Today I can finally present you one of the many bigger projects that I have been planning for a while already, a comparison of the Drag modes in all of my racing …

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  • Paragleiber (Gleiber) 1 day ago

    UPDATE! The Drift version of this video is live now! Here you can find it:

  • Acapp. Ed 1 day ago

    I just dont get it who the fuck create the drag racing mode in NFS MW . I mean look at it, the tracks barely had straights .

  • Stefan Supra 1 day ago

    Feel them feels ?

  • NightWalkerInLight 1 day ago

    I can already hear RIDERS ON THE STORM

  • Gabriel Suàrez 1 day ago

    260km/h en 1°? Jajajaaajaja quién se droga tanto para hacer estos juegos?

  • Vitor Souza 1 day ago

    Alguem pode me falar onde baixo o jogo gosto muito dele muito top mais nao achei ninguem no youtube mostrando como e onde baixer e instalar se tiver alguem ai que conheca o site ou que saiba como baixar da uma ajuda ai por favor se quiser deixar o link tbm agradeco

  • Joseph Taree 1 day ago

    in pro street my rt charger ran a 7:00 flat

  • Yoshimitsu 1 day ago

    Wow, all this time, I never knew you could upgrade your car to a 6 speed in Underground 2, I don't know how to unlock the upgrade though.

  • Łìł_ŠťåÝņĒ 1 day ago

    Miss old need for speed…fock news need for speed -_-" focking driving mod in news nfs

  • Mod Youtube ID 1 day ago

    Im still miss my old game NFS underground 1 and 2 in my country 🙁

  • [Yuri] Stale Meme 1 day ago

    3:58 isn't drags suppose to be in a straight line MW?

  • [Yuri] Stale Meme 1 day ago

    Just remembered in both of the underground games it was so easy to rice any car.

    Also only used 240SX for underground 2.
    Lovely lil' car.

  • DatBoyFromNowhere 3765 1 day ago


  • Lada Founě 1 day ago

    Lol that train

  • Patrick Haines 1 day ago

    I thought that was the zelda symbol on the back of the skyline

  • [PROJECT.D] Tofu Runner 1 day ago

    1:41 and everyone FUCKEN dies

  • Scorpion x 1 day ago

    Can you subscribe red dab I will subscribe you Now

  • NirvanA1Channel 1 day ago

    Salute and showing respect to the best racing game in game history NFSMW(2005) No racing game can beat this game

  • Hyval Keren 1 day ago

    Pc grapich? Verry good

  • Uk Nisar 1 day ago

    like a boss

  • Mike Oxlong 1 day ago

    They really need to remaster underground 2 bro

  • Drecre Vlad 1 day ago


  • Christian Barrett 1 day ago

    That train accident was cinematic. 😂

  • donzorgo 1 day ago

    all of them shitty games

  • Yunus Gaming 1 day ago

    Riders on the storm

  • X-Feña00-X 1 day ago

    Underground 2 😍

  • ريان العنزي 1 day ago

    1:53 😂😂😂

  • Joel Michael Croes 1 day ago

    I was gonna say you suck at drag but then I saw that jump( carrera) damnnn

  • Vadim Bozhko 1 day ago

    Street Legal Racing Redline the best!!!
    And Pro Street really not bad

  • Jesse Plays 1 day ago

    1.Need For Speed Pro Street
    2.Need For Speed Underground
    3.Need For Speed Underground 2

  • FerSave 1 day ago

    7:51 400 km/h on a second shift? pffft yeah sure!… also anyone else apart from me feels like straight line drags killed the lore?

    PD: Physics on Most wanted wtf!?

  • Luixsinho s2 1 day ago

    3:23 R.I.P

  • Elise Pauwels 1 day ago

    Spring less digital afraid United like spouse joke AIDS high house assert.

  • Naveen Rajwaniya 1 day ago

    All time favourite the underground

  • Ps Linem 1 day ago

    Ooooh. Sooooo fast

  • PissAllOverMyAnusWhileMaintainingProperHomeostasis 1 day ago

    games for black people

  • Aqiyl Haque 1 day ago

    Redlining the car too much without the engine blowing up (last race at the end of the video)? Interesting

  • Tom Peachey 1 day ago

    it is need for speed 2015 not 2016

  • Ace Of Spades 1 day ago

    0:19 the rice on that supra violates me

  • Mutlucan Şıhman 1 day ago

    After carbon it became shit.

  • ChromedRaZoR 1 day ago

    1:41 yo im over here cry laughing my ass off! That was so random 😂😂

  • Franco Gonzalo Oliva 1 day ago

    NFS U and U2 are the BEST!
    Change my mind!

  • Comet Pjfa 1 day ago

    I almost clicked "continue" lol

  • 1300zw 1 day ago

    Pro Street had the BEST drag mode, Idc what anyone says

  • Rockport MostWanted 1 day ago

    why does nfsug1 look better than 2?

  • Игорь Кратоссов 1 day ago

    That comments about realizam in those games… So fckin retarded

  • H&AHoney M FH3 1 day ago


  • HardstyleBeats_Mixr 1 day ago

    1:41 you got to love those times when cars got crushed by a train and after the race they were just parked there when see the results. Nobody was bitching about it, nowadays the smallest details are enough for whiners to bitch about a game, especially when they are a fanboy of another racing game. Miss those times.

  • Jithu Jebu 1 day ago

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