Top 10 Best Action Adventure Games of All Time. Who doesn’t love action and adventure? These games are symbolic, the best of all time. ○ Subscribe to TGN …

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  • Rheinmetall 2 hours ago

    Half of the games of this list are Action and not Action-Adventure games.

  • TaniX 1P 2 hours ago

    Have you heard the name prince of Persia sands of time? There is a nice game by the name

  • All Hindi ,gujrati 2 hours ago

    Dead pool

  • Jonathan BarSela 2 hours ago

    Yakuza is the best franchise in the genre IMHO. It's like GTA made in Japan.

  • Tutdude 123 2 hours ago

    Jak and Daxter : Precursor legacy??? It's the best classic ever made lol

  • Mark Of The Rebellion 2 hours ago

    Are these free?

  • NJ's Topic 2 hours ago

    top 10 computer games in my opinion

    1.gta 5
    2.sleeping dogs
    5.assassins creed
    6.spiderman 2
    7.gta San Andreas
    8.gta vice city
    9.alien shooter
    10.super mario

  • jaseela jamal 2 hours ago

    ac 2 is better than ac1

  • Genesis Vanessa 2 hours ago

    $i+ Download PC Games

  • Emil Pashov 2 hours ago

    where is Max Payne

  • Avdo Đonlagić 2 hours ago

    Wher the fuck is Dark Soules

  • Donald Trump 2 hours ago

    Where the fuck is tomb raider

  • arpita basu 2 hours ago

    i liked ur vdo but you speak to much

  • Afran Hashid 2 hours ago

    Zelda no 4 instead of 1??????????
    Are you guys stupid.

  • titooo 3010 2 hours ago

    No bayonetta??

  • Jaspal Singh 2 hours ago

    I love it for prince of persia forgetton sends

  • KaNeKi _YT 2 hours ago

    And where is Far Cry??

  • KaNeKi _YT 2 hours ago

    where is InFamous??

  • Sanket Uppalwar 2 hours ago

    Where is prototype and infamous…man those action are total badass…this list isn't complete without them

  • Never Quit 2 hours ago

    I think g5 would have gotten place instead if gta3

  • Hola Sheikh 2 hours ago

    1st should be tomb raider

  • nishan bastola 2 hours ago

    Walking dead

  • O.i.M : فلننطلق معًا 2 hours ago

    you added uncharted and not tomb raider ?,

  • techno teach 2 hours ago

    Spider man 2 game was online or offline

  • Ankit Jain 2 hours ago

    wth is wrong with you?/ assassin's creed is no 10?? it must be no 1 in adventure game. hate this video. and where the heck is lara croft tomb rider, one of the best adventure game of 2014,. u suck man..

  • abdul saboor 2 hours ago

    syndicate will beat them all……………………………:::

  • ahhhhhh 2 hours ago

    One of the shittiest lists so far …. uncharted as one the best action games…my ass it is more like an action movie(boring gameplay) it is absolute bullshit
    My list(not in a particular order)
    Contra series
    Devil may cry 3 and 1
    Ninja gaiden
    Bayonetta 1 and 2
    Demons crest
    Tomb raider
    Resident evil 4
    Legend of Zelda
    Super Metroid and Metroid fushion
    Castlevania symphony of the night
    Double dragon
    Golden axe
    Prince of Persia
    Hotline Miami
    Soul games
    Super Castlevania
    Galaga and many more

  • amir taghvian 2 hours ago

    I think assassins creed unity , battle field 1 and uncharted 2/4 are the best hames to ever exist

  • Dawood Shahid 2 hours ago

    Assisian creed and batman

  • SparklyDiamondz 2 hours ago


  • Matthew Lee 2 hours ago

    Under your definition, almost any game can be considered action-adventure. This list is pointless