The best action games worth caring about in 2015 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more! What are you hyped for? Let’s talk about it! ☆ Gameranx Facebook: …

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  • kazi masud 2 hours ago

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  • GDI 109 2 hours ago

    Anyone still watching this in 1776?

  • Karachi King 2 hours ago

    no action

  • Karachi King 2 hours ago

    no action

  • Prem Sagar Chaudhary 2 hours ago


  • tricks for keshav 2 hours ago watch best game hare

  • Vicky Cj 2 hours ago

    tomb raider is best

  • Babahayath Baig 2 hours ago

    where is assassins creed syndicate

  • Tubes Pubes 2 hours ago

    dying light is the best zombie game ever

  • Ed Knights and dragons 2 hours ago

    What about Rust?

  • Are these all free? Please I want to play some they're cool

  • Ma Traps 2 hours ago

    I finished battlefield 2,3,4,medal of honor 2010and warfigter all call of duty

  • Max Games 787P 2 hours ago

    very nice

  • Varalakshmi 2 hours ago


  • bhaskar 14324 2 hours ago


  • Ghasem Kharatha 2 hours ago

    Fallout 4 is sucks

  • Android - Gameplay & Trailers 2 hours ago

    wow! great

  • Humayra Sheikh 2 hours ago

    I love CoC AnD Cr [email protected]

  • aditi mazumder 2 hours ago

    Have some of them
    dying light
    mad max
    rise of the tomb raider

  • ArseneGray 2 hours ago

    Mad Max is so amazing.

  • Jennifer Ervin 2 hours ago

    overwatch is defenently an action game that i enjoyed

  • Peyton Houlihan 2 hours ago

    Fallout 4 at #1? Great game, combat is still terribad though. Very easy and no variation of weapons or enemies

  • Shadman Faisal 2 hours ago

    #rip tombraider
    uncharted4 is best

  • Kantesh Kamalapur 2 hours ago

    where is assassin creed brotherhood and part 2? They are one of the best pc games.

  • ACE 001 2 hours ago

    batman arkham knight should be in top 5

  • shiva sam 2 hours ago

    I agree with you when you said "you haven't played witcher 3 or don't want to play it? what's wrong with you"

  • FallenPandora 2 hours ago

    What game is the thumbnail?

  • Ostrich Da Gamer 2 hours ago

    anybody's birthday august 17th?

  • Flying Pig Broadcasting 2 hours ago

    Honestly, Mad Max was ALMOST the BEST GAME EVER.

  • Viktor Lindeberg 2 hours ago

    although Fallout 4 was a good game, I just don't think that it's as good as other games. Fallout 4 was my first Fallout game and i bought it cuz' people says that it's so good and everything about it is so good and that it'll be better that Skyrim (no open-world/action/RPG game will ever come close to Skyrim) but it's just one of those games where i come home and play it becuz' i ain't got anything else to do, it's not a game that i would play because of playing the game, it's just something on my PS4 harddrive where I'm like "well, if I ain't got anything else to do, then why the heck not?" and then when i play it, a lot of the times i would just be like "meh…" I'm just hoping that the Far Harbour DLC fixes that, that's the only thing I'm waiting for and the only reason I'm gonna play it

  • digital gamer786 2 hours ago

    you guys do alot of nice video which i became fan

  • Hrungnir the Jötunn brawler 2 hours ago

    I got bloodborne last year still playing. Completed it like 30 times now. Now im on hunter number 31 hope he survive

  • iseeicyicetea 2 hours ago

    "although the pc version [of arkham knight] didn't turn out quite as well as we wanted it to…"
    understatement of the year. you should really make it a little more clear that this is by no means a good or even average game on pc. it's barely even playable.

  • Mariann Drell 2 hours ago

    Mad max is for ps3 too

  • Wimpie Baars 2 hours ago

    almost all bethesda games are fuckin walking simulators xD ive played a bit of skyrim (72 hours yes im a skyrim noob).

  • Wimpie Baars 2 hours ago


  • Wehafse 2 hours ago

    5:58 "and if you haven't played it or don't want to play it, whats wrong with you?"

    im broke and have a crappy computer

  • Wehafse 2 hours ago

    8:58 "and if haven't played it or don't want to play it, whats wrong with you?"

    im broke and have a crappy computer

  • Blackenblood 2 hours ago

    Yea those stars circling the thugs head while batman pummels him, really make me feel like I'm there. Fucking stupid.

  • Lincolt777 2 hours ago

    So much shit on this list. Am i becoming a hipster or the industry is rolling into the depth of popular consumerism?

  • JoCoHo 2 hours ago

    They should redo this video now that all these games are out because some of them were downright letdowns

  • Brandon 2 hours ago

    dumb list. Mad max and Just cause 3 above Batman Arkham Knight?

  • Logan Andrews 2 hours ago

    They should do Tomb Raider x Uncharted collab for PS4 and XONE

  • mostafa hatem 2 hours ago

    ther is dragon quest heros

  • Diaper Sanctum 2 hours ago

    the assassins creed syndicate should be in the top 10

  • Ronkaries Senpai 2 hours ago

    Wow. The diference is brutal. I mean fallout 4 top 1 of the action games. Im not a huge fan of fallout i was going to start playing the series in this one but after bethesda decided to lie to all his real fans. Just i couldn't take his game seriously

  • TheOptionist 2 hours ago

    lol fallout 4. should be TOP 10 NEW disappointing action games

  • Destiny Bennett 2 hours ago

    Da fuq were BO 3 the last 3 games should have Ben fallout batman and #1BO3

  • hichem ali 2 hours ago

    I was about to dislike until I saw fallout 4 n°1 🙂