The original king of Battle Royale is returning in a big way with the launch of H1Z1 on PS4. Can this compete with stuff like Fortnite and PUBG or will this flop?

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  • DreamcastGuy 23 mins ago

    Wasnt going to review this but many of you asked so I was able to fit it into the schedule. Thanks for making me play such a fun game. 😛

  • AiDeN FrIeDmAn-YeTtAw 23 mins ago

    No first person sucks

  • GG RELOADED 23 mins ago

    lol this is such bullshit. If you want to know what this game is like, you spawn in at a random location the game chooses, then look for loot, then run around a badly textured environment with a horribly animated character for 10 to 15 minutes without seeing one person, and eventually you get to the end where the gameplay revolves into bumper cars where people just bump into each other until the other person dies. Gunplay is trash, it detection is inconsistent, the entire game is terrible. You sound like one of the xbots defending Sea of Thieves. This may be on PS4, but it's not the best game ever.

  • CHRONIC UK 23 mins ago

    Lmfao first you rip pubg apart when you talked about it.
    Now you say you enjoyed H1Z1 & that sloppy is good, gidy up boy 🐎
    I play pubg on xbox one x & on pc and both are seriously better than the experiences ive had playing H1Z1 on ps4 in nearly every way even with its big issues.
    Gonna mute you now as i dont have time to waste listening to your rubbish though i felt pointing out you bias point of view was worth some time, you are like the crapgamer of ps4

  • zielaszka 23 mins ago

    I'm actually waiting for 25 mins now in queue. I pleyed one match yet and I couldn't fire my weapons. FUN.

  • brooklyn2rome 23 mins ago

    Right now it's sucks bad and the player s are so stiff movement

  • Dr. Bass Boosted 23 mins ago

    Minecraft Hunger Games is the original Battle Royale

  • Lord Scott 23 mins ago

    im having a fun with it!

  • Justice In Gaming_JIG 23 mins ago

    Need desperately a visual upgrade. Cant wait for Car Royal in this one. And must be more realistic physics. people dont die when they fall from high buildings. Cant get trough windows. Deeper avatar customisation.

  • Sleepy 23 mins ago

    Watching how badly console players aim makes me cringe

  • SHADDIX 23 mins ago

    "Cartoonish Physics" What are you Fucking Gay?

  • Julian Jimenez 23 mins ago

    Yeah that L1 glitch is super annoying

  • Colin McDougz 23 mins ago

    Nice video but I have to say the game feels like an alpha not a beta just my opinion , I do hope it improves

  • Original Spyro 23 mins ago

    Would like to give this game a chance but at the the moment it's just unplayable and no good

  • KINGPOOLORD 23 mins ago

    I feel h1z1 is still in alpha form the long load times and freezing buttons was to unbearable for me.

  • Rasmus Jensen 23 mins ago

    Is it only my PS4 that makes a lot of fan noise sometimes, when i play H1Z1? What about you guys?

  • Brianstorm 23 mins ago

    I was pleasantly surprised

  • Just an internet user 23 mins ago

    This game inspired pubg as well as fortnite
    So for people who are saying this game is shit
    Just stfu

  • Kai Black 23 mins ago

    Playing this only made me appreciate Fortnite more. might uninstall it off my PS4 soon

  • Sixty 9er 23 mins ago

    Overall pubg is the better game with the all problems with it on xbox. Let's be honest here. Aiming down sights in H1Z1 is trash. The movement is trash. The driving is trash. The only reason it runs smooth is the graphics has less texture than PUBG. But since PS4 only had Fortnite I'll accept your guys boners for this game. You guys needed something else to compete with pubg so enjoy😉 PS FPP is where it is at not TPP.

  • Mike jones 23 mins ago

    H1z1 bad graphics. 2018 here bud

  • TheKingBrewer 23 mins ago

    Fast and sloppy but in a good way…

  • Corpse Killer 23 mins ago

    This game is going to blow up on ps4 if they are quick to fix all the bugs and server issues

  • SupaFly is 187 23 mins ago

    I can't play this after playing PUBG on the Xbox One.. I know, I know, fanboy.. I really did want to like it, even bought the pre-order skin pack.. I just.. can't.

  • Gabriel Gomez 23 mins ago

    Everyone just drives around

  • Slibby 23 mins ago

    Definitely would be refreshing to be able to fight without having to build and deal with building

  • Epic HotDog 23 mins ago

    It's free so it works for me. 🖒

  • Damon Driver 23 mins ago

    Yes, as of right now it sucks. Servers, bugs, visuals, and more. Needs a lot of work, but hopefully it's not in beta for 5 years and gets better.

  • MrBeefy 23 mins ago

    Hit L1 move to next gun

  • MrBeefy 23 mins ago

    Been play all day and it really good but beta have bad bug with long wait time

  • Katser 502 23 mins ago

    They do need to fix the servers. It takes for ever to connect and i had the same problem as you where your right analog stick gets stuck and you can't look around. My friends have the same problems too, so ik its not from my end. But the game is fun when its working.

  • Harry Voutour 23 mins ago

    Hey guy I was playing H1Z1 beta earlyer tonight picked a puple burst rifle my controlls went screwy then my team mate killed me

  • DJ Outdoors 23 mins ago

    If it didn't take 100 bullets to kill someone

  • Salman Khan 23 mins ago

    Give this time and it will top

  • JustFupas Opinion 23 mins ago

    all you stupid fucking people complaining about the colors of the game the hit detection the gas all of that shit can be fixed with updates calm your stupid fucking asses down

  • Car 2004 23 mins ago

    the only thing i dont like about the game is the Audio. hard to tell if anyone is near an your right its inaccurate at times. But good Battle Royale for ps4.

  • honeytos28 23 mins ago


  • Rich Lucena 23 mins ago

    Crazy fun game on ps4 im very impressed

  • Denis Rovich 23 mins ago


  • Alex Gomez 23 mins ago

    I have more fun playing pubg on my iPhoneX then this. People forget to mention that as far as similar games go. In pubg you can share items from your backpack with friends, i.e. medkits,ammo, weapons, and you can also revive your teammates. I prefer pubg.

  • #Hollyhood 23 mins ago

    H1Z1 is like what 7 years old now? It’s still hella fun even on Playstation

  • D-Rick N 23 mins ago

    Game is horrible , it definitely need a lot more work if it’s going to compete with pubg .. weapon damage is a joke even with armor. I hope they really listen to player input on how to improve the game.

  • Chris Cobra Elite 23 mins ago

    No thanks, I'll pass. I don't care for battle royale games.

  • That1Mexican 23 mins ago

    Rather play PUBG

  • The lennonator 23 mins ago

    Here's a fun fact H1z1 is the 1st battle royale game team did PUBG did H1z1 and daybreak is a former sony studio once known as sony online ent made certin other games like planetside 2 and dc universe before sony sold the studio that u know now as Daybreak who has been working on H1z1 n others and unlike Microsoft tight grip on PUBG exclusive sony didn't make deal to have H1z1 ps4 exclusive it wil come to Xbox eventually just like PUBG wil be on ps4 eventually once they stop kissing Microsoft failing Xbox ass😀

  • Menma Uzumaki 23 mins ago

    Love inviting friends and joining a game with non of them.

  • John Bolanos 23 mins ago

    This game is garbageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Talented Regular 23 mins ago

    If I wasn't working a full-time job currently, I'd probably be playing the living shit out of this (seriously, I would). Regardless, good video. 🙂

    Edit: Actually, y'know, I think I COULD play it on the odd weekend. It's an idea anyway.

  • Matej 5253 23 mins ago

    I haven't got ps plus can i play it!?