In today’s episode, I’m diving into a ton of racing games Sonic has starred in throughout his career! It’s a logical genre for Sonic to be in, but are any of these …

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  • Mike Pollock 1 hour ago

    7:57 Nope. The producers didn't question the logic, so why should I? I'll question grammar because I've been speaking English all my life. But the client always knows their characters best.

  • Jared Zimmerman 1 hour ago

    "Not just a race, but a special race to see who's the fastest!"

    So… a race?

  • Xzavyer The Hedgehog 1 hour ago

    At least Kinect Star Wars (as far as i remember) was more functional

  • InklingRacerBrawler 1 hour ago

    4:57 PEGI is the Game rating for Europe, which in my opinion, is more logical than the American/Canadan Rating ESRB Like Pegi has actual number for what the game is suitable in terms of age and audience ESRB has…" E for Everyone?" "T for Teens" "M for Mature?"

  • Douglas Wickline 1 hour ago

    I started Sonic Riders on PS2 and then got the Gamecube version too! My Memory Card refuses to let me save my progress and forces me to reformat my memory card EVERY TIME!!! Is the Gamecube version broken? Maybe there's a virus in the disc?

  • PixelFoxtrot - Gun Syncs 1 hour ago

    Hmm, what if sonic got a cramp while running at the speed of sound

  • Chat noir 1 hour ago

    What was the song at the beginning anyone knows?

  • The CIS Lego & Plush 1 hour ago

    A pegi is the uk rating system you dumb ass

  • Orophlacious 1 hour ago

    Giving you my energy gOkU!

  • Freddy Faz 1 hour ago

    Sonic Rivals 2's theme song "Race To Win" ,in my opinion , is AWESOME!

  • skyguard1an 1 hour ago

    Whats the song in the very start?

  • Bificalera2 1 hour ago

    7:46 how fucked music sounds

  • Peter Anderson 1 hour ago

    Yeah i won't argue that sonic riders is super difficult, though it is super fun if you get good at its.

  • dnob98 1 hour ago

    So I have a story about Sonic Free Riders. So my college held a tournament on it because people can suggest games, so I decided “hey, I’ll see what this is like.” And I played as Knuckles cuz-do-u know-da-wae and used the motorcycle. All of the sudden Knuckles completely stopped randomly, so I pelvic thrusted in order to get him to move and he did, and I somewhat won the race by air-humping the TV

  • popin jimbo 1 hour ago

    sonic R is my favourite

    don't juge me

  • To Dang Tall 1 hour ago

    I only played the First Sonic Riders ( had it on the gamecube) and remember quite liking it. Personally I didn't think the game wasn't very complicated at all. I remember being pretty good at the game and getting even 100% in it. I also remember being pretty good against my friends, i thinks its that one game where I said I could beat anybody at it.

  • MILES ASUGI 1 hour ago

    KNUCLES = Knuckles?

  • XDavid777 1 hour ago

    4:56 the fuck is a ESPB?

  • Lord Adz 1 hour ago

    I think the classic phrase get gud comes into play with riders lol

  • Dread Wolf 1 hour ago

    Eggman nAgga what?

  • Shane Austin 1 hour ago

    The only thing I like about Sonic Free Riders was I could use my Xbox Avatar so I had Master Chief riding a hoverboard

  • KoPLeaderKiactu 1 hour ago

    I never understood why they gave anthropomorphic animals a bellybutton much like Swallow at 8:22.

  • B Ledger 1 hour ago

    I used to play Sonic Riders for the game cube So much. I loved it back then.

  • shadic1988 1 hour ago

    Sonic Riders for most people is how the I feel about driving in real life. Riders for me is piss easy while driving in real life is overwhelming to me.

  • Mikeytim 1 hour ago

    For sonic riders zero gravity gonna try the motion controls anyway because I like wireless controls and motion controls why didn't you just play it on the Wii

  • CodyL15 1 hour ago

    I did play Sonic Free Riders and I got all S Ranks twice in the game. No joke, but it was frustrating and did take me long after all.

  • SwiftyShiftry 1 hour ago

    I love Riders, but that’s partly Nostalgia. I played it when I was young so overtime I got used to the mechanics. It is a bit hard to get into judging by friends I’ve watched play it though, so I can see the criticism

  • Ornyxrex_97 1 hour ago

    I love zero gravity personaly. Once you get used to the mechanics, the game is a blast to play. Pretty great soundtrack too.

  • Erick Loreto-cortez 1 hour ago

    Johnny, Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 weren't the only two sonic games for the psp, Sonic 4 ep 1 was also on the psp

  • Chrono Ryono 1 hour ago

    The entire last third of this video is a visual representation of what Jim Sterling said regarding Starfox Zero-

    "… ask yourself 'is this new control scheme we have in mind better and more responsive than just pushing a button? If the answer is no, then don't fucking do it."

  • Vanessa Nilsson 1 hour ago

    You need the newer Gamecube controllers for the Wii U which is a bit annoying.

  • aisha mrogan 1 hour ago

    Two months later I'm Silver the hedgehog from the different dimension

  • The MVP, Josey Wales 1 hour ago

    I always race 2 win,
    Keep runnin' to the end,
    Ain't gonna move, and
    Stay one step ahead

    Sit back and watch me go,
    The only way I know,
    Cuz nothin's gonna slow me down…

  • Victor Vallim 1 hour ago

    Go play riders zero gravity in the ps2. its way better there

  • Gaming Zealot 1 hour ago

    "The fuck is a pegi?"

    – Johnny

  • Daniel Uher 1 hour ago

    you forgot Sonic r

  • NintendoGamerChris 1 hour ago

    Why didn't you just play it on your Wii

  • AliTheBeastGamer // AliBG 1 hour ago


  • Voltwein Sparkgrinder 1 hour ago

    There's a new sonic racing game coming this year I think…they announced it yesterday on the SXSW

  • Radical Dude 1 hour ago

    6:47 Knuckles is spelled wrong

  • DrMobianDoom 1 hour ago

    Zero gravity worked for me

  • Robin van Baar 1 hour ago

    "The fuck is a pegi"