Our ranking of the PC’s best role-playing games. These are the top RPG titles of all time. Buy these games here and help support this channel via the Amazon …

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  • This is very random.

  • Rezza203 37 mins ago

    No dragon dogma really? really….

  • Kira TF2 37 mins ago

    I think people need to rewrite the definition of rpg or learn what rpgs are

  • RPGtime 37 mins ago


  • StarSeth 37 mins ago

    dragon age origins is ma fam

  • Jarrod Stewart 37 mins ago

    Why does this page always have the worst lists . Undertale over fallout 😂 what ??

  • explosivo1980 37 mins ago

    Binding of Issac has no place in an rpg list!! Very strange list!

  • SawManga 37 mins ago

    I wonder if i true RPG open world player…
    1. Skyrim
    2: Borderlands 2
    3. Fallout New: Vegas
    4. Oblivion
    5. Fallout 4
    6. Borderlands 1
    7. Fallout 3
    8. Shadow of Mordor
    9. Saint row 4
    10. … pretty many to choose from. maybe Kingdom of Amular.
    and well… Scored high (not really open world) Dragon Age, Bioshock 1'2' infinity, Dishonored, etc.
    And RPG from my opinion… not scored even in top 20: Witcher 3(290 hours), Grim Dawn(145 hours), Mass effect 2 (20 hours), Shadow of war (40 hours), Divinity (140 hours)…
    Grim dawn was actually best from these until you wanted to grind on HC mode to ultimate difficult… and it was literally boring AF.
    *Witcher 3*… I do not get it. it was REALLY BAD GAME…well not that bad… but still as game pretty damn BAD. video quality is top notch. Story is kinda high quality… everything else… not really that much of game. game play and character development 3/10.
    Mass effect 2… well was bored after few missions… felt kinda normal shooter game. unlike borderlands.
    *Divinity*… just… well i guess it was better than grim dawn. …kinda.
    Shadow of war < Shadow of Mordor… Prequel just SO MUCH better. where it did go WRONG…

  • Freezeblast 37 mins ago

    this list should be called action games with RPG elements

  • Manolo Dessì 37 mins ago

    Really?!?! FFX 25th?!?! Dark Soul 19th???!! Tell me when you have finished to saying idiots things! Horrendous list…Dislike

  • ursine82 37 mins ago

    What the hell is this? Borderlands 2 as an RPG.

  • Dutch Dude 37 mins ago

    Morrowind? DA:Origins should be in the top 3. Planescape Torment? And Human Revolution should be swapped for original Deus Ex. Oblivion should be in here too. KOTOR. Nuff said.

  • Tacozilla1 37 mins ago

    "Who doesn't like Mount and Blade: Warband?" me…

  • AniMatrixxD 37 mins ago

    My favourite RPG Games are Skyrim and Dragons Dogma <3

  • Raganark K 37 mins ago

    Loved FFX but X2 was cringe worthy

  • DarkDarren 37 mins ago

    I wonder when The Witcher 3 is going to be toped, maybe Cyberpunk? idk

  • Marco Ignacio 37 mins ago

    most of this list is A-RPG

  • Jon Idoncair 37 mins ago

    i love this channel but the comment section always gets on my nerves they're complaining how one game is higher than another when its all based off a gathered scores and ranking as a whole by players themselves. its literally statistics at the time this video was done. it isn't the personal opinion if anybody that is of this channel, is all facts.

  • Good Fella 37 mins ago

    wow #4 what??

  • BigDog 37 mins ago

    90% of this games are shit

  • Opal Warner 37 mins ago

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  • Charmaine Lanz 37 mins ago


  • JackPlayz 37 mins ago

    What the fuck is rpg xD

  • JP 2017 37 mins ago

    The Witcher 3 ….. A MASTER PIECE ! ! !

  • Danielle Nolasco 37 mins ago

    Vai tô n9

  • TheMpamMpam 37 mins ago

    The best rpg is actually missing completely… Gothic 2

  • GG Maria 37 mins ago

    where is CABAL ?

  • yefco 37 mins ago


  • RICHIEV333 37 mins ago

    This list shows that critic scores are alright as a tiebreaker when on the fence whether to buy a game or not… but horrible for determining how great a game actually is… Yes, it can get some right, like The Witcher, but then some of the best RPG games are not even on the list while others that would never make a top 25 are.

  • essadis 37 mins ago

    I'm glad it's not a long drawn out video. Just enough for me to possibly discover a gem

  • Sincerely Meant 37 mins ago

    Witcher 3 couldn't capture my attention. Not sure why.

  • Know Never 37 mins ago

    w3 at number 4, daorigins at 20. dislike triggered

  • Cesar Burgos 37 mins ago

    Wack just wack so many other great games out there and everyone thinks this games were good .sad this is why great games that are underrated not known dies because people. like the average games instead of great games.whu you guys do that I give up no hope for this generation at least I got to enjoy the best games ever like legend of legaia xenogears Valkyrie Profile Parasite Eve and much more man how I miss all those great games

  • Duarte Silva 37 mins ago

    Starbound came before Stardew and it's not the same developer, just the same publisher. Get your information correct.

  • Buttmasterassgrinder 2.0 37 mins ago

    Naah everybody know that fallout 2 is like god of rpg games and where is morrowind?

  • HydroDragonN 37 mins ago

    Where is Fallout: New Vegas? I love that game, and it’s a fantastic rpg!

  • PiemanMMMM 37 mins ago

    Mass effect 2 isn't an rpg, it's a shooter with rpg elements.

  • Jeff Chandler 37 mins ago

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  • Atomtic 37 mins ago

    are u joking witchhunt the best? what a joke its unplayable too hard combat system and when u actually do well in it its not even rewarding.

  • RobertsDigital 37 mins ago

    The Witcher or Skyrim…..these two should be Number 1s

  • war864 37 mins ago

    Holy shit! What an awful list. God.