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  • Taran Carter 3 weeks ago

    Never saw ocarina of time coming

  • Jan Borský 3 weeks ago

    most of these are not adventures at all….

  • Mark Squier 3 weeks ago

    What accent is that? I love it!

  • Hamad Alrowaie 3 weeks ago

    did you just said steam world dick ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mr. Anonymous 3 weeks ago


  • herautdeDieu 3 weeks ago

    where's majora mask ?

  • vicky8120 3 weeks ago

    is it me or does all 3ds game juz suck,i feel kinda ripped off for buying one now.all i play is juz pokemon;(

  • DeathCJ 3 weeks ago

    the meaning of the word adventure seems to be lost with this channel.

  • BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT 3 weeks ago

    thought she said steam world dick.

  • The party destroyer 3 weeks ago

    make an updated video of this

  • mosab younes younes 3 weeks ago

    I'm a big fan of adventure games ad you're telling me I will get two of the best

  • Christopher Ashcroft 3 weeks ago

    it wasn't only ported from sony. please get yor facts straight

  • Michelle Paulinne Rabonza 3 weeks ago

    Guys!!! My most favorite EVER!!!!, Is Legend of Zelda:twilight princess

  • Jadduck 3 weeks ago

    One piece unlimited world isn't really an adventure game.. It's more of a fighting one.

    Quite surprised I didn't see Fantasy life here.

  • Benjamin Harris 3 weeks ago

    Where the hell is KoH dream drop? And am I the only person who thinks A Link Between Worlds was a very bland game to play?

  • Sahfarry 3 weeks ago

    Gotta play 999 and Zero Escape!!

  • Wigwam 3 weeks ago

    The accent on this one too sounds Filipino.

  • Josiah Heaton 3 weeks ago

    do a top 10 3ds platform games so far!!!

  • kid icarus uprising?

  • Nineth Lion 3 weeks ago

    Some of the entries here make me wonder what the fuck these people think is adventure at all

  • The Kevin Play Show 3 weeks ago

    Virtue's Last Reward is better then Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon? I agree

  • Shinato, King of a Higher Plane 3 weeks ago

    anyone else have a deep hatred for the legend of zelda games?

  • SpineLrocK 3 weeks ago

    oh yeah ? pokemon is better than that ocarina !!!!

  • jennyeet 3 weeks ago

    Ocarina of time isn't better than link between worlds. It's just the nostalgia talking.

  • MegaZack30 3 weeks ago

    I agree with number 1 the most. Ocarina of Time is always a good time.

  • TheSepticPizza 3 weeks ago

    Isn't professor Layton puzzle

  • YellowFroggy33 3 weeks ago

    Why does Ocarina of Time have to be number 1?!

  • Leader Green Yoshi 3 weeks ago

    Why did they have to put remakes >:( IT'S NOT EVEN A TRUE 3DS GAME ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH TLoZ Fans!

  • RanB0bl9 The nuke 3 weeks ago

    I want mario

  • Lol funnychic 3 weeks ago

    I love ocarina!!!!

  • Brian Fischetto 3 weeks ago

    Going to assume Dual Destinies did not make the cut because it wasn't out yet?

  • Toon Link 3 weeks ago

    my body wasn't ready for this

  • jackinthebox4934 3 weeks ago

    Decimal scoring is stupid. Games never get a 10

  • Simon Matos 3 weeks ago

    now #1 majoras mask

  • crash979797 3 weeks ago

    A Link Between Worlds is easily better than Ocarina of Time.

  • naryle 3 weeks ago

    2 BEST game in nintendo

    Mario and Zelda

  • BookOfSaints 3 weeks ago

    A few of these are not adventure games, but list is full of good games.

  • Daniela Ferro 3 weeks ago

    Shin Megami Tensei IV??? ;-;

  • Daniel Sayer 3 weeks ago

    What is a Professor Layton?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • kztar621 3 weeks ago

    Wow, the shameless plugging of indie games.

  • metal gear
    them users numbers doe

  • Gabriel 03 3 weeks ago

    I fucking know it ocarina of time XD

  • Badland Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Bull crap 2 zelda games and no x or y

  • James Reid 3 weeks ago

    what about fantasy life?

  • MattRevs 3 weeks ago

    Are you a r0b0t? y0ur v0ice i5 thr0wing m3 00f

  • Ninjaboy 5673 3 weeks ago

    My favorite out of those was legend of Zelda ocarina of time!

  • TheXBladeist 3 weeks ago

    I was extremely suprised I haven't heard of Snake Eater 3DS.