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  • Zephyr Weiss 9 hours ago

    outlast is boring and not scary…run and hide, run and hide… yeah, veerry enjoyable…

  • the scarecrow 9 hours ago

    call of Cathulu would be way better (and I would actually finish it) if wasn't DROWNED in bugs that not even the patch can fix!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEE

  • Harshit Panchal 9 hours ago

    dumb list
    non of these games are scary
    I found Tomb Raider Anniversary some times scary

  • Akryloth 9 hours ago

    Why the frick hell is Amnesia: The Dark Descent not on here? Getting it from jumpscares does not make a good horror game.

  • Illusion Of Gaia 9 hours ago

    I have a top FIVE scariest games list:

    1. Fatal Frame 2
    2. Silent Hill 1
    3. Echo Night Beyond
    4. Rule of Rose
    5. Dead Island

  • Eretz Goymany 9 hours ago

    >sonic.exe HAHAHAHAHA

  • John Gunnerek 9 hours ago

    Slender even though it's a free, really short little game has a great setting, maybe even brilliant since it is copied of everybody's nightmare. You're slow, lost in the woods, and something unknown is stalking you with no hope of escaping. In all the other games there are either weapons or means of fighting back, or game mechanics that help you understand how the monsters/enemies move. In slender I haven't figured out any game mechanics yet he's just behind me……..and then he gets me.

    Amnesia is my favourite horror game but slender was f-king stressful the beating sound shining your flashlight between the trees, not even looking behind me cause I know he's there and trying to find the right pathway through the gauntlet.

  • Outertale toriel Maybell 9 hours ago

    Granny is also very creepy

  • Andrea Urquiza 9 hours ago

    Condemned: criminal origins… the mere fact of feeling inside an abandoned building full of junkies gave me a feeling of restlessness and tranquility at the same time … it has very successful scenarios and yet it is a horror game that nobody remembers.

  • Awesomeness Gaming 9 hours ago

    0:09 I love condemned criminal origins
    I love SCP containment breach also

  • Dee Manz 9 hours ago

    Manhunt?? The Suffering??

  • Jan Balaz 9 hours ago

    Sonic.exe really?

  • The Luc1f3r 9 hours ago

    First music?

  • Adrian Valle 9 hours ago

    Wait why the Sonic is No.8 scareist

  • zagorith14 9 hours ago

    Horror is very subjective. That's why people are flipping their shit over the Sonic mention. Which is kind of sad as sonic.exe has a great aspect of horror to it which is essentially taking something that we have great innocent memories of as children and destroying it with a feeling of utter futility to struggling against said horror. Slender causes very similar feelings. It may not be what some people find scary but as I said, horror is subjective. With that said, most of these issues that people have with True Review's lists could be solved/avoided if you simply read the description. He even states that it's his opinion. If you can't handle the fact that others will have vastly different opinions, best if you not waste your time and just leave now. Not just this video but the internet. I can promise you, you're going to have a bad time.

  • Chris Hansen with dateline NBC 9 hours ago

    Why would I like all your other videos when your list is shit?

  • T&K Playthroughs 9 hours ago

    damn dude silent hill 2 should be in that list

  • Memento Mori 9 hours ago

    this is a rather old video so you probably won't see this but if you enjoy horror may i suggest rule of rose or baroque

  • Deakon Black 9 hours ago

    What is the song at 7:48?

  • Therd Sabino 9 hours ago

    3d ao oni the heart attacker!

  • Black pac 9 hours ago

    You didn't play outlast!!!!!

  • Anthony 9 hours ago

    Condemned:bloodshot is a good game too

  • Ben Powell 9 hours ago

    WHAT THE HELL IS SLENDER DOING ON HERE? Slender is one of the most overrated horror games and I don't know how it could be considered the scariest game of all time. How about Dreadout?

  • Metro Artyom 9 hours ago

    Undying and Call of the Cthulhu are only good picks. But Sonic???????