A light bulb-headed doll leads us through a guilt-filled, dark and sinister past… Possibly. ▻Please consider sharing/rating this video to help the channel grow.

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  • Sakuya Hime 1 hour ago

    I like your voice! So soft. 😀
    I subscribe you! 🙂

  • Sugarcat 1 hour ago

    Just finished recording this myself and wanted to see other folks' opinion on it. What an odd little game but with loads of potential! Had some references that I never noticed as well that now that I know they're there it really freaks me out! lol

  • Sabrina Alam 1 hour ago

    Lorem Ipsum XDDD

  • Chris Bohannon 1 hour ago

    The radio kept saying "A new kind of horror game" which probably means that it's just a generic audio they use for horror related radio.

  • ruth siu 1 hour ago

    There's a home sweet home part 2. I'm still waiting on you to play it lol

  • Ry Cannon 1 hour ago

    they are shedding light on black issues in America and police brutality crazy how they are shedding light through a video game its kind of sad

  • JennaBabe85 1 hour ago

    There is a game called "the nightfall" not sure if u have played it or not, but if u haven't I would love to see u play it x

  • Boo Sweets 1 hour ago

    Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
    She had no children only dolls
    And if you see her in your dreams
    You must never, ever scream

    *the best horror movie back in the 2000’s

  • washington1884 1 hour ago

    They breed those kids tall and extremely young looking over there. An 8 year old who looks like a toddler and could be up to 5 foot 5 inches tall. Aside from the obvious poor taste of using a picture of a real murdered child, this game is pretty bland.

  • Doug Wolf 1 hour ago

    Hey CJU! Small detail to add, but the "language" that the newspapers are written in after the english part is called Lorem Ipsum. In publishing and graphic design, lorem ipsum is a placeholder text commonly used to demonstrate the visual form of a document without relying on meaningful content (also called greeking). Replacing the actual content with placeholder text allows designers to design the form of the content before the content itself has been produced. So the makers of the game basically didnt bother to get rid of it after writing the small bit of content they did make for the paper. Always funny for me to see it since my years in publishing. 🙂

  • Rishabh Balse 1 hour ago

    CJU can I recommend you 'Duck Season'? I am sure you will enjoy it.

  • Alexander Willow 1 hour ago

    OMG that scream was higher than necessary.

  • Almira Smith Black 1 hour ago

    Hey pls make scary videos more
    loved ur videos😊

  • Vi Xia 1 hour ago

    interesting, but falls a little flat. I do like the lightbulb ballerina doll though, that adds to the creepy atmosphere. thanks for the video!!

  • Loki Cooper 1 hour ago

    Well, your commentary was great, but the story.. not so much. I think it was too vague, however the puzzles and play were interesting. Thanks!

  • topical thunder 1 hour ago

    good job bro keep the good shit up

  • i cantbelieveyou 1 hour ago

    Sponsored by GorillaGlue😉

  • Miriam Arakaki 1 hour ago

    omg, the "missing girl" picture @12:41 is the daughter from Casey Anthony, her name was Caylee, if I'm not mistaken D:

  • shahriar hasannia 1 hour ago

    I'm a big fan of you and your channel. love you man

  • Daniel Smith 1 hour ago

    So have to be honest.. um, why? I did not get why for everything. lol oh well

  • Grigoris Loi 1 hour ago

    interesting ideas and rooms. bad story, bad ending. but their idea of how a horror should be is magnificent.

  • badgothnobiscuit 1 hour ago

    jeeze how hard is it for the developer to find someone who speaks english to say a couple lines lol

  • Alex Griffin 1 hour ago

    Cju looks a lot like a young Sean Astin… heh

  • Navada sol Breedlove 1 hour ago

    Not sure if it was a great idea for the creators to use Casey Anthony’s daughter for the images in that news paper article 👎

  • Duece J 1 hour ago

    Off topic but can you play dead space 3. I also just finished your prey series too. Very lit👍

  • SleepyDrummer 1 hour ago

    What in the… No, I did not like this game…

  • Rachel Diabo 1 hour ago

    Had its gorey moments but I wanted to see more horror. 🙂 puzzles seemed quite simple and the ending was abrupt. Needs tweeks. I await your next game eirher way!

  • zeratulcraft 1 hour ago

    I wonder what the Orphanage needed you for. Security? Graphic Design? A third mysterious job!?

  • Kishy 1 hour ago

    What the heck did she say at the end? Couldn't hear it :C

  • Boogie Knight 1 hour ago

    When I, first, saw the pipe in the wall, I really half expected someone to make a "Let off some steam, Bennett" comment

  • DR Hall 1 hour ago

    That Caylee Anthony cameo.

  • MsAquamonkey 1 hour ago

    5'4 at eight years old? I'm 5'1, at twenty-six years old…

  • Night Phoenix 1 hour ago

    my ear

  • tinimaus1986 1 hour ago

    Shit, I knew that this looked familiar. 😖

  • Izma Abbasi 1 hour ago

    That was okay…👍 Waiting for the New series though.😃

  • Immortal Origins 1 hour ago

    This was not my cup of tea…
    The puzzles were nice and there were many good ideias but the performance felt short in the end =/ Quite a shame really

  • MisterSharpyEyE 1 hour ago

    I like you because now not many YouTubers Play Horror games ! Keep it up you have bright future