The best high-octane racers and driving simulators on the Microsoft Store. It’s racing like no other with these top-rated Xbox One racing video games. Buy these …

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  • L Turner 3 months ago

    I'm honestly not a fan of Forza Horizon 3.
    Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful and I completely get why someone else might like it but for me there's just no challenge. I played for ten minutes and had like twenty cars just gifted to me!!

  • gloss dude 3 months ago

    Honestly forza motorsport 6 us better than 7

  • The Legend Boi 3 months ago

    I knew it was forza horizon 3, why did you put need for speed rivals when there are the need for speed 2015-2016, and need for speed payback

  • blue laze gaming 3 months ago

    Im sad i didn't see the crew

  • Tyler Dellaria 3 months ago

    this guy sounds like the Spanish kid that dies in Dying Light

  • 金城ソラ 3 months ago

    what does spiderman have anything to do with xbox? their was an ad about it ._.

  • Rivals was practically my favourite

  • Driftzz 3 months ago

    Horrible list im looking for like street racing games not like need for speed physics tho

  • Laurie Sloan 3 months ago

    Want to Have Hacks For Your Games? Then simply Vist Google For "Crustygames4u". There You Will Find Many Cheats For Games.

  • CarCat 3 months ago

    Project Cars 2: 9th

    Cars 3: 6th

    what world did I just wake up in

  • Peak Racer 3 months ago

    How the fuck is Cars 3 better than Project Cars 2???

  • Doge 1233 3 months ago

    I got a ps4 ad when a men was singing

  • Cort Koester 3 months ago

    I bought need for speed rivals and loved it,but after my first day playing,the game wouldn’t load.DONT BUY IT

  • TheLegoVloggerGuy 1 3 months ago

    Forza Horizon 3 now in 4K on xb1

  • Mac Blox 3 months ago


  • Douglas Russell 3 months ago

    Id love an indepth game where your upgrades are factual parts like 2.2l twin turbo or 3.5l v6 or 5.0l intake manifolds et etc etc with after market performance parts in which each part changes the characteristics of that vehicle performances of that specific vehicle.

  • Cringy Toaster 3 months ago

    I got to PS4 ads in this video lmao

  • Bodilycarpet 965 3 months ago

    what about Forza 7

  • JOHN SHAW 3 months ago

    If they put forza motorsport 2 backwards compatible with X box 1, how many woyld ditch the games yo put before FH3?.

  • JonesBrothersProductions 3 months ago

    Does anyone else agree that NFS Payback is a much better game than Rivals? If you don't agree, let me remind you that NFS Payback has extreme visual customization, a bigger car list, a much better PC Port (Rivals had a locked 30FPS on PC), do I need to go on?

  • Younes Tenn 3 months ago

    I love this games

  • Hamza Shahzad 3 months ago

    I really Like Forza Horizon 2 When I had Xbox360… I really Missed my Games

  • DEAD SKULL 3 months ago

    RACING 🏁

  • Ash :D 3 months ago

    Where is Mrc 7

  • A shish Tigga 3 months ago

    Xbox One best for Racing …… games

  • budapesteBR2012 3 months ago

    Dirt rally? Forza horizon3 is not better than forza6. And there is no one WRC.

  • Helvetica R2 3 months ago

    Where is dirt rally?

  • Dinesh 3 months ago

    Pin this comment if u love your SUBSCRIBERS

  • Ejecto Seato 3 months ago


  • Ray Bacz 3 months ago

    2ndstrd NOTIF SQUAD!!

  • Gulbaba 96 3 months ago

    Woow man good games i like 👍

  • Fastest Leech 3 months ago

    Whatoplay can you please 💓 this comment

  • brian romero 3 months ago