If u love gaming on ipad mini u came to the rite place. Subscribe to get more new game reviews thnx :). IPAD MINI 3 GAMING: …

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  • Patrick Guinther 7 hours ago

    No sound for me after the music

  • Ivan David 7 hours ago

    Can you make a games in ipad mini 2 16 likes

  • malvin legaspino 7 hours ago

    what the name games

  • Misty Knight 7 hours ago


  • Vanoss Gaming 7 hours ago

    How to download the need for speed

  • Sidharth Jain 7 hours ago

    do u have any video on ipad mini 4 gaming ….?

  • Eric ortiz 7 hours ago

    Yeh me too I could see u

  • ryan playz 7 hours ago

    I could see you

  • Larry Etherson 7 hours ago

    Hello, my name is Raj. Thank you for calling technical support.

  • teabag267 7 hours ago

    I just want to know what iPad mini do you have,the 1 gen or 2 gen,please respond

  • sadia jazib 7 hours ago


  • dennisdosestuff 7 hours ago

    GTA vc and III perfecto

  • Dave Smith 7 hours ago

    I couldn't stand the music at the beginning! OMG MY EARS HURT!

  • jake farrer 7 hours ago

    Use tongbu

  • Jordan Little 7 hours ago

    Hello my name is Raj thank you for calling technical support

  • Swiftwolf14 7 hours ago

    don't show as much gameplay for each game, it makes the video too long and most of the viewers only want a quick summary of the games.

  • CatInA Mosh 7 hours ago


  • Royal Timu 7 hours ago

    Hello. Please email me your Apple ID and password so I can get these games for free [email protected] I've subbed and please email me it. Thank You 😀

  • Cesar Rafael 7 hours ago

    yoya guiro

  • Aedits 7 hours ago

    sorry, but no but is coming an ipad mini retina

  • Judon Harris 7 hours ago

    Can you do it on samsung

  • crazy91163 7 hours ago

    Of course no, in three years we'll probably see an iphone 7, 7s etc., which means we're probably going to have an ipad mini 3, will happen the same that to the iphone 3g, it's gonna get "too old"

  • ALI ahmed 7 hours ago

    dead trigger

  • greg10113 7 hours ago

    Get a job then if you have the money to buy an apple device you have money to buy apps so quit complaining and get a damn job.

  • ObliviousGod Legacy 7 hours ago

    I don't have iTunes dollar because the game cause $6.99 I don't money to buy the game please help me!

  • endeavour bobo 7 hours ago

    Any zombie shooting games

  • endeavour bobo 7 hours ago


  • Sharon Hill 7 hours ago


  • xcodyful 7 hours ago

    13:21 ghost!!!!

  • Cee Truth Born Allah 7 hours ago

    how about you disable auto aim….n00b

  • Chase_the_ace 7 hours ago

    It's awesome

  • Chase_the_ace 7 hours ago

    App of the day lets you get the selected app that they choose for free

  • azoozy haider 7 hours ago

    in asphalt you can use the break by your left thumb 🙂

  • Deveon 7 hours ago

    you are a very good reviewer,i love your videos

  • oobertuberdude 7 hours ago

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    5.I have never had to pay for apps because of this so I highly recommend it

  • Darkstar2425 7 hours ago

    Your voice is annoying

  • chris newsome 7 hours ago

    try this new drawing game called copycat its free

  • Ryan Fitzsimmons 7 hours ago

    Modern combat, is call of duty for IOS

  • John De Leon 7 hours ago

    Apple really dont lag huh 🙂

  • Captain Taco 7 hours ago

    yes but i found fifa 13 on sale for $0.99. You just have to have the patients i guess.

  • GamingExtraordinary 7 hours ago

    of course all of them cost a crap ton of money

  • Hani Daraghmeh 7 hours ago

    ipad acer very good

  • Abigail Yang 7 hours ago

    hey even i have a samsung galaxy camera and ipad mini

  • CreatineJunk 7 hours ago

    can u test order and chaos online for me ?

  • Trey Mcleroy 7 hours ago

    Witch ones are free

  • MehdiNajem Youtube 7 hours ago

    Shadowgun ?

  • John W 7 hours ago

    Nova.really rocks.

  • JOBLESSCLOTH ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 7 hours ago

    Everyone get app trailers and input code latetate2 and get 5dollars!

  • mohammed fawaz 7 hours ago

    had all the apps before watching