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  • Jesmaster420 59 mins ago


  • Colten Crooms 59 mins ago

    Try getting head shots with the famas and rethink that 👍

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 59 mins ago

    Does ANYONE other than me prefer a purple scoped to all other long range weapons? I'm talking if I'm able to I'll use a scoped AR at all ranges except for close mid, in which I use an AR, or close ranges in which I obviously use a shotgun

  • Xsen seiX 59 mins ago

    I don’t understand how you said the burst is bad but then in the gameplay you wrecked people with it and I mean really easily so you’re retarded

  • Adam Henwood 59 mins ago

    Come to the Vil, I know youre in Wolfville Pat 😉

  • Supreme Xx 59 mins ago

    Ru dumb is just cuz ur aim sucks

  • jimbo jelly 59 mins ago

    I am disappointed in you, yes I understand if you want to put the scars before the famos, but putting the blue AR before the famos!!!!!!!!! DISAPOINTING. 😲

  • Enut Peanut 59 mins ago

    Haha all these peeps used to think the blue burst was the best… the gold burst isn’t even the best assault rifle

  • chewy mccormack 59 mins ago

    does hunting rifle count?

  • Real ELM Gaming 59 mins ago

    My list:
    12: Grey Burst
    11: Green Burst
    10: Grey AR
    9: Blue Burst
    8: Green AR
    7: Blue AR Scoped
    6: Purple AR Scoped
    5: Blue AR
    4: Purple Burst
    3: Orange Burst
    2: Purple SCAR
    1: Orange SCAR

  • SnowMan 59 mins ago

    Disagree with you sir

  • MemeLord Jeff 59 mins ago

    gold burst

  • sean zavala 59 mins ago

    1. Gold and Purple Burst
    2. Scar
    3.Blue AR
    4.Scoped AR
    5. Green AR
    6. Everything else

  • Matt Martin 59 mins ago

    This hurt my brain famas > scar

  • Fidget Lenny 59 mins ago

    Burst is really good

  • PlatinumTiger 8k 59 mins ago

    Check out this app 👉 … It pays for walking

  • Davian Nguyen 59 mins ago

    The first is good if you switch off with the pump

  • Laura Zander 59 mins ago

    Famas is 33×3

  • Nightwing 59 mins ago

    1. Gold Famas 2. Gold Scar 3. Purple Famas 4. Purple Scar 5. Blue AR 6. Purple Scoped AR 7. Blue Burst 8. Blue Scoped AR
    9. Green AR 10. White AR 11. Green Burst 12. White Burst

  • Nightwing 59 mins ago


  • gaming with dirrpy turtle 59 mins ago

    Not white grey

  • Owen Atzbach 59 mins ago

    5-purple scar.
    4-Blue Burst
    3.purple Famas
    2. Gold scar famas

  • Dylan Yannelli 59 mins ago


  • JitJade 59 mins ago

    The burst is pretty good tho. Like it does damage if u can use it lol. May more accurate than m16

  • Tyler Smith 59 mins ago

    runnin down a dream

  • Jackson Cann 59 mins ago

    how many times can u say at the end of the day

  • kewl man 59 mins ago

    The burst is good if you can hit your shots, which you obviously can’t.

  • InLordXenu WeTrust 59 mins ago

    Why do people who prefer the burst think that they're good because of their weapon preferance? I keep seeing people say that the ar is for spammers and the burst takes true skill. Who cares? People always love to find ways to make themselves feel superior. Its kinda like idiots who take part in console wars and Pubg vs. Fortnite debates.

  • Yankeesrule 2442 59 mins ago

    Blue bursts are so much better than a BLUE AR

  • Final XTINTIONS 59 mins ago

    DONT AGREE the white burst can b e used like a Shotti

  • Explosive Dandelion 59 mins ago

    lots and lots of music that are also jojo stands in your videos.

  • Lorenzo plays everything 59 mins ago

    I would take the blue burst over the blue ar 24/7.

  • Brayden Ousley 59 mins ago

    So, here's the thing with the Famas, it's waaay better than the Scar. Here's why. The Scar has 3 shots to kill right? 3 bullets to kill. The Famas has 2 shots to kill, and 4 bullets. But, you're firing bursts intead of auto. The DPS is lower for the Famas but the bloom is better. The Scar has a way higher bloom and is less accurate. Scar has a shorter drop off range than the Famas, thus, at long range, Famas is better. At medium range the Famas is better, as the lower shots to kill impacts its effectiveness. The only thing the Scar is better at than the Famas is close range, as bloom doesn't matter, rather higher fire rate matters more. And auto fire is faster than burst fire. But, at close range you're not using ARs are you, you're using shotguns and SMGs. Why is it even a comparison, guys. It should be obvious. If you can deal with bloom, great the Scar is for you, But most players cannot do that.

  • IAR Playz 59 mins ago

    I’ve been around since 1k and I can’t believe we have come this far and also it’s been an amazing journey

  • Rico Latham-waikato 59 mins ago

    I'm more of a burst person rather than ar person apart from the grey versions even new burst over scar