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  • Aiman Hossain 1 hour ago

    life is strange is a action adventure? laughable

  • ONLINEMONEYABLE 1 hour ago

    tomb raider is the most adventure game its lovers increasing fast
    friends play this game and looks his adventure i have all the videos of tomb raider anniversary

  • Rrock Cj 1 hour ago

    I watched a lot of lists like that today on other channels, but this list and the way you talk about the games is by far best I seen. Keep up the good work!

  • LadyxInsanity 1 hour ago

    What's the game in the thumbnail?

  • minerva6 1 hour ago

    Sounds like Telly from the film Kids

  • pankaj chandwani 1 hour ago

    I miss games like AC: revelation it was my first AC game and the best

  • matthew 1 hour ago

    You've got a real good channel here 😀 Pretty much everything about your videos is enjoyable, and I agree with most of the stuff you say

  • Briddie CSGO CLIPS AND MORE 1 hour ago

    There doesn't seem to be any big releases next year, this year we had: fallout 4, mgs v, witcher 3, and lots more. Lets just wait till 2016 and see what gets announced.

  • daan braams 1 hour ago

    is this the guy of cult of mush

  • Sam Perez 1 hour ago


  • Life Area 1 hour ago

    it's very very nice …..

  • Sohail Sayed 1 hour ago

    for next year I am worried less about the gameplay. My bigger concerns are will i able to play this game without any technical difficulty or even maintain a 30fps

  • dialingdust 1 hour ago

    assassins creed will never define what it is, like assassins creed 1 did.

  • 塁寿Ruisu 1 hour ago

    ending to MGS V was shit

  • Michael Hawkins 1 hour ago

    I'm hyped for Dark Souls 3

  • Konpaku Riii 1 hour ago

    first xp

  • Konpaku Riii 1 hour ago

    Notification Squaad!!!