In this video Mike Matei reviews Mario Adventure! Follow Mike on Twitter! Check out these other videos by Mike Matei – Mario Kart …

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  • Tiffany Gabriel 2 hours ago

    Spoiled by checkpoints in modern Mario games? They were present from the beginning, just not visible. Each stage had a checkpoint half way through the level. I think level 4 of each world was the exception.

  • 優さん 2 hours ago

    where is the AVGN
    I came here for him

  • Jean fox zx oc fox 2 hours ago

    Nes game rom hack 💢💢🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🐉🐉😽😽😽🎊🎉🎉👍🐣🐣👏✌😇😻😻📰📰🍙🍙🎸🎸🐺🐺😆☺👌👌

  • dragon ball talk 2 hours ago

    How do i buy it

  • Toujou Nozomi 2 hours ago


  • Bob Cook 2 hours ago

    This game is a stolen hack piece of shit. It should be illegal.

  • Amy Phillips 2 hours ago

    Your videos are awesome and can you give me a wimpy kid toy and a wimpy kid book please

  • Niceness_of_Gemini 2 hours ago

    I don’t think Super Mario Maker was that hard.

  • VGG Brayden 2 hours ago

    Came here because Darby from Blue Television Games will let's play this

  • Ravage Gonza 2 hours ago

    Where can I buy such games?

  • Leo Roth 2 hours ago

    This game is superhard. I just am on world 3 after 3 and a half hrs and the 2nd boss Roy is a bitch. It' 5 hits now per boss. Super fun but challenging

  • Joseph Ellis 2 hours ago

    Looks fun

  • Jason Smith 2 hours ago

    Giant World is my favorite world on my favorite game

  • arich 707 2 hours ago

    I love Zelda and Mario ROM hacks endless nostalgia fun

  • Christopher Waits 2 hours ago

    Hack if i ever saw one.

  • Yasmine Apocalypse 2 hours ago

    I hacked your homebrew.

    Which means I murdered you with a hack-saw.

  • It's Queball06 2 hours ago

    somebody should make a Mario all stars version with 16 bit graphics.

  • _coma_ 2 hours ago

    Imo I always felt it was the stages that comprised the world. Regardless and great upload and review thank you

  • The Grow Green Podcast 2 hours ago

    Great review Mike! catching up on all of your videos, i need to get some of these hacks, and homebrews.. too cool!

  • Gordon Shumway 2 hours ago


  • RemixPlayz 2 hours ago

    You know whats weird i always have dreams about mario games that were fanmade, i came to this video and was suprised!

  • Marc Trudel 2 hours ago

    Pen and paper ? I take pictures of the screen.

  • Pordrack 2 hours ago

    In new super Mario Bros ds 5 : clone tag team 1 there's also a giant world and a mini world

  • Engel78 2 hours ago

    Where can I download this

  • thhizon 2 hours ago


  • Bill the Fifth 2 hours ago

    Great review Mike!

  • sexmachine-Stay on the scene 2 hours ago

    outpace level is megaman 4 or 5

  • Dhalin 2 hours ago

    While the original SMB3 wasn't very hard, I'm not really thinking that I like the ultra-hard hacks either. Can't we have something in-between something made for children and something made for uber hardcore? Something with reasonable challenge? I don't get what's up with all of these romhack developers who seem to worship the uber hardcore gaming scene. Not everybody is like that. Some of the ideas in this romhack look like they would make for an awesome SMB game…. but the difficulty is a huge turn-off and sadly, a deal-breaker. I do not have hundreds of hours to dump into a NES romhack just to get to the end of it. I got better things to do.

  • DylanPlaysRoblox 2 hours ago

    The mushrooms when you are big function the same as gold mushrooms in New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS. It's a bad game anyway. James must review it!

  • Laurelindo 2 hours ago

    Mike Matei is one of the few persons on YouTube who makes actual reviews of games, along with maybe AqualungGameReviews and Gaming Historian.
    Most other "reviewers" just try to imitate AVGN and look for flaws and blindly yell at everything, but lack the ambitious comedy that makes the AVGN episodes good.

  • SonicSpinDash 276 2 hours ago

    I beat Mario 3 on the NES so this should be a treat.

  • Fawful99 Storm 2 hours ago

    So where can I find this?

  • Derek Washuck 2 hours ago

    So I saw you with the hammer suit but can you get the boomerang suit as well ?

  • sergeant shitpost 2 hours ago

    what kind of bootleggery is this?

  • Super Mario 2 hours ago

    Looks fun

  • ECL28E 2 hours ago

    They should remaster this game in the Mario World style (Or in the NSMB-style)

  • Blue Roots Denver TV 2 hours ago

    have you guys seen / played?

  • Pokézillakratos Slayerbro 2 hours ago

    Make a AVGN Episode for Mario adventure

  • Callan Fox 2 hours ago

    mario advter time

  • cyndie26 2 hours ago

    5:34 Maybe that was intentional.

  • Mitch Fowler 2 hours ago

    the deal with the vine can actually happen in the original smb3, what happened was you hit a "?" block while the vine was growing and it canceled it out. the animation of what ever you hit is what stopped the vine, if you go to world 3-4 in smb3 you can do the same thing with the lives near the end, and the same thing with 5-1 in the water area