Hello Awesome People Today this video where I’ll share with you my Top 10 Best PS4 Racing Games 2017-2018 with Ultra Realistic Graphics. This list includes …

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  • NowGamingTime 1 hour ago

    Top 10 Best PS4 Racing games of 2018 |Upcoming Realistic Racing Games 🚗🚕🚙🚕🚕

  • DUBAI HOT GIRLS 1 hour ago

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  • Technology Help 1 hour ago

    I subscribed you And like your Videoz My favourite game is The Crew 2

  • Олеся Герасимова 1 hour ago

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  • Ирина Коновалова 1 hour ago

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  • itsdaprocess 1 hour ago

    dude, these are all movie clips. For next time, how about real game play

  • Jake Draper 1 hour ago

    cars 3? utter fucking shit

  • NowGamingTime 1 hour ago

    Top 10 Best Realistic Graphics Racing Games Ever 🚗🚕🚙

  • Hippy Cardist 1 hour ago

    Games like Dirt, Drive Club, F1 2017, Need for Speed payback-Rivals, etc. are the most ridiculously non-realistic racing games ever devised. The way the car will slip and slide all over the track is nuts. You cannot make a real car do anything like that, even if you try. Now, you take Need for Speed Underground 2, now THAT is an accurate rendition of how a real car handles. I have been driving for nearly fifty years, so I KNOW the deal. So with today's technology, why can't anyone make a racing game that is at least a little bit realistic in the way a car handles and moves?

  • Candace Peters 1 hour ago

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  • Seniku Moonjewel 1 hour ago

    The Crew 2 isn't even out yet and you give it #1.. pathetic

  • Alex Alex 1 hour ago

    Driveclub stomps them all combined

  • cedrick chareil 1 hour ago

    Project cars 2 10th? Wtf, Cars 3 8th? It's a big joke yeah very funny

  • VEGITO BLUE 1 hour ago

    Whos here cuz their mom tell then to play something different

  • rub meow 1 hour ago

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  • Frank Coleman 1 hour ago

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  • Ricardo Diaz 1 hour ago

    you really don't know about racing games

  • Justin Franklin 1 hour ago

    Hang on… wreckfest? It says 2017 but it’s still in development? Looks fun but a bit misleading

  • Leon Akenteng 1 hour ago

    Cars 3 i have it

  • Ася Ширяева 1 hour ago

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  • Izzy and Sadie 1 hour ago

    Nothing realistic about arcady shitty driving physics

  • R3dwolfs Channel 1 hour ago

    Bro did you put any real race games In like gt sport

  • Ricard Castro 1 hour ago

    El que ha hecho la estadistica esta fatal… Project cars el n° 10? Y la porqueria de gt sport el 2? Y poner de crew 2 el n° 1, cuando nona salido a ka venta todavia, sin haberlo probado. Sabes de videojuegos como paquirrin de musica.

  • blamblam taylor 1 hour ago

    Crew 2 is not out yet and it's #1. Wtf

  • Krzysztof Wróblewski 1 hour ago

    10. FlatOut 4: Total Insanity
    9. Next Car Game: Wreckfest
    8. Cars 3: Driven To Win
    7. The Crew 2
    6. Nascar Heat 2
    5. Need For Speed Payback
    4. Gran Turismo Sport
    3. F1 2017
    2. Project Cars 2
    1. DIRT 4

    FlatOut 4 is "awful" game. I hate it.
    Wreckfest is
    Gran Turismo Sport, Need For Speed, Wreckfest, Nascar Heat 2, The Crew 2 and Cars 3 are good games, but top three games are better than these
    F1 2017: super game, realistic simulator of Formula One.
    Project Cars 2: a lot of cars and teams, a lot of tracks, good graphics, super game.
    DIRT 4 is a fantastic simulator of drive. There are a lot of and tracks, graphics – super. It's the best game of these games.

  • Chad King 1 hour ago

    Where's wreckfest

  • Lori Koncz 1 hour ago

    intro music pls?!:)

  • Swoodie 1 hour ago

    Why the fuck is pc2 only at number 10?

  • 1793patriota1931 1 hour ago

    Solo valora por méritos de destrucción. Coches demolición.
    Es un criterio respetable.
    Pero nada tiene q ver con la física y la realidad.
    Obviamente, sí está GT Sport y Dirt 4, pero faltan WRC 7, Forza, Asseto Corsa, Projet Cars, etc

  • stephen damian 1 hour ago

    need for speed is the best always has been

  • Azain Azain 1 hour ago

    Nfs payback is more realistic

  • daniel pinkham 1 hour ago

    Gtsports should be 6th not 2nd bc it lacks in content and you can get bored easily on it

  • Andrew Stavoli 1 hour ago

    No forza..? But cars 3? Gtfo

  • MIGE MAC 1 hour ago

    Let’s stop beating around the bush we need forza on ps4

  • MxnnyPlxyz 1 hour ago

    Uhhh where’s assetto 😂😂

  • Omar Gomez 1 hour ago

    Can't wait for the crew 2 even though the first one was trash but hopefully number 2 is dope

  • Alexandru Catalin Punga 1 hour ago

    So you rate a game that didn't even come out (the crew 2) as the best, at no1, even if you don't know anything about how it is compared to others like GT Sport/ Project Cars 2, and you also somehow fail to include Drive Club and Forza…

  • Stroze 1 hour ago

    Lmao when I saw cars 3 I died 😂💀💀💀

  • ChickenMax 1 hour ago

    wreckfest wtf?

  • Evolution vi 1 hour ago

    When I saw Nascar is above Project Cars I disliked the video immediately

  • Aircraft Mania 1 hour ago

    Dirt 4 is my birch, since when is wreckfest on ps4?

  • afrida sk 1 hour ago

    Cars 3 is the most realistic ,I am not being sarcastic of course not 😑

  • Vuffen 1 hour ago

    Ultra realistic graphics… cars 3. Nice guys

  • Andrew Peters 1 hour ago

    project cars 2 should'nt be 10th..

  • Gavin M 1 hour ago

    project cars 2 number 10?? are you sure

  • Petchen Petchen 1 hour ago

    The Crew 2.

  • Kingchaching Adams 1 hour ago

    Anyone know that song playing #4 start playing?

  • Kingchaching Adams 1 hour ago

    When it gets to #4 WHO SONG IS THAT PLAYING? I like that song!