I’ve always loved the Game Boy Advance ever since I was a wee lad, and since my parents restricted my gaming habits and threshold for mature content around …

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  • Finnbro 2 hours ago

    Sorry for some of the errors with this video, MK:TE is supposed to be #3 obviously, not #4 as the pop-up says. Also I get that I need to talk faster and will try to improve my delivery as a whole. I'm not going to become an auctioneer however, some youtubers talk too fast and this won't be one of those channels.

  • ChipDip98 2 hours ago

    That mortal kombat advance game would probably be the best GBA game if the AI wasnt so bad and hit detection was a little better. Because just looking at it you wouldnt even know its a GBA game, it looks exactly like any other version of the game. Which you can only say about a handful of GBA ports.

  • Universal Pictures Brian Johnson 2 hours ago


  • James Burns 2 hours ago

    Payback is so weird, first got it on my iPod Touch years ago and recently found it was originally a gba game

  • Jendrej 2 hours ago

    Please, change those thumbnails. They look so generic. I was expecting another “compilation video” with no commentary, and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised ☺️ but I was close to ignoring this vid.

  • Lazy Gaming Studios 2 hours ago

    Just fucking start the fucking list already!!

  • The Gaming Master 2 hours ago

    They have a android port for dual blades but it has a different name slashers

  • James Owens 2 hours ago

    Why are you shitting on all these great games, bro?

  • sum dood 2 hours ago

    10:00 Number 4.

  • Quinn Marchese 2 hours ago

    Okay so I came here looking for a top list of games that were actually good, but for a while, you just complained about these games. If these were the only nine M games on the GBA that;d be a different video. Not to be rude at all, but the title of your video was a little misleading, at least for the first few games. It'd be weird to make a video about the top ten xbox games and then bitch about the numbers 10-8 for not being good, as their is a massive library to choose from. IDK how many m-rated GBA games exist but it seems like you could've either reduced the number in your list, or chosen different games.

  • M'rick MERIL 2 hours ago

    Nice vid but tbh I hated all of these game except grand theft auto

  • Rad Clasher 2 hours ago

    mka sucks poop

  • Jare Roof 2 hours ago

    If you cant handle payback then you cant handle gta 1

  • Izzy Jaded 2 hours ago

    Talk faster..

  • TheShachattack13 2 hours ago

    M rated gba games are almost as rare as e rated ps4/xbox1 games.

  • TheShachattack13 2 hours ago

    Oh how I miss the days when I was the most badass kid on the schoolyard for having just whipped out my brand new just released GBA SP.

  • MaddestMike 2 hours ago

    You don't speak loud enough.

  • Nintendo Gaming 2 hours ago

    You deserve more subs

  • BAgodmode 2 hours ago

    I wasn’t in the GBA era. I was on that original grey brick.

  • Samuel Baugh 2 hours ago

    Guys, there's a playback speed setting to combat the slowness

  • Trent Easton 2 hours ago

    TIP For everyone complaining about his talking speed.. Click the gear on the video –> Speed –> 1.25 or 1.5 Speed.. Enjoy video 😛

  • Skankerman Studios 2 hours ago

    9 best M rated GBA games. Aaaaaand they all suck.

  • Unpopular Lizard 2 hours ago

    Good video, but dude. You gotta talk faster and not read it like a robot off the script. But keep at it. Good video

  • UnbornDecay 2 hours ago

    For Android fans, if you want to give Dual Blades a shot, it was re-released (Without blood, sadly) as Slashers on Android. Not sure about Apple.

  • Kinzuko 2 hours ago

    "Some of my fondest childhood memories where staying up late playing Pokémon-" hay me t- "with my friends via link cable" oh 🙁

  • Scarf Guy 2 hours ago

    I loved max payne advance. The sawed off is the best gun in the game from my experience.

  • Williemay100 2 hours ago

    You need to let your accent through you sound like you are forcing it too hard

  • Lee Kempster 2 hours ago

    Yes, talk faster, and quit reading your lines – it's way too obvious.

  • PsychoRockXBR 2 hours ago

    Brother, I know most of your audience doesn't like you're a bit slow on your speech. But I'm not a native English speaker, so I actually appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

  • Alessandro Cussino 2 hours ago

    The gba it's more like a snes with two super fx2 chip built in.

  • Besaid Knight 2 hours ago

    GBA SP > GBA

  • isaac renaud 2 hours ago

    Video starts at 1:15

  • Lodan Zark 2 hours ago

    i was expecting to see pixelated boobs…

  • The Neon Reaver 2 hours ago

    While it's true that GBA Wolfenstein 3D is faithful to the original in terms of content, the performance of the port itself is awful. Despite the censorship, the SNES version played better and had decent music, and the GBA is more powerful hardware. Not to mention the port of Doom 1 actually adapted the Doom engine nicely on the handheld with fairly nice performance and unmistakable Doom speed. There was no excuse for the GBA to run Wolfenstein 3D so poorly. It is a commendable effort due to it being pumped out by only 2 guys in a short time period, but the game nevertheless is such a disappointment compared to the Doom ports and even other more advanced FPS on the console. Wolfenstein 3D deserved better than what it got.

  • Terror Inc 2 hours ago

    Play deadly alliance for ps2 it’s one of the best mortal kombat games the story line alone is the best of all the mortal kombats