A puzzling journey to escape a basement that just doesn’t want us to leave. ▻Please consider sharing/rating this video to help the channel grow. ▻Follow me …

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  • Maverick Soul 3 months ago

    loved the pixel art. reminds me of old point and click DOS games

  • narc0manic 3 months ago

    Something about this almost reminds me of Anatomy. Maybe the art style and atmosphere more than anything, the way you expect at any moment to see something jump out at you and nothing does.

  • Pablo Ricardo 3 months ago

    Nice haircut CJ! Thumbs up!

  • Matthew Kocincki 3 months ago

    Bro your accent please take me. I'm not even gay but I don't care

  • G A M I S H {Android & iOS} 3 months ago

    Seriously amazing game.

  • JoshL117 3 months ago

    Can you please play the Amnesia Custom Story "Key To Freedom"?

  • The Wishful Demoneer 3 months ago

    The guy under the stairs seemed like it could been used for something, never seemed to pay off

  • I like how they had the credits, I would like to see more from them.

  • Alianthia 3 months ago

    Loved it….reminds me of the escape the room games we used to play online years ago…

  • Vi Xia 3 months ago

    for a free game, it's pretty great! although if it had scattered more of the plot throughout the game for you to find and piece together (in a longer game) rather than throw everything at you in the ending it could've been even better, but this still makes a very enjoyable video, especially when you play it 😀

  • kıvanç erakçora 3 months ago


  • lesdmark 3 months ago

    I'm gonna go out and a limb and say you are not a programmer in your day job Chris. 😉

  • Alexander Willow 3 months ago

    I love it when games mess with your actual computer, well make U think they R anyway. It's a really immersive experience.

  • poodypooroo 3 months ago

    That was the lamest ending. "You fool, trying to escape a basement I locked you in"

  • Aitana Parrilla 3 months ago

    it was better than most paid games… awesome game

  • zeratulcraft 3 months ago

    Those advanced math skills yo.

  • Loki Cooper 3 months ago

    Definite shades of Imscared in there (and even a teensy bit of Pony Island?). Didn't like the ending as much, but the puzzles were fun. Great LP, Chris!

  • Dustin Small 3 months ago

    Who stole your hair?

  • Dethflash 3 months ago

    Pretty neat little horror game

  • William Wells 3 months ago

    The only way to win is to not play the game 🙂

  • bee pot 3 months ago

    I love games like this. So interesting.

  • Anurag Raghuwanshi 3 months ago

    Boring and annoying game I like the games which have camera like resident evil 7, amnesia, penumbra

  • peglc legg 3 months ago

    I enjoyed your gameplay but the game, not so much. Still a nice treat to get a vid so way ahead of your usual time. 🙂

  • Iznessmaurer 3 months ago

    This game was actually interesting. I always love your commentary, gameplay style, and intelligent deductions, and your sense of humour. You should be proud of yourself and your channel. Thank you so much for sharing your gameplaying. I love horror/puzzle games but more so psychological horror. Weapon-oriented games I enjoy as long as it's anaesthetic is pleasing and it has a very good and interesting story. Hard to come by, hence my penchant for the former type of game. Thanks again 🙂

  • Chris Bohannon 3 months ago

    I've literally had reoccuring dreams about a trapped door like this for as long as I can remember and it's been driving me crazy lately. So this video is my life in a box, the basement is fecking calling!

  • SleepyDrummer 3 months ago

    trying to invoke a method
    "Do we have to be very specific?"
    Yes, yes you do XD

  • Jessica Rees 3 months ago

    Can u play another series love watching a series with a good story to it 😆

  • tinimaus1986 3 months ago

    Someday we all become paranoid. FIN! (But I liked it)

  • Robbie Wadsworth 3 months ago

    *Basement's. Great video as always CJ

  • Natasha Minor 3 months ago

    Cju please play the new Dark Secret game, I loved your play thru of the first one!

  • It was cool ^^

  • Immortal Origins 3 months ago

    This was quite a surprise video lol

    I really enjoy this pixelated-meta puzzle games 🙂

    Hope we still get another video later tonight 😛

  • Izma Abbasi 3 months ago

    Your timing is always perfect.👍

  • Truley Seawell 3 months ago

    Love it

  • Shourjo Sarkar 3 months ago

    I watch your videos everyday…not only i like the games you play…but also really like your commentary..
    Love from india!! ❤
    And ya i want you to play mass effect series…if you want to!😉

  • Anais Leandra Cardenas Blackwood 3 months ago