Here are 10 VERY DISTURBING Upcoming Horror Games You Should Not Play for you own safety 😉 New Survival Horror games coming 2016 & 2017!

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  • RedstoneSharkYT /KawaiiSquishyCollector 1 min ago

    LOL they put Hello Neighbor on here?? Seriously…If your gonna put that game..That isn't even scary..PUT ATS (Among the sleep) Or little Nightmares…Wth

  • Hello Blessed One 1 min ago

    Well if you asked me I believe these games are not to scary for me to play by my self or with someone its just that these games are that not just Disturbing but allso bad for you & your mine & your soul & your fucking house! Dude why? & how? Because your unawhere or a where that's your entertaining demons & the devil him self leting them in your home to………& than!….. ..wait I think I said to much but aslo your leting then in your mine & they say your mine is the devils playground its true believe me come on commit on this I tell me if i'm right or not if not ok

  • MARIO GOMEZ 1 min ago

    Even tho im late asf, ive been dying for horror lately and do not know why. Visage took the cake in this video in my opinion.

  • jessie langille 1 min ago

    Wow scary sub for life

  • Xbox Dragon 1 min ago

    11:01 like subnotika

  • Ricky Ray 1 min ago

    A lot of these i can't even find on STEAM or whatever, like VISAGE

  • Ricky Ray 1 min ago

    I loved Observer

  • food stamps 1 min ago

    Where the fuck is Outlast ll

  • MrMethadrine 1 min ago

    Hell has bones?Really?I thought in hell you were tormented for eternity…

  • Highkickyoface 808 1 min ago

    None of those are even scary. No one has able to create some real terror, it’s a difficult thing to do. Because your not the one actually going through it.

  • Joyful Death 1 min ago

    Definitely added some of these to my list!! Thanks for putting this video together!!

  • A. Rydell 1 min ago

    observer pretty.

  • Ryle Aki Linatoc Escosio 1 min ago

    why am i watching this in Full Volume. Ammaa Dead ASF. ! 😂👊

  • Bike Dude 1 min ago

    Still waiting for Agony, looks like it'll be a hard to run game possibly on PC. The Conjuring House seems like it's been dead since 2016 and Routine was being made since like 2013 that shit seems dead too. But we got RE and Outlast so whatever, I have a sick game demo on my PC somewhere from a game that got canned too, I think it was called Stowaway a little indie banger.

  • Mikaelson Family Is Bae 1 min ago

    Really want last year on console

  • Sean Dali 1 min ago

    Do all horror games now have an alcove with a table in it with photographs on top?

  • Tasty Penguin 1 min ago

    Are you sure about too scary? Boi ive survived a killer that attacked me got sum good money

  • Jon dow 1 min ago

    as of 18/04/18 "Routine" is probably cancelled which is a great pity I was looking forward to that one, I hope I'm wrong about that but here is a video with a bit more information:

  • Brill220 1 min ago

    Too scary for my nephews..The only REAl scary game is Dead Space 1

  • MetalMonkey 1 min ago

    Who backed Agony on Kickstarter?

  • Brahmaraj desai 1 min ago

    my name is jeff

  • world is fun 1 min ago

    not scary at all sooo boring i like the 3 one

  • Paw Zyl 1 min ago

    most of this game dont exist

  • Krystal Myth 1 min ago

    In Agony the real torment is being made to wait an eternal damnation for the games release.