A countdown of 10 games available on the PC platform which have brought me many hours of enjoyment. This list is entirely my opinion but I hope you will …

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  • Naeloo Pardayan 2 hours ago

    Nearly every retarded,linear,casual 10 hours to beat shit is in this list…the video should be named the downfall of the old good stuff…try playing Tomb Raider 1,2,3,4,5 …(don't mind the graphics ,coz they are probably older than you)…and compare them to that, piece of shit you showed to us…

  • haseeb khan 2 hours ago

    have played almost all, but i love walking dead, great game

  • Janari 2 hours ago

    Splinter cell Blacklist was prob the best stealth game since chaos theory or any other stealth game i have ever played i completed the game in less than 24h i was so hooked to it, lol

  • Shaikh Wasim 2 hours ago

    plz send games link

  • Aris Games 2 hours ago

    fallout ftw

  • Mr_Croass 2 hours ago

    song at 7:09 ?? pls

  • StefannoTheConqueror 2 hours ago

    half life? and cod 5 , 7?

  • Rivai Arakawa 2 hours ago

    woop jk hahaha

  • Artem Matusev 2 hours ago

    cool vid

  • Saquib Abdullah 2 hours ago

    Just an awesome video . good one

  • Karmush 2 hours ago

    Are these games free?

  • Jason Faulk 2 hours ago

    what about mass effect series its an action shooter rpg with one of the most epic and addicting story lines ever … oh ya and every choice you make in the game effects what happens in the gameplay or how other npcs treat your character and your character and you choices throughout the game go over to the next game in the series if you've already played it and have it saved on your hard drive

  • Vaqas A 2 hours ago

    give download link

  • GDjesusOfsuburbia 2 hours ago

    max payne 1 and 2 are both way better games than max payne 3..

  • KidsPlanet 2 hours ago

    Oh, that was cool one!

  • KidsPlanet 2 hours ago

    Uh, that was cool one

  • dany godsent 2 hours ago

    bioshock will blow your mind !!

  • Sasha Reaper 2 hours ago

    stayed at a friends … saw the ending of bioshock infinite … cannot play bioshock now

  • תומר עטר 2 hours ago

    The walking dead survival instict?!

  • Esad Music 2 hours ago

    tomb raider should have been number 1

  • Wolfgang The Dopest 2 hours ago

    I liked this video just because of number 2…. that was fucking hilarious, for I just made a video on that game…

  • Tushar Dalal 2 hours ago

    #1 should be tomb raider with fantabulous graphics combat and story and ofcourse lara's ass

  • graphics lava 2 hours ago


  • Rap Krynicy 2 hours ago

    Wow. Everygame pay to play

  • Pedro Oliveira 2 hours ago

    song name? 0:01

  • 4:12 song?

  • Edward_ 89 2 hours ago

    The walking dead on of best!

  • Mis 2 Comc 2 hours ago

    Yess!! Yess!! for the first time some get's this list right

  • 123333 2 hours ago


  • Renato Judas 2 hours ago

    Loved the list, but the first half (9-6) were better + Arkham

  • Zedicide 2 hours ago

    Hello, I noticed you are interested in H1Z1. I just did a critique on it. Check it out if you are interested.

  • addmoremilk 2 hours ago


  • Stratos-tatic 2 hours ago

    She's gonna leave the f*cking cigarette! /(._.)/
    Subscribed! Nice video man! 😀

  • Mat Max 2 hours ago

    a top of a genre who is focus on gamplay that only shows cinematics…

  • loïc 2 hours ago

    Nr.2 got me 😀

  • Gaming Zone14 2 hours ago

    Wtf??? No fallout?

  • Felix Torres 2 hours ago

    Bioshock is overrated

  • Colin 2 hours ago

    y dont u have more subs?

  • GiannisPaok4 2 hours ago

    Infinate had one of the most mindblowing endings i've ever experienced in a videogame!!

  • Dakota Roseberry 2 hours ago

    Even though The Walking Dead SI was bad
    it was still a fun rent game or pirated game to play 

  • Kuromesnacks 2 hours ago

    Hail for Bioshock Infinite!!

  • Daniel Mendes 2 hours ago

    rly ?!