Ranking the best competitive online games for Android and iOS, these multiplayer games put players worldwide to the biggest challenges and with the biggest …

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  • Enik Candra 3 months ago

    Pubg mana goblokk

  • ShoshoPlayzzz 3 months ago

    Let’s get this straight-
    1. Vainglory
    2. Clash Roayle/Of Clans
    3. C-ops

  • ShoshoPlayzzz 3 months ago

    Critical Ops > Bullet Force

  • Domenico Niiox 3 months ago

    Lol how can you forget Arena of Valor? This list is senseless btw.

  • Jmonkley 3 months ago

    This list is so not accurate, I've played almost every game in the list, and know the competitive scene for all of them. As much as I love Vainglory and C-Ops, they are no way ahead of Hearthstone. Bulletforce, MC5, RoS, and Summoner's War barely have an esports scene. Mobile Legends is trash, even AoV is better.

    The real ranking should be:
    1. Hearthstone
    2. Clash Royale
    3. Clash of Clans
    4. Vainglory
    5. C-Ops

    And that should honestly be it.

  • Raman Ailawadhi 3 months ago

    Remove Mobile Legends and Modern Combat 5,they are unbalanced games.Coc and Clash Royale are pay to win and not as competitive as Vainglory.Vainglory should be no. 1

  • danish haiqal 3 months ago

    Is Dream League Soccer an e-sports too

  • DAB VECTOR 3 months ago


  • Lucas Molina 3 months ago

    I like the musing you use on this video

  • J.J. Langcua 3 months ago

    Why old footage of c ops?

  • jell jug 3 months ago

    The two esports Games i really only loved Was rules of survival,And Modern combat 5!🙄 So
    #1 Rules of survival
    #2 Modern combat 5

  • Felecia Sanders 3 months ago

    I have found a point that resembles an encyclopedia of sports. It includes everything from A to Z about sports. All you need to do is to quick head on to Google and type: "PlayGuide4U".

  • MadiCat247 3 months ago

    Find me a video in this category that doesnt have music and has someone saying stuff about the games and if they r good. Ill wait

  • Muhammad Ikhsan 3 months ago

    Mobile Legend is not an ESport

  • BAPAK AH 3 months ago


  • imsposedtobecool 3 months ago

    Mobile Legends is an esport game?

  • Veteran Warrior 3 months ago

    No.1/2- Vainglory/Clash Royale
    NO. 3- Arena Of Valor
    No.4 – Critical Ops

  • Don Doach 3 months ago

    You made the lists with no informaton. Here's how to list should be :
    1. Vainglory (currently the biggest mobile esport game)
    2. Clash Royale
    3. Heartstone
    4. Critical ops
    5. Rules of survival
    Mobile legend only had few official tournament and is still not esport certified and i don't know if it should be on the list.

  • A-T GAMING 3 months ago

    Modern combat 5 pay2win Esports WTF?

  • Twip87 3 months ago

    I am a simple person
    When I see hearthstone, vainglory and critical ops, i like
    When I see mobile legends, I dislike

  • Mc5 is esport? Dont try to be funny

  • Anamul Haque Fahim 3 months ago

    Do u play Ros?

  • Andrei Edi 3 months ago

    Clash Royale is the best

  • Lolol Lololol 3 months ago

    ML have soon 200millions dollars in price , poor tardglory boring lol haha xD 😂 ML : the king of mobas mobile 😘

  • emon hasan 3 months ago

    No Boom Beach??

  • Ryan Lama 3 months ago

    #1 Clash Royale
    #2 Forward Assault
    #3 C-OPS

  • AreShadowGR ! 3 months ago

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