The History of Racing Games! Welcome to part 1 of my 2 part series covering the history of racing video games. Titles covered in this video: 1973- Space Race …

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  • Vernon Schaal 1 hour ago

    Its not see-gah, its say-gah. Have you ever played Sonic 2? It says the proper title when you turn it on.

  • JadedTv 72 1 hour ago

    Forgot daytona usa

  • alf onso 1 hour ago

    Where is Taito´s Super Speed Race series?

  • Biomech011 1 hour ago

    Damn….. That's My Super Monaco Deluxe @12:50 lol Nice…. (Approved)

  • Ryan Ware 1 hour ago

    WE NEED PART 2!!!!

  • bliglum 1 hour ago

    Great vid, love the thourough examination of the genre… But oh my god that horribly repetative royalty free crap in the background will haunt my gaming nightmares!

  • lurkerrekrul 1 hour ago

    Seg-ga not See-ga. Toe-mee, not Tommy. Also, it's OK to take a breath once in a while. It sounds like your entire video is one long sentence.

  • Monica GP xddddd

  • mvagusta 1 hour ago

    Great video, where's part 2?

  • Rohan Padiyar 1 hour ago

    OutRun and Hang-On were what I grew up playing in Arcades and on my SEGA Master System.  You forgot to mention "Enduro Racer".

  • Hans-Jørgen Kristiansen 1 hour ago

    No Street Rod?????

  • Dr. Awkward 1 hour ago


  • Popescu Sorin 1 hour ago

    where is part 2?

  • Bryan Hudgens 1 hour ago

    Great recap – a lot of games I didn't even know existed.

  • 525Lines 1 hour ago

    The Coleco Telstar Arcade (1978?) had a race game with a shift knob and steering wheel.

  • Empty Box 1 hour ago

    Pace Car Pro, the predecessor to iPacing. Who knew!?

    Also, RoadBlasters ftw.

  • Jake Saddington 1 hour ago

    Great video. all of these games on this list were before my time, the earliest racing game I played was SEGA Daytona, which would probably make an appearance in part 2

  • T R E E C K O T H O T 1 hour ago

    Where's part 2?

  • Shom909 1 hour ago

    Great vid bought back some great memories 😎

  • Ryan Chenoweth 1 hour ago

    Where can I access the part two?
    Also where has your iRacing review gone?
    Great stuff man!

  • Simracers NL 1 hour ago

    Nice Video!!! The best on this subject there is on youtube ! I would love to see part 2. I hope you'll find time to finish it someday.

  • Joao Rosa 1 hour ago

    Are you Japanese?
    I'm looking for the similar arcade game of atari enduro.
    would you help me ?

  • AerialTheShamen 1 hour ago

    You forgot to mention the most important earliest 3D arcade car racing games, that is to say "Nürburgring" of 1975 by Rainer Foerst, and the first true 3D modelled vector game "Speed Freak" of 1979 by Vectorbeam (which used this technique even before Atari made "Battle Zone").

  • aces 1982 1 hour ago

    OMG i had one of them Tomy turbo dashboards lol!!!!I think it was white though, i didnt play it much as it sucked batteries for fun!!!!!

  • vogliounacocacola 1 hour ago

    Wow, I actually played some of them when I was a kid. You made me feel old. 😀
    Looking forward to the 90's part. Great stuff.

  • TigerClawTV 1 hour ago

    +1 subscriber

  • Nooch 86 1 hour ago

    I remember playing Hard Drivin' at my cousins house has a kid. That game was seriously hard!

  • ze4133 1 hour ago

    Thank-you that was very interesting

  • 16-bit-griff 1 hour ago

    no enduro racer

  • Ivan Daems 1 hour ago

    I remember Out Run being in so called "lunaparks" here in Belgium when I was a kid. Hell yes those graphics at the time rocked! I think it was also the first time I saw elevation difference i such games. It was so addictive. 🙂

  • jasonmoyer 1 hour ago

    The first racing arcade game I remember (and not mentioned in this video)

    There's a video on YT showing the gameplay and also how the mechanical bits worked behind the screen.

  • Josh 1 hour ago

    where's part two

  • dat boi 1 hour ago

    Played the shit out of hard drivin on the SNES. Is part 2 coming soon?

  • HazewinDog 1 hour ago

    aww too bad Stunts is from 1990 haha. that's the oldest game I enjoyed playing as a '93 kid

  • VaughnJogVlog 1 hour ago

    No Spy Hunter?

  • DiePixelspieler 1 hour ago

    Pretty cool Video, but slow it down. The infos are very intresting but you going way too fast.

  • Bullet Train HD 1 hour ago

    Alright I'm here dude I am a new subscriber keep it up…..

  • Rudy 1 hour ago

    You should now to a 90's racing games, I cant remember many of them but if you make a video….I will surely remember them when I see them. Great Video you have made! Keep it up. You should get more likes and views for your videos

  • Thiago Gouvea 1 hour ago

    OMG why don't you have more views? awesome video dude

  • Kyle White 1 hour ago

    Wow dude, just wow! You kicked some big "gaming history" channels ass quite nicely here! The amount of research and footage is truly amazing, subbed without a doubt and waiting for more great content, specially the rise of the modern racing sims! I can still remember my mind blown as a child the first time i played Hang On, my body weight almost wasnt enough to bank the bike to the sides, lol but that impression never left my mind and is a big reason why im a racing simmer today, my first Tommy Racing and when my dad bought Super Monaco GP which we spent days in front of the TV contributed too. Cheers dude, cheers!