With a brand new video style comes a brand new video series. In this very first marathon, I’ll be taking a look at 6 of the Pink Puffball’s earliest adventures.

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  • Red the Pokémon Trainer 1 day ago

    …have King Dedede blast off again…

  • steamerthesteamtrain 1 day ago

    Miyamoto just wanted to rip off Pac-Man. Glad Kirby is Pink.

  • GeekachuIChooseYou 1 day ago

    Wonderful video. With the level of humor and fun your videos bring to the table I'm surprised you don't have a literal billion subs by now- you deserve that many.

  • Afrin Alumia 1 day ago

    Ant Dude Not to mention that Kirby's adventure has one unused music that was not used in the game but was also in the sound test it's Kirby's dream land title screen music remixed and it's so cool here's a link to it so you know what it is

  • sml fan 120 1 day ago

    Hal labs

  • Chandler Bennett 1 day ago

    Super good I love Kirby and it is awesome you ate doing a series of a lot of kerby

  • Olden games era... With Jacob Arnold 1 day ago

    I also like kirby more than mario land

  • Kirby Gamer 1 day ago


  • Jorge Navarro 1 day ago


  • NINJA FROG 1 day ago

    Extra mode in kirby's Dream land is the dark souls of Kirby games.

  • Itachi kanematsu 1 day ago

    I own the Dream Collection, and I never realized that the first 6 or so games were on it!

  • Jaime White 1 day ago

    Cool via

  • Gina James 1 day ago


  • 4arms4life 1 day ago

    2:12 You probably know this by now but you do realise that you can change the colour palettes on original Game Boy games if you are playing on GBC, GBA and Gameboy Player.

  • metalex bonnie200 1 day ago

    it's called DREAM LAND that's why one of the bosses is a tree because tree's live soo if it's called cream land then i should be a boss

  • Hayden Flynn 1 day ago

    I remember that there was a level in a kirby game ( i think its Super star) and it was basically a big wind tunnel. But if you made a mistake when going down it, you touched a sleep power. it was the most annoying thing

  • Mikey Lewis 1 day ago

    8:12 sounds so complicated but I can actually relate to that

  • WarpGuy 1 day ago

    14:10 excpet in Japan, I got 4 plushes, a clock and a figurine of Eromanga Sensei

  • Terry The 1st 1 day ago

    Super smash bros 4 introduced me to kirby (I know I'm trash) and he was my main, now I have kirby as my number 1 favourite game character, I will never forget him.

  • ToonToon Network 1 day ago

    I beat Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land…… on an emulator.

  • Hayden Flynn 1 day ago

    kirbys adventure is the only nes game ive beaten

  • Geschnitzte Kiste 1 day ago

    11:48 I didn't even knew the light power existed xD

  • modern monika 1 day ago

    And thus, a legend was born….

  • The Nintendude 64 1 day ago

    The original GameBoy Kirby's Dreamland will always be my favorite.

  • Miguel Palacios 1 day ago

    I don't count bastard

  • Miguel Palacios 1 day ago

    Man that son of a #@#$#@ kracko and me thinking ant dude didn't say badwords

  • xmish16 1 day ago

    8:38 Pffft nostalgia doesn't blind. That's a common misconception

  • xmish16 1 day ago

    Woah the first Antfuck

  • TheMack625 1 day ago

    I have an… interesting story with Kirby's Dream Land. I tried it out on an emulator (back when I used those) and…it was okay; I didn't have much love for the game.

    I actually prefer the Spring Breeze in Kirby Super Star, as it's in full color, plus you can use Copy Abilities.

    As for Kirby's Adventure, I find it to be very fun, and a timeless classic. I love the soundtrack, cute opening movies, and the debut of Copy Abilities.

    I think Nightmare in Dream Land is the better version, but Kirby's Adventure is still a gem of a game.

  • Burble the Whale 1 day ago

    Right when he said lets get into it an ad poped up

  • edgy memelords 1 day ago

    what about the kirb

  • Alphetei 1 day ago

    combining copy abilities isn't random

  • fugstar 1 day ago

    600th comment

  • Green bot Studios 1 day ago

    The first and currently only Kirby game I've played is Kirby's Adventure on my NES Classic Edition

  • Jack Bode 1 day ago

    He really hates wispy doesn’t he.

  • PugGames 1 day ago


  • Adrik Shanks 1 day ago

    Kraco Jr = Sonic

  • drymario games 1 day ago

    I tried the extra mode and I actually had to use a gameshark code to become invincible so I don't get a game over at lololo and lalala.

  • The Creepiest Of Pasta 1 day ago

    I got dreamland today it’s incredible

  • Foxy Thefox 1 day ago

    You can do the moon thing in triple deluxe