Game Dave goes on a familiar adventure… with Kirby’s Adventure! The biggest official NES game ever… and it shows! ◘ WATCH MORE EPISODES …

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  • camr462 3 months ago

    You're gonna blow up dude. Great personality, humorous, and fantastic production quality. You're gonna be another retro gaming youtube legend!

  • Glaceon the ICE Type WOLF Pokemon 3 months ago

    I love Hal Laboratory they make good games.

  • Brandon Payton-Coons 3 months ago

    I play this in 3D on new 3DS

  • Crz8gaming 3 months ago

    “KIRBY ABOUT TO GET DRUNK… Drunk on power.”

  • Android Dude Thingy 3 months ago

    Lost the Ablility to dream?
    This means we need Coke and Marijua,grass and sugar,lets all summon pink elephant and a unicorn!

  • Rene Amador 3 months ago

    Was it better than Kirby Super Star?

  • My take on this is that Kirby is just a kind-hearted idiot. Thinking he was doing some good but it ended up being the opposite lol

  • Peter Panda 3 months ago

    Dave looking like a level 1 novice.

  • TheHoenn Guy 3 months ago

    I want a gba sp

  • DuperGames64 3 months ago

    What about Nightmare In Dreamland?

  • The Travel Vlogger 3 months ago

    Love it

  • Dam Danny 3 months ago

    This channel is amazing how does he only have 34k subs

  • Bomberking 3 months ago

    You kinda remind of JonTron. You're great!

  • Master Fate 3 months ago

    Meta Knight is a more mature version of Kirby's extra-terrestrial race.

  • Master Fate 3 months ago

    3:39 Actually, anyone that Kirby swallows are taken into a holding area in deep space. His real stomach is just for apples and REAL food.

  • Marcos Chioli 3 months ago

    Useless abilty?? I remember the "bubble gun" from earth worm jim… that was useless!

  • Target Demographic 3 months ago

    You are criminally low on subs.

    If you were a band you would be the underground/"diamond in the rough" band I covet and strategically play around friends casually then pretentiously alienate them towards the end of the song by being disappointed when they ask "who is this?"

  • Smash JT 3 months ago

    Cactaur seems like quite the a hole. I'd trade him in for a nicer stuffed animal to avoid future spikings.

  • Well he's a baby what do you expect?

  • EPICBERRY101 3 months ago

    a fan of kirby is a friend of mine

  • Still one of the best YouTubers out there. Amazing chanell with quality content !

  • SEO Toy Review 3 months ago

    Another awesome video Dave!

  • Glitchex64 3 months ago

    0:01 kinda sounds like "Another One Bites the Dust"

  • Medachod 3 months ago

    Kirby is most definitely a man since he did like Ribbon.

  • SpookyBlook 3 months ago

    Before watching this video I literally just beat this game.

  • Dilly Dixon 3 months ago

    The best NES game in my opinion. Also, this Game Dave is a criminally under subscribed channel.

  • The Camcorder 3 months ago


  • Sweet Chocolate Dan 3 months ago

    this showed up in my recommended and i am extremely confused

  • shahid khan 3 months ago

    The game really isn't all that good . You can beat every level by flying

  • NightIIJester 3 months ago

    I've noticed you have a thing for Cactuar. I like it. You're also very funny. I like that too.

  • MoonSpirit 3 months ago

    Still remember when you actually talked about Kirby's Adventure years ago, primarily the soundtrack. That was a pretty cool episode.

  • Brevity is the Soul of Wit 3 months ago

    Great episode as usual. Thanks Dave, you rule man.

  • Victor A. Barcenas 3 months ago

    Love your videos Game Dave.

  • Joshua Miller 3 months ago

    So much more than just a game review show. Always Intriguing and engaging

  • Joshua Miller 3 months ago

    Game Dave is the best

  • This is my first video from you.
    …I'm scared and confused and i love you

  • King Harkinian 3 months ago

    This game is definitely one of my favorite NES games, it really stands out among its peers.

  • The Nerd Lounge 3 months ago

    Dave the story is getting gooooood but when will the finale come?

  • Silvermania 3 months ago


  • Retro Game Players 3 months ago

    Kirby is popular at the Chinese buffet

  • jootoobersters 3 months ago