WipeOut Omega Collection Review- I get sent games every damn day, and if you had asked me 2 days ago if I would be doing a review on WipeOut Omega …

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  • Skill Up 11 hours ago

    To win a copy of the game, drop the video a like and leave a comment below letting me know what you like most about the WipeOut series. I'll pick a winner after I get back from E3 🙂

    Thanks for watching everyone.

  • Raul Izquierdo 11 hours ago

    always played wipeout before hitting the club space in miami back in the days it was our late 20s fix before the night.

  • Equalitas 11 hours ago

    Check out redout instead. Wipeout is to slow

  • Loumy Volmar 11 hours ago

    This game looks so good! If only nintendo would release a remaster of its F zero series

  • William ckemons 11 hours ago


  • Tossphate 11 hours ago

    You've played it in vr now right? THAT is wipeouts final form

  • Arctic Wolf Official 11 hours ago

    4:25 Please explain to me why there is a “Fart” stat.

  • AtomBreaker Official 11 hours ago

    I thought WipeOut HD and WipeOut Fury were remasters of WipeOut Pulse on the PS2..

  • Francisco Garay 11 hours ago

    I never liked Wipeout, Fzero was better executed, but with that said. I love my PSVR and this game is stellar.

  • Enigma777 11 hours ago

    Annnnnnnd bought! Good review.

  • Arie Fales 11 hours ago

    8:28 I'm sorry I couldn't quite catch the name of that video game could you leave a comment so that I can look it up it looks really sweet. Thank you so much for your time

  • Jimmy Coffin 11 hours ago

    Wipeout is art. Other racing games are shit

  • Jake Borrelli 11 hours ago

    When does this game get exciting? am i playing the right mode? I felt it was the most vanilla bland beginning to end racing game ive ever played

  • kevinfishburne 11 hours ago

    Actually motorbike turn/lean controls like Super Hang On in the arcade would be crazy using cockpit cam. With VR…for the puking for max effect.

  • kevinfishburne 11 hours ago

    Awesome. Need cockpit cam and/or wheel or flightstick for precision control. F-Zero X is old but similarly good.

  • BONGZILLA ZOCKOTRON 11 hours ago

    Best vr game
    Never playin the flat version again
    A must buy

  • Grim1952 11 hours ago

    These games always blew my mind. They've been the first game i've had to all my playstation consoles except the PS4. When i booted WipeOut Pure on my PSP it blew my mind and i can't wait to play this in VR and have my mind obliterated

  • Manuel Leyva 11 hours ago

    The game that keeps on giving. Now on ps vr

  • New Boss Media 11 hours ago

    What your saying here makes Sony's decision to release PSVR update for free even more understandable. It's part of core Wipeout ideology – immersion, feeling of speed, and pushing technology forward.

  • chitlun 11 hours ago

    I was totally addicted to 2097 twenty years ago and not owned a PS since my PS2 (still have it). Been on xbox since the 360 as that's where all my friends are. Time to buy a PS4 methinks! Thanks SkillUp for very easily twisting my arm up my back 🙂

  • Emanuel Batalha 11 hours ago

    This is a review! Period.

  • Scrubs R/C 11 hours ago

    i sat down with this 2 nights ago seriously worried that it wouldnt be a patch on the original. holy hell does it live up to it!!

  • Shawn Wax 11 hours ago

    This game is the best vr game.on the market

  • ollierz 11 hours ago

    Great review. . Might want to update it now it's out on psvr! !

  • Mike Raggett 11 hours ago

    Would be good to hear your views on the updated VR version. That is if you have PSVR…

  • fcukugimmeausername 11 hours ago

    Whilst this game is nice, and not too hard once you get used to it, it is actually broken. There's a few fundamental flaws with this title:

    1. There are tracks that A.I and player cannot navigate. The A.I constantly respawn as they cannot make the jump (for example).
    2. You can go from 2nd to 6th within an instant. That bad design, when the player isn't given a chance to defend against the attack.
    3. The A.I ships do not suffer the same speed impact that the player suffers when hit by a rocket/missile.

  • Gorilla Jones 11 hours ago

    You should play it in VR, your pants would explode.

  • neonpop80 11 hours ago

    Wait.. have you tried the VR patch??

  • solarneddy 11 hours ago

    Two months later, I traded my retail version of Wipeout Omega Collection as I wasn’t patient enough to wait for the PSVR patch. Mistake. I’ve re bought it and am shocked at the incredible job the devs have done patching the full game for vr and then providing it free to anyone who has the game. Stunning game and a PSVR system seller

  • Viewer 11 hours ago

    Now Wipeout VR! Unless I am in that ship, the realization continues, and that is great news for gamers. We are shooting towards infinite!

  • Nightowl358 11 hours ago

    Just finally picked this up for 20 bucks. It's glorious. Hadn't played a Wipeout game since Wipeout XL which I was addicted to. Addicted all over again.

  • Loumy Volmar 11 hours ago

    I just want f zero gx hd on Switch

  • padams24 11 hours ago

    They F%!# up the music otherwise it’s a very cool follow up to the past Wipeouts, try using some quality techno from Detroit and Germany not mainstream EDM and fake DNB

  • Freerk Bethlehem 11 hours ago

    How much does it differ from the PS3 game? talking about Wipeout HD Fury.

  • Luís Ramos 11 hours ago

    I was hoping for a review. I just watched a short documentary about consoles and wipeout.

  • natedawg 11 hours ago

    it looks too good

  • Went into the video not knowing wether or not to buy it. Bought it in the last 10 seconds of the video…lets see how good it is

  • The Original Mr E 11 hours ago

    3:38 is one of those moments that makes you jizz in your pants. <3

  • David C. 11 hours ago

    I just bought this game a few hours ago can’t wait to play it with my bose qc35s on!

  • Honeyball Lecter 11 hours ago

    4:24 : Fart. Lol

    Great review, great game!

  • Kyle Mac 11 hours ago

    British people love Wipeout.

  • shaun03a 11 hours ago

    does it get 60fps on the original ps4?

  • Gustavo Santiago 11 hours ago

    Just passing by your review after a futuristic racing games marathon, and I'm very grateful that someone else feels the same enthusiasm about playing this game. Wipeout Omega was the reason I bought a PS4 last year, and I was so excited for it that I got the digital version at release (in my country it was not released in physical format, which I tend to prefer). Even though I wasn't even born when the first game came out, I surely could feel the same hype and experience as I played the first track with a Chemical Brothers song blasting in the background.

  • Bor Mik 11 hours ago

    My favorite ps4 game haha