The best racing game Codemasters has produced in at least a decade takes rallying back to its roots. ———————————- Follow IGN for more!

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  • James_Blonde 1 day ago

    3/10 too much dirt

  • CVG Gamer 1 day ago

    Look graphics be like real life , not so bad, best game i was seeing

  • Cristhian Troncoso 1 day ago

    Wishing I could unplay Dirt Rally again to unlearn the driving techniques required to rally in this game. The best part of this game was slowly improving your stage times and crashing less and less frequent as you finally get your grips with the handling. I’m fairly good at this game now but I remember when I hated it and it frustrated me… ahhh… good times.

  • Von Schwetz K 1 day ago

    Best rally game SO FAR. So much better than dirty 4 in terms of driving and how the car moves and handles.

  • MrCactus 1 day ago

    Which is better? Ford focus rs 2001 ir Ford focus rs 2007? Ands is it worth it saving up for any of the 2010s class cars?

  • laythyma yt 1 day ago

    I mean split screen?

  • laythyma yt 1 day ago

    Can multi-pal people play on the same console?

  • Zalan Basternak 1 day ago

    I Give this game a 1.0


  • b0rn2fly 1 day ago

    Does it have vibrate if you use a controller?

  • xtraWikipedia 1 day ago

    LOL? elegant career progression in Grid Autosport
    well that's an adjective to utilize

  • Jeffrey Samuels 1 day ago

    "From the narrow roads of Finland to the icey roads of Sweden". Well that's not very far is it.

  • TheQualityGamerHD 1 day ago

    Should I Buy DiRT Rally?

  • TheQualityGamerHD 1 day ago

    Should I buy DiRT Rally?

  • Smurfs_zone 149278 1 day ago

    Great I purchased this online and will be playing it Tommorrow with my Xbox one x…with my Elite controller 😎🤓

  • Yo Cecil 1 day ago

    It takes way too long to earn money to buy a EsCos for example. The long slog in a Mk2 Escort which is so hard to drive fast its a chore & takes the fun away very soon. I am literally a driving god in Project Cars 2, with Dirt Rally?.. no wonder i have a few months gap inbetween going back to it. Sort it out Dev!

  • Acelegitnes111 1 day ago


  • Need for Adrenaline 1 day ago

    Now u can see the dirt in reel life in my channel

  • TheJociman 1 day ago

    frame rate locked to 60? deal breaker

  • freekuki 1 day ago

    still the best rally game around

  • MuroPecca 1 day ago

    How's the difficulty compared to Dirt 3? (I've played on advanced except for opponent difficulty which is 6) Should I get this or Dirt 4? And how lively is multiplayer on each

  • Ryan Fanstone 1 day ago

    Bullshit. Dirt 3, dirt 4 and the amazing dirt 2 are still better.

    Dirt should always be arcade based.

    I say this as a dirt rally fan. I just prefer arcade racing.

  • Hamizan Harith 1 day ago

    $32 bucks on the PS Store. Worth it?

  • bigfirm001 1 day ago

    I want a dirt racing game that doesn't involve STUPID rally.

  • Sylver 1 day ago

    Your name sounds like the world "rally" in an Australian accent. Was this done on purpose?

  • Vasto Lorde 1 day ago

    3/10 IGN
    Too realistic, not for casuals.

  • heckin dogger 1 day ago


  • Osmar Magalhaes 1 day ago

    I like this game.