Showcasing our list of the best upcoming racing games to be released this 2018. These are the most anticipated racing titles that will be coming to the PC, PS4, …

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  • Crazy Henry 5 hours ago

    # 9 sucks lol

  • Nunzio Nocera 5 hours ago

    how can u forget to mention Motogp 18, blud? 0.o

  • Engine Oil Games 5 hours ago

    Most of these look awesome!!

  • Dylan Alvey 5 hours ago

    Is there gonna be a 2stroke update and a atv/banshee update for the Monster Enegry supercross moblie game version for Android phones and iOS anytime soon? Because I'm gettin of sick riding the muthafuckin 250 4 srtokes all goddamn time!!!!! Any help or advice? Let me know asap

  • Drew Seedot 5 hours ago

    Why is it so hard to say roof? It's roof not ruf

  • Crash's Underwear 5 hours ago

    Any chance of The Karters coming to PS4? That system is long overdue for a racing game that's not trying way too fucking hard to be 'realistic'.

  • Last game is Descenders ! The best game in the world!

  • da boy! 5 hours ago

    I loved the crew the story mode was my favorite

  • Marshall Mayo 5 hours ago

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  • Kevin Ryan 5 hours ago

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  • Karyn Soto 5 hours ago

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  • Less's GC 5 hours ago

    I could only wonder how TT Isle Of Man is going to be.
    From what I've heard it's a Ride game… Which if said, mad by Kylotonn that tells me Ride rights have been sold again.
    We can only wait to see if Kylotonn makes it better, unfortunately WRC wasn't their best, but hopefully this will push Ride where it needed to be since Milestone didn't wanna listen to too much feedback. Hopefully this game remains true to its spirit…

  • Peter Kuntz 5 hours ago


  • Stephen Picken 5 hours ago

    John magunees? Wtf???

  • michael305schn 5 hours ago

    Gravel seems the best.

  • Cesar Chavez 5 hours ago

    There should be a certain voice standard you have to meet in order to post videos with you talking 🖖🏿

  • daniel van essen 5 hours ago

    Dakar 18?!

  • TheNsoulman 5 hours ago

    It's McGuinness ! As in Mc + the drink 'Guinness' not Guness. Do your homework lol

  • dank memes 5 hours ago

    2018 squad where you at??

  • Owen Gaming 5 hours ago

    John mc gunnies 😂 boy you can’t prounounce video game

  • l Leeroy Yeager l 5 hours ago

    When you say video game u sound like hank hill from the one ep

  • Moto Boy 5 hours ago

    did you ghear that noob what he said mv vs atv all out

  • ?!???!?!? 5 hours ago

    Half of them aren't even car games

  • Ηλιας Πετριδης 5 hours ago

    Forza Horizon 4 The ULTIMATE GAMING. FH4ever.

  • FOGGY SPORT SIM RACING 5 hours ago

    John who ? Typical ! IOM TT .

  • arcovk 5 hours ago

    GTR is the best sim ever!

  • reddeath24 5 hours ago

    Nothing on wreckfest on ps4,xbox

  • Connor McMullan 5 hours ago

    What I want is a new Motorstorm game. Insane fun on the ps3 with that game! Looking at Gravel it seems fairly similar but Motorstorm needs a next-gen game badly.

  • Mark Wright 5 hours ago

    You sais John McGuinness wrong

  • ShadowGrip 5 hours ago

    @whatoplay Gravel is out Feb. 28 FYI

  • Sup3rH30C4rs0n24 5 hours ago


  • d3tach3d 5 hours ago

    viddy game? lol

  • Marco Pawelczyk 5 hours ago

    Miss Wreckfest. Good Video though!

  • robert green 5 hours ago

    you need to learn how to pronounce the names and places

  • bad milk 5 hours ago

    I love man vidya game

  • Palmer Stubbs 5 hours ago

    Descenders is not free.

  • MOTOWENS 5 hours ago

    Can you not read the letters “MX”?

  • Corki d-_-b 5 hours ago

    John McGoodies XD

  • TommyMac 5 hours ago

    Wtf vidagane

  • Tony Brown 5 hours ago

    john mcgunnies? XD dude????

  • MidoriyaFTW 5 hours ago

    Ok nvm descenders beat nfs payback

  • MidoriyaFTW 5 hours ago

    2017s nfs payback can't be beat dude

  • Dukey_40 5 hours ago

    John who? lol