The 19 BEST New Upcoming HORROR GAMES of 2017 PS4, Xbox One, PC Ad Infinitum TBA 2017 (PC) Conarium June 2017 (PC/PS4/XOne) Hunt Showdown …

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  • BU𐍂AGØ 27 mins ago

    Most of these didn't come out, or infact all

  • Miss Nuker 27 mins ago

    hi, pls tell me good scary horror game that have been released

  • Zomagedon 27 mins ago

    Which games have a physical disc copy?

  • Linzi 27 mins ago

    Is that reel

  • Zunaid Hassan 27 mins ago

    God! 18:55 killed me!

  • Steve Maldonado 27 mins ago

    I'm guessing these games are still In production because I can't find any

  • That hand at 00:26 reminded me of Laura, I think, from the evil within

  • Ragecurse the Kitsune You've been warned 27 mins ago

    Couldn't help but nltice that the monsters in "The Persistence" is reaching all the way back in New York to hit the player. (Figure of speech)

  • Elijah Thomas 27 mins ago

    I see scorn more as an art project than a game

  • Dragonstorm 1000 27 mins ago

    Most of the games that say 2017 still haven’t came out and it’s 2018. What the heck.

  • علقو

  • هذا الزء الثاني

  • هذا التصميم انا صاممتا

  • TheFear 27 mins ago

    protip: All these games suck ass

  • 88Tarik06 27 mins ago

    17:01 im waiting sooooooooo long for this game allison road and i dont believe they will release it, sometimes im thinking they canceled it…..

  • BroSisOK 27 mins ago

    My god I don't really dare watching visage.. It gives me the feeling like PT silent hill

  • Snake Eyes 27 mins ago

    1st person sucks, because of 1st person crap all horror game lost the element of suprise because we are always prepaired… Too bad horor games became so crap just for noobs and kids…

  • Malice Maus 27 mins ago

    The music for Today is m birthday is sweet. Sounds like some Suicide Commando.

  • Bibi D. Nasta 27 mins ago

    Visage is really terrifiyng.

  • DOGE COINS 27 mins ago

    This isn’t even scary

  • Dalton Petticord 27 mins ago

    2017 over. Where these games at

  • ravenie messias 27 mins ago

    Visage and Allison road… like … Jesus Christ

  • nica torres 27 mins ago

    Hi! Can someone please kindly comment here if you know any great youtubers who played one of thse games. I'd just want to watch their playthroughs. Thanks!

  • ChakoobyTV 27 mins ago

    Remothered actually looks decent. Reminds me heavily of Clock Tower, hopefully I can find it on steam or something. The Persistence kinda just looks like a cheap knockoff of Dead Space, but also seems a little noteworthy. I'm just here to find a rebound from my love of Silent Hill, as the franchise has officially died.

  • Empathy Tobacco 27 mins ago

    Welcome to hanwell sucks ballz

  • Triforceninja13 27 mins ago

    Is the first game Battlefield 1

  • RN Benja TV 27 mins ago

    Lunacy looks good

  • Abdullah Imran 27 mins ago


  • prototypepc12 27 mins ago

    I want LUNACY ,does anybody know when it comes up?

  • ArcaneNoodles 27 mins ago

    Too many first person games! 🙁

  • kayaplayzRB 27 mins ago

    Where’s bendy and the ink machine

  • Steve Brindley 27 mins ago

    00:01 – Outlast: WWI
    01:23 – Bioshock: After Dark
    02:37 – Supernatural: Texas
    03:08 – Jodie Foster: The Game
    04:07 – The Adventures of Harry Mason's Radio
    05:20 – F.E.A.R: The Lost Tapes
    05:47 – Dead Space: VR
    07:03 – State of Decay: Online
    08:01 – Haunted House Simulator 2018
    09:39 – "You've played – 6 minutes"
    11:06 – A Completely Original Haunting – Dir Oren Peli
    12:50 – Dishonored: Corvo's Eternal Thirst
    14:01 – A Completely Original Haunting 2: Tropes Dir by Oren Peli / Co-Dir Sam Raimi
    15:22 – Outlast: The Circus
    17:01 – A Completely Original Haunting 3: Similarities Dir Oren Peli / Co-Dir Sam Raimi
    19:03 – Every 90's Slasher Movie: The Game
    21:19 – Hell Simulator 2018
    22:41 – Medieval Monster Simulator 2018
    23:37 – Found Footage Horror Movie Tropes : The Game
    25:21 – ..Gross

  • TheWhiteNoiseVoice 27 mins ago

    All games just look like Dark Souls…Mynamejeff

  • Kurt Cocaine 27 mins ago

    Woah, Visage looks fucking terrifying!

  • I just need one of these to be as good as Alien Isolation.

  • Reticensia 27 mins ago

    Judging by most of these entries, gaming has taken several steps back across the board.

  • Fernando Cipriani 27 mins ago

    Im tired of first person videogames

  • Moreno Papi 27 mins ago

    Why are horror games more scarier than actual horror movies?

  • oOMaxOo 27 mins ago

    fuck you Lunacy not on Steam 2017 2030

  • Riza hariati 27 mins ago

    This is why The Evil Within and The last of Us rocks, they don't give in to the need to sell PSVR. 1st person game sucks compared to 3rd person. They could at least give people the option to choose between 1st or 3rd person. But nooo.. they insisted that everyone should loooove 1st person games. I want to play the character, I don't want to BE the character. If RE 7 was a 3rd person game, it would've been perfect. Tho not as perfect as the last of us, mind you.

  • Crixus The Gaul 27 mins ago

    Yeap too bad Agony is now pushed back to March of 2018… so this video is now a lie. Same with Scorn. SORRY GOTTA CHANGE THE TITLE!

    Sorry I am just very frustrated with the waiting on these two games… Agony was supposed to have been out… it gets on my nerves.

    saying in 2017 and later is like saying " the future is coming"

  • Mr.360 27 mins ago

    these are indie games, right?

  • Aiden Macleod 27 mins ago

    every one of these multiplayer games where one player is a slasher and the other players are survivors have failed miserably. How about a single player game where you play as a famous movie monster of your choice, like Freddy, or Jason, or Creature From The Black Lagoon, or even The Blob? Now THAT would be awesome!

  • John Bacon 27 mins ago

    Welcome to hanwell is lit!!!!!

  • Gaming And Living Style 27 mins ago

    where is the evil within 2? LOL???!!!

  • sao ong 27 mins ago

    Visage looks fucking great