Join me in this Sea of Thieves Review Video as we talk about what could’ve/should’ve been the best game ever…but isn’t.

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  • Jeff Kakashi 3 months ago

    Bro the reason why we get garbage like this is cause there is a bunch of ppl out there that for some forsaken reason that god only knows why , they still defend the game I don't understand it doesn't matter if something is beautiful and look shiny its garbage you have no fun playing and its not worth the time so its no good, a game doesn't have to be super 4k and such all u need is fun factor the competition and the ability to change the way your character look some dev, still haven't got that memo smh *facepalm.

  • fred fuchs 3 months ago

    I agree wholeheartedly.
    I am glad people finally agree. I was one of the first ones to come out about how bad it sucked (on social media) and I was practically crucified for it.
    I was stupid.
    I was a girl and didnt know games.
    I was old and didnt get games and I should go back to atari "lol" (Im 34.)

    Glad to see people agree.

    Also what you said about improving and what they could do, I agree. A real hunger and thirst system. Add hunting and fishing. Maybe a crafting system.
    Dont just give me cannonballs bananas and planks.
    Its bull.
    And for sixty bucks???
    Nope. Back in my day, this would never have flown. An unfinished game for 60? (Ive heard that excuse. "Bubu its not donnnnne its newwwwww give them a breaaaaak." fuck that.)

  • Tayz MC 3 months ago

    So bacically this guy is saying turn this game into Ark Survival Evolved with pirates

  • Echo Doctrine 3 months ago

    Agreed. Sad and disappointing.
    Would be better IF the game had some options when you log in. Like Private Server, maybe modes to select from like PvE Passive mode OR focused PvP mode. I've heard both sides complain and it's ironic.

    Some people play and want solo experience and hate other players ruining their experiences AND then other people complain they sail for hours and can't find anyone to fight.

  • OskarofEarth 3 months ago

    Why would Rare, Destiny 2 themselves….why?

  • Harry Not Hairy 3 months ago

    The review is terrible because you completely miss the point. You want this game to be like every other game that has people get OP, then make it miserable for everyone else playing.

    I’m sure you’re butthurt because you can’t buy your way past everyone else.

    This game is perfection because there is EQUALITY.

    And as time goes on, the missions require more SKILL, and you can’t just power up to overcome, you have to actually become skilled at the game.

  • Joey Williams 3 months ago


  • dissya1 3 months ago

    sure you didnt play that much because i have been playing for a years in alpha and man the pvp is amazing fun surprising and the freedom in that game is insane you never know what will happen and when and how it will turn out its great !!

  • Maverick ssb4 3 months ago

    All they had to do was make an Xbox version of Pirates of the Caribbean online.

  • Joseph 3 months ago

    200 people who disliked this, didn’t watch the video and are delusional dumbasses. RARE MISSED THE MARK BY A LONGSHOT, BUT THIS VIDEO DIDN’T!

  • Moris Blackborn 3 months ago

    The game is a blast. I can't even tell you the various events and stories that have unfolded between me and complete strangers. I have not had this kind of feeling gaming since I was a kid. You are clearly pissed off about something, but you have not given the game a solid look. You clearly had your mind made up and a closed mind. So do us all a favor. Stop playing and move on. Stop trashing on the game and trying to damage the games rep because you are a sour apple.

  • Wild West 3 months ago

    it might improve later like any early access, but right now its barebones content. Not worth 60 to me.

  • sara hujik 3 months ago

    Don't put in food spoilage, no food, water or sleep meters. Everything else is fine

  • ODC Odyssey 3 months ago

    Anyone hardcore grinding a sandbox needs to kts.
    Sandbox games dont fit anything you said in the video. Sandbox jump in have fun with anyone noob or not. Levwling just turns into solo grimding and then why make it muiltiplayer. Just like wow its a solo game with forced muiltiplayer that players give no effort towards cause they are just there for the grind.

    Why did you buy a sandbox then complain its a sandbox. Lol fucking retarded.

  • ODC Odyssey 3 months ago

    Omg. This shit aint wow. You cant buy end game gear for gold boo hoo.
    The game is for fun not for grinding. Its a sandbox game not a open world lmfao. Not fucking wow and you defenity should go back to wow if thats the kind of game play you want. Fuck wow and games like it. I dont want to be 20 levels high then my brother. I can play with anyone.
    Fuck making stronger then I cant play with my friends. Its just a solo grind with a fake muiltiplayer.
    The point is interacting.

  • Captain Obvious 3 months ago

    They "missed the boat" on this one! Pardon the pun!

  • Ishtiaque Hossain 3 months ago

    "To be super clear — Sea Of Thieves is not a finished video game. Please don't go in looking for that experience,"

  • Charzey 3 months ago

    Holy shit, the guy that made this hates women BAD. He made them all ugly as fuck xD What a fucking hater.

  • Archnid 001 3 months ago


    Pirate Called Skull And Bone will kill this game

  • GG RELOADED 3 months ago

    Trash game

  • Lolipopel 3 months ago

    Nice review… This is just your opinion its not a review…

    AND! This game is based on your skill like come on… Imagin a hole new player spawning in and then fight against some OP ASS player.

  • First Last 3 months ago

    "Some covered with salad" hahaha

  • wicked king 3 months ago

    This game would have never passed the game pirates of the caribbean online. Which if your old fans its up by people who wanted to play it again. Its exactly the same but in beta. Some npcs dont work though

  • MatterOfChoice 3 months ago

    They need to add npc ships you can actually "pirate." And skeleton ships that try to sink you when you have treasure or something.