So many horror games release every year for PC, PS4, Xbox One, etc, but only the best make the cut. Here are the ones we’re looking forward to the most.

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  • Blue Phoenix 1 hour ago


  • Project Abel 1 hour ago

    Hey guys! Over the past year I have been working on Project Abel – a 2D game inspired by classic survival horror titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

    Feedback is really appreciated, especially from fans of old school Resident Evil and Silent Hill!

    You can play the demo here:

    Please let me know what you think.

  • Luke Abshire 1 hour ago

    Man. I distinctly remember how excited i was for Silent Hill after playing P.T. That game had me properly hyped. Why did they have to stop development 🙁

  • Game Playerr 1 hour ago

    nice video i😍😍

  • killgaz motron 1 hour ago

    where are the games that DO antagonize mental illness sufferers?

  • Richard Reyes 1 hour ago

    Days gone looks like trash, but definitely saw some new games on this list that I'm really interested in for ps4, thanks man.

  • DestroyerFoundation 1 hour ago

    I can’t wait for scorn I’m actually depressed because I can’t play it right now

  • thy luke 1 hour ago

    There was another horror game shown ages ago it had these robots chase after you and you had to run in this like terminal and you where in space i have forgotten what is was called. What happened to it?

  • WhatisThisGuyUptoNow 1 hour ago

    Ad Infinitum reminds me of a World War 1 Horror movie called Deathwatch. It's a really interesting movie if you have never seen it.

  • tictonic Midini 1 hour ago

    i think the real scary game here is alison road. fingres crossed!!!

  • M3RK WITH A MOUTH 1 hour ago

    Win-DEE-go? I think you need to say it with more fluency?

  • neo_alpha 27 1 hour ago

    The thumbnail looks like some shit out of dead space

  • Danny Draws 1 hour ago

    i want agony for the psvr

  • DeenanTheKemon I 1 hour ago

    That spoiler actually burned me on the Until Dawn thing haha, Im like right at the beginning. Oh well, Gameranx does no wrong in my Book. Still a cool horror game, very unique! I would definitely get sequel if not for being overwhelmingly lower class.

  • Kat Stewart 1 hour ago

    You should have included outlast in the list but overall nice vid

  • Tech Hybrid 1 hour ago

    What the hell is that thing in the thumbnail???!!!!?😥😥😥

  • TheLonlyGrub 1 hour ago

    Agony comes out May 29th, 2018 not March 30th. Just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • duncan 1 hour ago

    they all seem so boring and uninspired. the only one i’m interested in is days gone, and maybe agony :T

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton 1 hour ago

    i dont get most horror games… i want to be scared.. but.. i dont know. aliens isolation for example.. it took me about six months to finish because i just got so damn frustrated with it.. i never once felt scared, just angry. i didnt like dying and having to do the whole damn thing again.. same shit, same day, lol. same fucking hour….. but everyone else loved that game so i dunno.

    ironically, games like 'gone home' etc sorta scared me, or at least they got that nostalgic feeling of fear back from when i was a kid to a slight degree, mostly that game was about nostalgia and such, and made me quite sad. damn good game, a walking simulator.. damn, if my teenage self could see me typing this, lol. he would be very confused.. a walking simulator? i seem to like alot of those these days, never thought id say it, but a good emotion driven story game beats a game with actual gameplay and firefights etc anyday.

    also, that game.. what was it? ah, thats right, layers of fear.. that was good, and of course amnesia, slender etc. bioshock, dead space, that one part of half life, doom 3… and others, they were all scary when i was younger.. in fact the scariest game to date was the original doom when i was about 8, and sin… that was cool.

    unfortunately, i just dont think there is a way to get those feelings of fear back when you hit my age… life just gets boring af… same goes for even the best of games…

    btw, if this seems like a weird comment, my excuse is that i half half a box of drinks in me….. its the weekend, life sucks, work sucks… my knees are injured so i cant skate or jog or bmx or ride my dirtbike.. so im depressed, im having some drinks… f the world i say… ok sorry world your not half bad actually…

    your ALL bad, lol

    ok , sorry sorry sorrry, i hope no poor soul actually ended up reading this crap.. i wish i never learned to touch type.. i just use the power of tough typing for evil anyway by typing all this bs..

    anyhow, goodnight all, im going to watch some more Legion, seems a good show, i just stumbled accross…. ok, now where did i put my drink? ah, i finished it, time to crack open a new one…

    too bad im out of woodstock rtd's or i could say: time to crack another woody! loll..


    … damn im lucky youtube.. or my profile… is anonymous….

    later boi

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton 1 hour ago

    ive seen too much in my time… ironically i dont mean irl… so the only games i could imagine ever scaring me are slender type games in decent vr.. the first time only… so thats 30 minutes tops, once in my life… i will save it up and experience it in a few years.. i dont get a second attempt at it. scary games are next to non existant. i hope im wrong though

  • Future Eye 1 hour ago

    ugh…these are almost all VR shit…terrible games…very bleak future for games

  • Eman On 1 hour ago


  • King Shicetee 1 hour ago

    Love the video and horror games!!! Something to look forward to

  • Solid Grim 1 hour ago

    Close To The Sun

  • ma noel 1 hour ago

    These zombie shooters are not survival horror games…It's like action games…

  • General Burnside 1 hour ago


  • LLuna 1 hour ago

    Did you just call wendigos wendeegos..


  • Yuniko Hami 1 hour ago

    What just because of the thump nail :v

  • Rafael Miranda 1 hour ago

    Allison road

  • Crip Kush 1 hour ago

    Agony looks amazing

  • Tactical Zombie 1 hour ago

    Fuck yes I’ve been waiting for a until dawnnprequel

  • Idiotic Tirades 1 hour ago

    Co-op always means less scary. Co-op mode is a mistake for survival horror titles.

  • Sandro Edilashvili 1 hour ago

    One more game that deserves spot on here is G.T.F.O. one of best demo's I've seen this year. Really ,,Aliens,, inspired coop dark themed survival horror with scary ass locations and amazing sci fi feeling to it. Definitely worth checking out

  • The Godless Beast 1 hour ago

    I'm hyped for Wight the most. Love the idea of finally getting to BE the monster!

    2nd would be Days Gone. Looks fun being in complete panic mode.

  • Chrollo Hunterx 1 hour ago

    Agony ends in the arrival of the Doom slayer :v

  • Russell Graham 1 hour ago

    Zombie is not horror

  • Nicholas Wee 1 hour ago

    What about metro exodus?

  • Randybailey Bailey 1 hour ago

    None of these looks good tho but the walking dead 💀

  • Amazink 101 1 hour ago

    I personnaly can’t wait for Ad Infinitum

  • Jack Valiton 1 hour ago

    i love how oakmont massachusetts actually isn’t a real town but it is a school haha

  • MegaDoom89 1 hour ago

    Number 7 sounds exactly like an old pc game that i played a long time ago. Except instead of demons it was mecha-dragons, gave you flares to trick the monster, and was free…unfortunately i can't remember what it was called.

  • Thomas Britton 1 hour ago


  • Magic Bagel 1 hour ago

    So fucking hyped for Scorn. Love the works of H. R. Giger and the original Prey as well, so I have my hopes high.