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  • Jeb Bush's Gynecologist 3 months ago

    So it's that Bill Burr bit about the guy getting his chip turned off in a game?

  • Overwatch 17 3 months ago

    "Imagine having Facebook, Twitter, G-mail and Youtube embedded into your head"

    I imagined….

    commits suicide

  • ǝsınɹɔ ɯoʇ 3 months ago

    That Guy Sebastian rip though…. 10/10

  • paddfoot 3 months ago

    exited about rage 2 ?? 🙂

  • KAP 111 3 months ago

    I actually really liked the game when I played it a few years ago but I do agree that it is lacking in some aspects while deus ex was a much more stylized game syndicate was a generic, diffucult fps game set in a cyberpunk world which I would really like to see done in a 2018 game. I mean the first level of syndicate is just so cool as it has that jason bourne vibe which would be really cool if they stuck with something like that throughout the whole game or in a reboot. Although now everyone would just compare it to watch dogs 2

  • Danila Senko 3 months ago

    "waah I hate basically evefing"

  • Antichrist2000 3 months ago

    Wish you had touched upon just how bad the boss fights are, especially the final one. Overall though…yeah there was potential here but…it's a very dated game that plays like everything else that wanted to be COD during that time.

  • Titonix 3 months ago

    CoD black ops 4 official gameplay

  • Brian's Late Night Whatever 3 months ago

    I remember everyone getting hyped because of the skrillex track in the announcement trailer. 2012 was a funny year.

  • internet drone 3 months ago

    I liked the worldbuilding of the game but it felt wasted due to how railroaded the story is.

  • Jomaster The Second 3 months ago

    >Implying Guy Sebastian makes things that could even generously be called "songs"

  • RaiRaiRai999 3 months ago

    I always thought this game would have been better-recieved if it used a tactical approach like Star Wars: Republic Commando.

  • Frozenfar 3 months ago

    this game was one of the best games of xbox360 for me when it arrived with a serviceable co-op multiplayer. the graphics for the time it came out was outstanding and shooting has a great feel and kicks to it, the only bad thing from it was the boss fights which were ridiculous otherwise very good fps for its time. all the hate from the reviewers at the time steamed from the direction of the game and moving toward fps, they wanted some RTS bs and never gave the game a chance. and as I said this before about Wolfenstine 2, you absolutely have the right to STFU.

  • JSB 360 3 months ago

    What happened to the manhunt 2 review did you forget about it?

  • DorDor115 3 months ago

    you should review a game called necropolis

  • Kiiro Neko 3 months ago

    Huh, wasn't aware Syndicate was removed from the Origin store. Weirdly enough I own it on Origin already, think it was in a bundle years back. Unfortunate the PC version is so difficult to get now

  • killer Spinach 3 months ago

    6 years later all I remember is that it had some really cool weapon design and at the time the lighting was pretty good. Also enemies were too spongy. So yeah, I agree basically.

  • Ibrahim Ahemed 3 months ago

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  • arhickernell 3 months ago

    This game was great! Such a underrated gem from last generation. Still holds up well on pc

  • ALexandre B Estevao 3 months ago

    Michael Wincott was also in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", "1492: Conquest of Paradise", aswell as "the Three Musketeers", and he's also the voice of "Death" in "Darksiders II"

  • HenitoKisou 3 months ago

    I was more fond of co-op part of it, but not enough maps and new players could easily do strange hacks affecting all people in the team… yeah, not fun. Of mp characters, Akuma is quite cool, more than Miles Kilo or that lead chick you supposed to stop/help. In a way it tries to look like prequel to the first Syndicate how Eurocorp fallen and you supposed to help it with your company in original. Also modern take on Atlantic Accelerator. The only good thing about this game it motivated original devs to make Satellite Reign as spiritual sequel to Syndicate Wars and idea of fifth agent that commands other four behind the shadows instead of executive. ;p