8 Racing games that time and most gamers have forgotten (Part 2). Please use the links below to get deals & help support Metal Jesus Rocks! Buy these games …

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  • ilikecakeandbiscuits 3 months ago

    My vote’s for Fatal Racing on PC, amaaazing game!!

  • thomps333 3 months ago

    Downhill Domination is way fun. You have to have quick reflexes and be alert every second of the race (they seem like they go on forever but are only around 4-6 minutes). The only part I hate is the bike upgrade system. To me I can't tell as much if new upgraded parts will have an effect on my current bike (apart from the really expensive parts). It's kind of annoying. The rest of the game is amazing though.

  • Roger Glover 3 months ago

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  • Wyzax76 3 months ago

    Please please please do Revs/Revs+ for the C64 and BBC Micro. Best 8-bit simulator IMO. Cheers MJR.

  • Chris Roseberry 3 months ago

    Street Rod 1 and 2 on PC

  • Rathori Khass 3 months ago

    I'm a bit late to the party, but – DETHKARZ! A late 90s PC-exclusive futuristic combat racer. It's got a great set of powerups, cool cars and tracks, and my favourite explosion effects in games, ever (I'm talking about car explosions). It's also dirt cheap, you can still get a sealed copy for like 30 bucks on ebay.

  • lowserver2 3 months ago

    Slipstream 5000, Pod and Revolt were pretty fun forgotten racing games

  • wislingsailsmen 3 months ago

    just discovered rock n roll racing and love it

  • grey 7 3 months ago

    POD, MegaRace 2, Ballistics

  • Jetdog_1 3 months ago

    I swear, my YouTube Holy Grail would be for MetalJesus to talk about Full Auto. Great combat racing game for the 360 that doesn't get talked about.

  • Stuart Sumner 3 months ago

    I would love to see a review on Grand Prix Legends

  • dario HC 3 months ago

    R & R racing is the best racing game ever!

  • dario HC 3 months ago


  • Gordon Shumway 3 months ago

    Late to the party, but Apex on Xbox classic

  • Motorhead was a gem on the PC, supporting 3DFX running really fast and really smooth.
    And i played powerslide and have completely forgotten about it. o.o wow

  • Edney Helenedossantos 3 months ago

    Dear metal boy, wich psx racing game does have the best graphics?

  • Tyrant 3 months ago

    Network Q RAC Rally is a true forgotten gem.

  • FeelingShred 3 months ago

    POD (Ubisoft)
    Screamer 2

  • Duilsovel Bravo 3 months ago

    Hello bro, I have a question. There's a racing game from the 80's or 90's which I have been looking for ages, but never found )= hope you can help me.

    The game is about a car race driving across different cities and countrysides. When you finish the game; a blonde woman shows up, taking her helmet off.
    Do you know the name of this game by any chance? Or any person from this community?

  • Carl B 3 months ago

    That first game is just like Pure, which you need to try, along with Baja and Paris Dakar rally.

  • INGSOC 3 months ago

    Wave race, snowboard kids, and 1080 snowboarding

  • Eragon Henriksen 3 months ago

    Please do Rave Racer on Sega Saturn!

  • budaroddy 3 months ago

    Tokyo Xtremme Racing Drift 2

  • croggydee 3 months ago

    Skitchin Mega drive

  • Chris D 3 months ago

    Dirt Trax FX on the SNES was pretty damn fun, I guess that one is lost forever…..

  • stacy holland 3 months ago

    Awe man down hill domination is awesome oh and what do you think about the test drive I believe it was the first one that had the sanfransisco track on it

  • Dal Buffo Buio 3 months ago

    Motorhead came preinstalled on my first Windows PC in '98, it was probably the first 3D racing game I owned back in the day, and I still love it so much. I still have it installed on my retro Voodoo 3 3000 pc setup. 🙂 Amazing game, thank you for mentioning it Metal Jesus, for years I thought I was the only one on the planet knowing about that game! 🙂

  • Michael Pedersen 3 months ago

    I LOVED Downhill Domination. Good call.

  • Catonzo 3 months ago

    Either you imply that many people haven't actually forgotten Fatal Racing/Whiplash and that it's still a well known staple in racing game history OR was hidden well enough away from you so you never got to experience it. It is truely a hidden gem.

  • KrossX ‎ 3 months ago

    Megarace! With the weird videos and… video tracks too.

  • Moe Fawkah 3 months ago

    And where's Carmageddon??? You ain't lived until you messed with that.

  • Moe Fawkah 3 months ago

    The 4×4 evo series. Man, at times I feel like it would've been me in the WH instead of trump if I hadn't spent so many latenights on it.

  • Car Fanatic124 3 months ago

    I loved motorhead PS1 and pc

  • chappydeb 3 months ago

    Splashdown 2 is one wild ride!

  • Andreas Lindholm 3 months ago

    Death Rally by Apogee..

  • knowledgeisthepower1 3 months ago

    rumble racing!

  • Philip Wells 3 months ago


  • Wally17 3 months ago

    I'm glad Rollcage Stage II made the list. I was going to mention it if you hadn't. When I bought it, I couldn't play it for years due to errors I'd get every time I tried to install it or play it. And I'm quite certain my desktop Pc was just never good enough. I've owned the PC version for so long, but the first time I got to play it was around 2 to 4 years ago.

    Also, I loved Splashdown and the giant Octopus that would throw you to land if you drove your Seadoo out too far.

  • Blitz - Simon 3 months ago

    I didn't play Splashdown 2 but put hundreds of hours into Splashdown 1 I loved that game the insane air you can get was awesome.