLinker44 3 hours ago

    Good review but the background music is really awful. Just use your voice

  • Arturo Arturovich 3 hours ago

    Did you really just claim that Darkwood has less "survival aspects" in it than Minecraft? In what bizarre world are you living, my friend?

  • Un Usuario 3 hours ago

    Nice video, man! I just hope you actually bought it (unlike your windows license apparently) to give the devs some money.

  • Svperstarr 3 hours ago

    Gave a like just for all the DJ Shadow

  • cacherow 3 hours ago

    Great video, keep it up man.

  • Wafflecopter 3 hours ago

    The original comment was cringy as fuck so just, thanks for the support

  • Deniz Kursunlu 3 hours ago

    Lovely track in the background from DJ Shadow / Preemptive Strike…took me back to summer of 2002. From the game or were you playing it? Good review by the way.

  • Slibby 3 hours ago

    man i watched this thinking it would be for ps4 and your video got my hyped to buy it 🙁

  • everennui 3 hours ago

    Darkwood. Activate Windows. Did you just get a new PC?

  • Nimlouth 3 hours ago

    sir, you've just gained another sub 😀

  • Mortum 3 hours ago


  • Apocaloptigon 3 hours ago

    I evened out the ratio for you

  • oakleyklj 3 hours ago

    hey active your windows bro

  • I'm Empty 3 hours ago

    Darn. You have interesting things to say. Well, I guess I should do my review soon.

  • yooguruto 3 hours ago

    I have experienced this game in a similar way you did. Game can be uber frustrating but very good characters with depth and interesting histories push me to try a next day. Exploration is just phenomenal. I with day did not last longer – I am sure I did not see every cool location hence of that. Simply put I got no enough meds to spare for further fight.

    Very good review. Thumbs up!

  • ninja unicorn 3 hours ago

    How do you not have more subs

  • MARCONATIOR 3 hours ago

    That's pretty good