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  • Katasunder 30 mins ago

    I mean I love this series but I wish you would shut up when the super is playing. It's rate the supers not commentate the supers…

  • DarkState2 30 mins ago

    I think Ares, Zod and Doomsday were my mains back then, I miss playing them but I know if I bought this again I'd get bored of it really quick. Great game for its time though with fun supers.

  • David Carter 30 mins ago

    3:003:07 I was not looking at the screen and just heard Steve and Max and I started laughing so hard 🤣🤣🤣

  • Webhead Kuma 30 mins ago


  • BiyikFrostDiaz 30 mins ago

    Hmm if you guys are doing this maybe continue it with SF V critical arts or Tekken 7 Rage arts

  • Silver Saiyan God 30 mins ago

    Simmons why? 26:48

  • BrickTheCycle 30 mins ago

    That room looks like it smells terrible

  • Blastotron 30 mins ago

    They generally improved this in Injustice 2, but I always had trouble liking most of the supers in this because they lack any "rhythm", for lack of a better term. They're visually cool, but feel weird on execution. Flash's, for example, has this real big lead up of him running around the world into this huge WHAM of a punch… and then immediately is followed by a just as big punch with no lead up at all, just a pause for effect in-between. Also I feel like the sound design for a lot of them is kinda weak, but it's mostly the other thing.

  • BHRaccoon 30 mins ago

    Ya know, for some reason, I remember thinking Catwoman's super was really cool at the time because I was certain it was paying homage to a scene in Batman Returns. I have a distinct memory of Catwoman flipping onto a guy's shoulders in that movie and clawing his face just like that, which I assumed was why they increased the frame rate to make it look more lifelike… But now that I'm looking for a clip of it as an example, I'm not sure it actually existed. There's a scene where Catwoman does scratch a guy's face multiple times and kills him, but it definitely doesn't look like this. I must have fabricated the entire scene in my mind…

    Huh. I guess it WAS just a lame super after all 😛

  • DeltaPrime350 30 mins ago

    You guys forget to rate Shazam’s super, is it possible can you tell us how would you rate it?

  • Tomek FM 30 mins ago

    Do quick follow up with transitions. I think they deserve honorable mention.

  • Kenoji8 30 mins ago

    For Joker's super, you guys are thinking about MK vs. DC Universe in relation to Mortal Kombat 9. In MK vs. DC, Joker pulls out a fake gun and laughs after it goes off, only to pull out a real gun and shoot the character in the head, but it zooms in on him when he shoots (when in the early stages it didn't). In MK9, one of Shang Tsung's fatalities was him turning into a clown and doing the same thing, but he blows the character's head off.

  • Nicholas White 30 mins ago

    Im here to stump for rating the Fatal KOs from the Arcsys fist of the north star fighter, those things are amazing.

  • Ty Lewis 30 mins ago

    do Soul calibur 5 rate the super.

  • Best new series.

  • SuperNerdBrizzy 30 mins ago

    I have to give this video a thumbs down for that awkward joke Simmons made. I get the reference but wow, I think I heard actual crickets on that one…

  • Krontok 30 mins ago

    Would prefer the edited format

  • Spiny Justspiny 30 mins ago

    >Simmons makes an extended Killing Joke movie reference
    >The editor's equivalent of "Good night, everybody!"

  • Will Challoner 30 mins ago

    If I was a green lantern , I would so do a green dragon fist

  • sam parker 30 mins ago

    Do Gundam Versus next

  • jamall smith 30 mins ago

    Wonder Woman got the Ace Ventura neck poppin in this game

  • SLiMmcl 30 mins ago

    instead of killer frost they gave you sub zero, and captain cold, and mr freeze lol

  • Marcio Costa 30 mins ago

    Most of these supers are just an elaborate way of hitting your opponent on the ground 🙁

  • Vowels 30 mins ago

    Rate The Super: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

  • DocUno1 30 mins ago

    wonder woman in Injustice 2 looks like Chyna.

  • shinobixa4 30 mins ago

    Stop spoiling supers Steve!

  • soulslayer434 30 mins ago

    Can these be a new playlist just in case I miss any vids?

  • soulslayer434 30 mins ago

    I would put Lobo number 1

  • soulslayer434 30 mins ago

    Wonder Woman looked so damn manly in Injustice 1.

  • AWOOGO 30 mins ago

    Yaaaay, more of this. rate the supers with everyone

  • coverandoacasa 30 mins ago

    ares was my main

  • Anthony Derome 30 mins ago

    5 because of extra shit? They should all be like Sol's ender from accent core then, huh? Nice and short with zero content :P. cough you would love that *cough*.

  • Weston Flame 30 mins ago

    Cool thing about Bane and his trait. The damage boost you get from it also effects his super. So you can do crazy damage.

  • Otaku The Great 30 mins ago

    26:4527:06 Best bit! Had me rolling :'D

  • evilpandagaming 30 mins ago

    Storm 4 dawgs after injustices

  • sonicsaiyan07 30 mins ago

    Can the next one be all the Final Smashes in Smash 4?

  • KaedeLanyo 30 mins ago

    I don't know if you have the game, but Melty Blood Actress Again has a lot of characters, and some rather interesting Supers and Super-counters.

  • Rota Abyssian 30 mins ago

    I think this series could include Fatalities from all MKs and I wouldn't be fucked up about it.

  • Mr.L From Da Hood 30 mins ago

    I kinda hope the go back to Skullgirls and rate the level 3's and 5's. Including Squigly's Raging Demon

    Also, SHUT UP STEVE!

  • RockOn3906 30 mins ago

    4:30 — Meh. Zell did it better.

  • sonicsaiyan07 30 mins ago

    17:27 I mean…like, isn't she already one by default?

  • E24K Lawson 30 mins ago

    Nice series, hoping you do this with Soulcalibur VI when it comes out.

  • Eric Brown 30 mins ago

    You forgot hawk girl

  • Zyle Rayner 30 mins ago

    You guys saying Injustice 1 is better than 2 are insane.

  • Sean August 30 mins ago

    "Shut up, Steve."

  • Brian. Jr Montoya 30 mins ago

    Jesus Wonder Woman looks scary.

  • ThoseNiceCopperPipes 30 mins ago

    Man injustice 2 was a really big step up from this….neatherrealm really knows how to improve….

  • argenis garcia 30 mins ago

    Yes Injustice!