Here’s our Top 10 PS4 Games you can play right now. What games are in your Top 10, let us know in the comments below! Subscribe to GR+ here: …

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  • GamesRadar 17 mins ago

    What's your favorite game? Let us know in the comments below!

  • DG THE YT KING 17 mins ago

    Fallout 4 is good on pc not on console

  • Owl Studio 17 mins ago

    Alos watch this video:
    Best Games 2018 | So Far As May 2018

  • Biggii 17 mins ago

    ืno persona 5 and bloodborne in top 10 list
    rip this channel

  • Blinker dish of dsh 17 mins ago

    I'm here for a single player game that I will play for over 200 hours because I don't have PS plus

  • Ismael Ortiz 17 mins ago

    Man days gone taking too long to be released

  • Ismael Ortiz 17 mins ago

    Man that resident evil was made to steal my money.

  • WinMyo Naing 17 mins ago

    Idk if this right or wrong. But in the video it said gta iv would that meam 4 but she was talking about 5

  • Cristian Acosta 17 mins ago

    I'm looking for a Horror Game to play BTW never played that genre before and I'm done missing out any Suggestions???

  • dylan elmore 17 mins ago

    i like how it showed "Gta IV" and then they talked about gta v

  • wassup395 17 mins ago

    I can barely fookin understand her.

  • Jacob Regala 17 mins ago

    I still remember that in my phone in fallout shelter I named my fallout 111 and then when I got fallout 4 I was like IS THIS MY SHELTER???

  • Fabu lous 17 mins ago

    game is life

  • david lehan 17 mins ago

    Last of us .metro sniper elite

  • Kaleb Dunkerly 17 mins ago

    You dumb as hell fortnite is number 1 dumb ass

  • devinreed21 17 mins ago

    My top 10:
    1- The Witcher 3
    2- The Last of Us
    3- Persona 5
    4- God Of War
    5- Horizon: Zero Dawn
    6- Tomb Raider
    7- X-Com 2
    8- Uncharted 4
    9- For Honor
    10- Assassin’s Creed Origins

  • Kurt Stanley 17 mins ago

    God of War is the best game ever on PS4

  • johnny williams 17 mins ago

    You kno i congratulate yall for this top ten… No bloodborn no darksouls no persona 5 …. I really dont know how any of them games are in any top anything let alone good… Never will play them

  • ModeratelyTrumpet 17 mins ago

    Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah and nah

  • Stef Henneman 17 mins ago

    Zero heriozon sucks iTS stolen from farcry prymel