Halloween is approaching , that’s when I started to think about fighting games that I can possibly do for the special in a short time , but somewhere along the line …

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  • Kashimaro Clickclick 18 mins ago

    I want to remind you that purpose of the video wasn't to showcase as many fighting games as possible, but rather to group them into difficulties. Wish I had a little nintendo talk about certain bros/brawl games , due to them being unique and simple, yet increadibly deep, but I haven't smashed enough to truly know where to put it on a difficulty line

  • KingChickenwing 18 mins ago

    Could someone please tell me where would Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle fit into?

  • Rick Dugan 18 mins ago

    Listen we all know call of duty is the hardest fighting game

  • Jakub Mike 18 mins ago

    You want to know what is really hard?

  • Dovahchief 18 mins ago

    as someone who wants to master BBTAG since its a new game but have played very little Blazblue in the past how possible is it if someone knows better than me about it? I already have one main in mind but not 100% sure on the second

  • Twisted Integrity 18 mins ago

    Im stuck, ive been playing tekken since i was 3 or 4 (not sure bc my sister wasn't around so i think 3 bc she ewed born when i was 4, anyway…) and its not that hard for me at least. I have issues with blazblue bc so much happens on screen that i cannot understand. Ultimately, i think virtua fighter is the hardest bc i love 3d but the computer bops me everytime on medium lol n then the game has so many intricacies its mind blowing

  • TolokXV7 18 mins ago

    The king of fighters back in the day was harder thank MK or Tekken

  • Mike's L4IR 18 mins ago

    I can't play SF for shit. But I can play Tekken fairly well, is that weird?

  • Rev_fitness _14 18 mins ago

    OK…. I guess I can relax… I only play fighting games without mashing (actually learning the games) for 1 year and a half, and its been ttt2 and tekken 7… Im thinking about playing GG and SF but i guet overwhelmed by those games because they feel so wired and confusing, especially GG… but since i was able to learn tekken and be decent at it i guess i can be decent at those 2 too ^^

  • Malik Benbrahim 18 mins ago

    Cool vid man, went into a lot of detail. Possibly a bit too much detail in the intro lol.

  • Mitch Stegen, van der | LLN 18 mins ago

    I love Bakugan Defenders of the Core it's a 3D anime fighter with almost no community, not too much characters, nothing that is so OP that you cannot beat it, easy controls so overall (and this is the most important one) easy to pickup and play so that your friends who never played it or any other fighting game can still play with you and have fun. (And there was a story mode that is the main point of the game and kinda teaches you everything and lets you upgrade your characters)

  • Ahmed Jaber 18 mins ago

    Virtua Fighter is insane.

  • LT. John 18 mins ago

    "Hours of training" for Tekken… No. YEARS of training and I guarantee you'll be about average. And if you think I'm just saying that, try and then go to a basic offline tournament. You'll probably get stomped.

  • MegaSmilee1 18 mins ago


  • Games of Benefit 18 mins ago

    Tekken 7 is the easiest one of all of these! I grew up on street fighter but prefer Tekken because in my opinion charge characters are a flawed concept.

  • Thanes123 18 mins ago

    Street fighter experience: spin the joystick press all buttons new moves

  • YobaHere 18 mins ago

    15:14, that ending.

  • GoatNinjah 18 mins ago

    What about brawlhalla

  • Iseenotix 18 mins ago

    My first fighting game was VirtuaFighter 4 before going into MK, and more recently Injustice and the Older Soul Calibers. Definitely feel like the multi-directional movement fighting games are the hardest.

  • Joaco Gomez 18 mins ago

    JoJo All Star Battle

  • T'was an old username and I'll change it soon. 18 mins ago

    I would actually say that Tekken is around the Naruto-Storm games, a tad below normal. I'm serious, a scrub can fuck you up in that game.

  • Sk1ll3s 18 mins ago

    are you drunk?

  • Carolina Nelmida 18 mins ago

    Shaq Fu's the hardest

  • Reuel Tan 18 mins ago

    I guess i accepted my fate in figting games when kof 99 came out. Kof 97 and 98 still had a place for scrubs like me, but when i saw the combos and tactics of 99 … its when i realized i sucked and no amount of cheesing is gonna save me.

  • Steve Gomez 18 mins ago

    Nice naruto music in the back

  • yoyochan666 18 mins ago

    street fighter 4 tho. 1 frames links…

  • Beary Boy 18 mins ago

    It depends on what you play most. If 2D is your style 2D is easier.
    If 3D is your style 3D is easier

  • Demean Nemean 18 mins ago

    Rip MVC:I, Rising Thunder.

    I love Tekken 7, it's so amazing

  • Samuel Bowl 18 mins ago

    I suck absolute dick at street fighter and killer instinct where as I can actually play mk and tekken as for me they are very similar and based off of complicated combos doing lots of damage. Nsuns4 has a very low skill cap as once you understand the more complex manoeuvres theres not much else you can do.

  • Soul Nomzer 18 mins ago

    kof 13 and skullgirls are the 2 games I’ve spent endless hours on the combo tutorials

  • Black Mishima 18 mins ago

    I love tekken! interesting video! It took me months, hours upon hours to get good at tekken and learn how to just move and play the neutral game, and i feel really proud of myself that i didnt give up, there are tutorials out, if any of you in the chat are interested in tekken and just want to learn the mechanics of the game, Ive got a tutorial as to how the game works as are the different kinds of moves and how they work in tekken

  • blueplayer2 DX 18 mins ago

    How about Gundam Versus?

  • Ship Lord 18 mins ago

    Wouldn't Balls 3d for the snes be considered the hardest?

  • Asura The Destroyer 18 mins ago

    the most difficult fighting game is far Kaiser Knuckles (Global Championship in USA)

  • Graeme Williams 18 mins ago

    LOL you think XIII is hard in that sense? Try 2K2.

  • Justin Noble 18 mins ago

    I actually feel like tekken isn't that hard at least in the pick up and play sense. Yes mastering the game is truly difficult but I don't the execution to be easier or at least more forgiving than say injustice 2 where you have to press your buttons at just the right time to do a true combo. And as far as the community goes I'd say tekken for sure has the most open and helpful community you've got guys like aris that give tutorials of all different levels and actual professional players that livestream and answer questions daily. Overall I think if you're going to pick a fighting game to play online and put time into I'd pick tekken but if you want a solid single player experience injustice 2 is the best pick in those regards.