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  • Calvin May 6 mins ago

    How long does it take to ship ?

  • mrouse79565 6 mins ago

    I got account set up games cart just waiting on money now

  • mrouse79565 6 mins ago

    And do you have to create an account with lukie game's

  • skatingisrad 134 6 mins ago

    You seem like a cool person nice video 👍

  • Tyler Sparks 6 mins ago

    Hey bro it's tafty from xbox congrats on how many views this vid got!

  • Koopaswag 6 mins ago

    Thanks so much

  • Nintendo Freak 6 mins ago

    I'm thinking of buying a bunch of cheap ps3 games from them. Should I go for it?

  • alighe 6 mins ago

    I really liked this. Normally, I skip through videos if they begin to bore me, but you had useful information and I thoroughly enjoyed your video. Keep up the good work <3

  • Syrup Farms 6 mins ago

    Thanks boss. Smoke loud

  • T-Magic Productions 6 mins ago

    I ordered from the site, But i'm from canada, So would it take longer to get to my area?

  • Jose Anaya 6 mins ago

    I want to order bo2 for ps3 on lukie games but it says 4 to 7 days I don't believe that

  • Crown GMTC 6 mins ago

    Thanks I think I'm gonna order from there now

  • W Breidenthal 6 mins ago

    Nice Video. Really helped out.

  • Poelander04 6 mins ago

    you seem really camera shy but your review is really good. i feel for you and keep up the good videos. I bet you're a really cool guy to hang with